Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Supernatural 11x22 "We Happy Few"

Well, that was a little... anti-climactic. Funny, I was thinking to myself, they're going to do this big battle against Amara, what does that leave for the final episode? Are they going Buffy on us and doing something off beat? Not quite, not quite. But let's get to that in a sec.

Recap/review of Supernatural 11x22 "We Happy Few" by, after last week, Lucifer is hanging out in the bunker, none too happy with Chuck aka his dad. He just wants an apology for being thrown into Hell. You know, nothing big. But Chuck doesn't want to go there, insisting he did the right thing, what he had to do. Luckily, the Winchesters are there to help mediate the situation. Or, sort of. Dean basically says that apologies don't have to actually mean anything, but of course that's the whole point. Lucifer wants to feel like his dad felt remorse for what happened. In the end, Chuck does admit to that, and that Lucifer was his favorite, when he wasn't supposed to have favorites.

What does that mean for the fight to come? Well, it wasn't just Lucifer on Team God back in the old days - it was also all of the other Archangels, but they are currently either dead or stuck down in a Hell cage, and it would take too long for him to bring them back. That leaves a backup plan - to get help from various factions - the demons, the angels, and the witches. Dean heads off to convince Crowley, while Lucifer, with a tagteam from Castiel, recruits the angels, leaving Sam to work on Rowena and her witch friend(s).

Of course, in the end everyone comes together. Their plan - lure Amara into a trap. So they do. Rowena, with the help of some witches, blasts Amara with a spell. The angels blast down from Heaven with their white light power, and then the demons join in with their black smoke to weaken her. Which, they do. That leaves Lucifer to stab her with, I'm assuming, a magical blade of some sort. Now it's GAHHG's turn, right? He's going to kill her, right?
Recap/review of Supernatural 11x22 "We Happy Few" by
Well, no. You see, ole Chuck doesn't want to kill her. He wants to trap her back in the box. There's a whole speech about yin and yang and how they have to both exist for the balance of the world. Dean is rather unconvinced of that truth, and would rather they just kill her, but that has to do with his weird bond, blah blah who cares. But, in order to trap her again, they have to transfer the Mark of Cain as a sort of seal. Sam agrees to take it, even though that seems stupid because obviously they'd just end up back where they started if they removed it again. But it doesn't really matter, because as soon as Amara can sense that her bro is trying to trap her again, even after he apologizes to her and all, she gets super mad and blasts him with her dark powers. But first she kills Lucifer. Forgot to mention that bit. At least, it seems like she kills him, right? Castiel? We'll find out next week, I'm sure.

Which basically leaves Chuck slowly dying, so she can destroy his world while he's still alive to watch it disappear. So, Darkness still not defeated. Ba dum bum.

Random Thoughts:

- That music at the very end felt weird and long and just overall strange. That was a drawn out beat if ever I saw one.

- It seems like we're heading to an end game of Amara and Chuck dying together and canceling each other out. What that means for the world, who knows?

- The preview for next week kind of confirmed it, but it seems also like Dean is going to be the key somehow to getting Amara to stop, thanks to their weirdo bond. After all, she did look wistful when she saw that photo of little Dean with Mary.

- Only one more week left this season. What are your hopes for next season?


Chuck: Kids, huh?

Dean: Worst episode of Full House ever.

Sam: We all know that you are...God. Can you be a little less... Lordly?
Chuck: But... I am the Lord.

Dean: You smell like a dumpster inside a liquor bar.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Supernatural 11x21 "All in the Family"

The whole Amara/Darkness of it all this season has been a bit lackluster, BUT I have surprisingly liked this re-introduction of Chuck/GAHHG. Does that mean I like the Darkness stuff now? Not really, but whatever. Maybe I just like Rob Benedict.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Curtis Armstrong as Metatron, Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural 11x21 "All in the Family"Anyway, this episode picks up right where the last one left off, with the brothers Winchester in the street with the big kahuna. He whisks them back to the bunker to chat, wherein Dean basically calls him out for leaving his creation alone for so long, and he says intervening all the time didn't really do anything in the end, it was just enabling (an argument against helicopter parenting?). It's still a bit of an impasse, though, because things on Earth haven't really improved much even after he stopped punishing and saving and all that.

