What? You want to know about lil ole me? Why, I thought you'd never ask!

The name is Jen. Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest - Portland, Oregon to be more precise - before moving down to Los Angeles to follow my big pie in the sky dream. That would be screenwriting, for those keeping track. In the meantime, when I'm not writing or procrastinating about the writing, I work, I watch TV, I read, and I bake, and as my work does not warrant any interesting blog posts, the TV watching, reading, and baking get the all star treatment on this here blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me... freshfromjen(at)gmail.com.

You can find me around the social media at the below:

I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program. If you decide to buy something (like a book or kitchen gadget) I have linked, a small portion of the sale goes to me. I appreciate your support!