Which does sort of beg the question - why intervene now? Well, we'll get to that, I suppose. To be honest, not a lot in the way of action happens in this episode, it's very philosophical in a lot of ways, but I quite enjoyed that aspect. We got to see Kevin very briefly, for example, as a way for Chuck to give the Winchesters proof of who he really is. And get to hear Sam babble a bit, wondering what's up with ears and the planets, but never getting any real answers other than Chuck likes to take long showers and sing old show tunes.

Regardless, some action DOES take place. For example, Metatron gets wind that Sam and Dean have met up with Chuck, and wants to meet with them. They're reluctant, but agree, and he shows them the book Chuck was working on - basically a suicide note rather than an autobiography. He's going to sacrifice himself to Amara. Dean confronts him about this, and he clarifies that yes, he's going to do that, and she'll leave them alone once he does because her beef is with him and not his creation. Well, not so sure about THAT, but okay.

Rob Benedict as Chuck Shurley in Supernatural 11x21 "All in the Family"In another town ravaged by the Amara fog sickness, a new prophet is chosen. The brothers track him down (why not a female prophet, hmm?), and give him the lowdown on what's going on, but he's really there to help them track down where Amara is, so that they can free Casifer. Because the last time Chuck was able to get rid of Amara, it was only with the help of Lucifer. So, they figure if he's around to help again, maybe they can get the ole team back together and etc. While Sam, Metatron and the prophet Donatello work on freeing Casifer, Dean is chatting up Amara to distract her. She wants him to become part of her and leave this mortal coil. Yes, become PART of her. Not just, like, go away with her, but become part of her being or something. Dean's like yeah... probably no.

Metatron stays behind to bide them some time to get away with Casifer, but that time proves quite short as Amara just dark swirls him into nothingness. She's about to do something similar to the others before Chuck bops them back to the bunker. He heals up Lucifer, and they stare at each other all disdainfully (and longingly, I might add), because no one is without their daddy issues on this show.

What does it all mean for defeating Amara? We've got two more episodes to find out.

Random Thoughts:

- It does seem a little like things are going to end with Chuck and Amara kind of canceling each other out and going kaboom, but who knows. What that would mean going forward for Heaven and Hell and all that, I could see them exploring in the future. Although it does seem like we've been down that road in other ways already, so maybe not.

- I didn't get all of the fun quotes below; this episode was quite chock full of them, really. Even when dealing with big issues, I like when they keep things a bit lighter.

- How the heck does Jensen keep looking better with age? My goodness. Ahem. Sorry. Not that Jared doesn't too, it just struck me in that forest scene with Jensen.

- For anyone who wants the song from last week sang by Rob Benedict, you can download it: HERE.


Kevin: I always trusted you.
Dean: Yeah, that ended well.

Dean: Holy crap.

Chuck: I know you had a complicated upbringing, Dean. But don't confuse me with your dad.

Chuck: So, no. Thus spake the Lord.

Donatello: Call me Donatello. I'm named after him.
Dean: The... mutant ninja turtle?
Donatello: The Renaissance sculptor.

Donatello: Wow, I so miss being an Atheist.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Supernatural 11x20 "Don't Call Me Shurley"

Oh, GAHHG. Obviously the show has been hinting at this reveal of sorts for quite some time. Seasons, really. But, finally, they have confirmed it - Chuck is actually GAHHG. I know some people like that whole idea, but I was never a big fan of it, mostly because it felt like it cheapened his character, who I really liked back in the day. At the same time, it wouldn't really work to make it someone else after all of the rampant speculation over the years, so whatever. Moving on.
Rob Benedict as Chuck Shurley in Supernatural 11x20 "Don't Call Me Shurley"

I'm just going to call him Chuck for the purposes of this here review thingamajig, though. So, yes. I'm not really giving things away by talking about the whole GAHHG reveal, because it happens pretty much at the top of the episode with a destitute Metatron searching dumpsters for specks of food being whisked away to meet with ole Chuck.

Now, a lot of the episode is spent with these two just sort of talking. And while normally that could be boring, in this case, it really wasn't. Metatron was the voice of humanity (as well as the fans) in questioning what Chuck has been up to, why he hasn't intervened, etc. He basically calls him out on leaving his creation to succumb to Amara (which apparently wouldn't be the first time), which finally seems to get his attention.

Meanwhile, back in the Earthly realm, the Winchesters follow up on a case that might prove to have Amara connections, and indeed it does. Even though I would say such a case of a murder-suicide out of nowhere seems to happen in regular life as well. But anywayz, they head to the apropos Hope Springs, where Amara is sending her death fog to overtake the town, so they go on a murderous spree. But not Dean. Even though Sam gets to be infected by the fog, Amara is all smitten with her dear Dean, and keeps him safe from said death fog.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 11x20 "Don't Call Me Shurley"Really, though, it all turns out okay, because Metatron, as I said, finally seemed to get through to Chuck. That it is, in fact, his responsibility to save his creations from his sister rather than let it all disappear, so he does some magic and revives the town, including the erstwhile Sammy.

And, in another bit of meta fan service, they bring back the amulet from seasons past. You know, the one Sam gave Dean when they were kids, that turned out to be some kind of GAHHG beacon, but Dean threw it away, etc. etc.? Who am I kidding, if you watch the show, you know what the damn amulet is. Anyhow, Chuck sticks that little baby in Sam's pocket, and the boys follow its light to where he stands in the street.

And.... episode. There are a few more episodes left this season, and by the nature of that song Chuck sang there at the end, it seems as though GAHHG may go out in a blaze of glory with his sister at his side. What does that mean for the future? Who knows. They only seem to beget worse things every year, but it might be more interesting to not end things on a cliffhanger for once. Not that they've ever done that, but what the heck. It might've made for a nice series closer.

Alas. It goes on. And probably on and on.

Random Thoughts:

- Sooo many inside jokes. I do appreciate that sort of meta, when only longtime fans of the show will get it.

- I really liked the song at the end. Is that an existing song, or was it written for the show? Either way, Rob Benedict did a great job with it.

- One of the only episodes where Metatron wasn't overly annoying. Perhaps because he was kind of the voice of the people in many ways.

- It does beg the question, if GAHHG and Amara are brother and sister, do they have parents? And just what the heck does that entail?


Metatron: Yeah, Toto. I got a feeling we're not on Earth anymore, either.

Sam: Dude, quit ironing my shirts with beer!

Chuck: Started a new series of books. Revolution! But I don't think it's going anywhere.
Metatron: Maybe titles aren't your thing.

Metatron: You are neither grounded nor a person.
Chuck: So you're saying I'm likable.

Chuck: Nature, divine. Human nature, toxic.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Supernatural 11x19 "The Chitters"

After a couple weeks off, Supernatural is back with a, well, I'll just say it, a pretty boring episode. Man was there a lot of talking. Talking talking talking. Plus some more talking. And not about very interesting stuff, to be honest. But oh well, let's get on with it...

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester & Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 11x19 "The Chitters"Back in 1989, a kid was abducted by some weird creature while his younger brother watched. A hunter in the making? Why, you would be right! Young Jesse will show up later, as one would expect. But before that, in the present day, some people start going missing. Well, one girl only kind of goes missing, only to turn back up with bright green eyes and making weird chittery noises, and just generally looking monstrous and creepster.

The brothers, at their wits end after losing Casifer to Amara, decide to follow up on this case of missing people. Basically, every 27 years a bunch of people go missing, or show up with these green eyes acting all horny and strange before going missing. While investigating, Dean happens to be attacked by one such creature, and is saved from being bitten by Jesse and his hunting partner Cesar. Only Cesar is not only his hunting partner, he's also his life partner. Not that it really matters, but okay.

Hugo Ateo as Cesar Cuevas, Lee Rumohr as Jesse Cuevas, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 11x19 "The Chitters"So, they team up. Dean and Cesar go in search of the burrow of the creatures in the forest while Sam and Jesse go to find the sheriff who was in charge back in the day. I'm not sure why, but apparently they think he might know something? Sure. Anyway, the creatures in question are these cicada spirit creatures that turn up and mate every 27 years, then go back underground and die and the cycle continues. But the original one has to inhabit a human body or something? Whatever. Let's be honest, I don't really care about these creatures very much.

Dean and Cesar find the burrow pretty easily, even though Jesse and Cesar had been trying to find it for days with no luck. Most of the people are already dead, or harboring the womb creatures, blah blah. Sam and Jesse confront the sheriff and he confesses his daughter was one of them, so that's why he didn't do anything about it? Or something. Whatever. I don't see the point of them going to that guy in the first place.

Nonetheless, Jesse gets to have his closure with the things that took his brother. And, honestly, pretty easily so, in the scope of Supernatural episodes. They barely had to fight the things or investigate them. But the real point of the episode came at the end, when the Winchesters thought maybe they should recruit the guys to help them in their big Darkness fight. But when they revealed they were hanging their hats up to go, like, raise some horses and such, Dean decided it was better to let them have their happily ever after.

Random Thoughts:

- The message of this episode may have had more impact some seasons ago when the brothers were wondering whether they could have a life after hunting. It seems like they've pretty much decided they're going to do it until they die (for realsies) at this point, so it didn't have many parallels to their current situation.

- I was hoping this episode would be another surprise highlight of the season, as most of them not featuring the main storyline have been. Alas, I was pretty bored. Was I the only one?

- I feel like Dean would've come up with some kind of garage situation for the impala at the bunker place by now, no?


Dean: Sleeping is the new smoking.
Sam: What? No it's not. Sitting. Sitting is the new smoking.
Dean: That can't be right.

Dean: A trippin' trip.

Sam: We're not actually gonna go with junkless on this one, are we? That's a new low, even for us.

Sheriff: What is this, Spanish fly gone bad?

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Supernatural 11x18 "Hell's Angel"

Recap/review of Supernatural 11x18 "Hell's Angel" by freshfromthe.comGuess who's back, back again, Rowena's back, tell a friend. What's that? We've resurrected a character thought dead once again? Just another Wednesday on Supernatural! Yes, apparently the good witch Rowena had secretly concealed some spell inside herself to save her from death, and she's been hiding out all this time, basically trying to decipher who might win the big fight. She's chosen Amara, and has been helping her regain her strength, so she can be on the "right" side, blah blah. Of course, when Amara shows her true powers and expels a bunch of smoke up into Heaven, Ro's a little like hmm well that's a bit scary, maybe not.

Meanwhile, Crowley has been able to easily find one of the Hands of God now that they're looking for them, and in a terrible bit of CGI, heads to the desert to get it. He calls up the Winchesters, wanting to work together to get Lucifer back in the cage using said Horn of Joshua as bait/leverage. Half the episode is then spent in a warehouse where he argues with Sam and Dean about the proper timeline they should follow. No, really, it felt like a long ass amount of arguing.

And, in Heaven, Casifer has stopped by to say hello and basically try to get the angels on his side. Really I think he's just there so he's around when Amara throws her weight around, so he can further the angel fear of her power.

Back in the warehouse of relentless arguing, Rowena makes herself known, and they form some kind of plan to trap Lucifer and get Castiel to expel him so they can then send him back into the cage. It works okay at first, until they get to the part where Dean tries to convince Cas to actually do the expelling. Crowley smokes out of his body and into Cas' to try to talk to him on the inside, but Cas is all la la la let me watch my shows and pretend it's all okay. The Winchesters exorcise Crowley back out of Cas' body, but the wards are wearing off, so Casifer takes the horn and is ready to kill the Winchesters, but...

Recap/review of Supernatural 11x18 "Hell's Angel" by freshfromthe.comYep, Amara shows up. She says she was tracking Rowena, but I think really she was like "oh no, Dean could die, gotta save my lovey dove." Casifer then activates the horn, even though I thought merely touching said hands of GAHHG activated them, but what do I know, I only pay attention to the rules sometimes. He goes all smitey MacGee, but lo! Amara is not smitten! Or would that be smote? Grammar! Instead, she takes Casifer off to the other abandoned warehouse (lots of warehouses here) she's been using, which Rowena knows the location of, so seems kind of dumb to do, but WHATEVER DARKNESS.

The good lady Amara thinks that perhaps, just maybe big bro GAHHG will take interest and show up if she preys upon his very first creation, his once most beloved. Casifer is not so sure she understands his great disinterest, but we all must know by now that the great GAHHG will have to show up by the end of the season or all will be bunk. Nonetheless, she gets to torturing him, or something, whatever it is that makes him go all light-y up inside.

Back at their humble abode, the Winchesters are wondering just what in tarnation they can do next if the Hand thing didn't work. Dean surmises that perhaps because Lucifer is not actually chosen by GAHHG, then he can't be strong enough to use the Hand to do the smiting of Amara. O-kay. Who the heck would be such a chosen being, then? Dun dun dun.

Random Thoughts:

- No but really, that CGI bit in the beginning felt like a different show. So strange, I actually laughed out loud and said "What?"

- All joking aside, this season has been one of the better ones in the back half of this show. I like that they actually did the whole hand of god/Lucifer try out now rather than drawing that out some more. Nice little twist there.

- What do we all think of the return of Rowena? Was her return planned all along, or no? On the one hand, maybe, on the other, I feel like we would've been given a hint if she'd done something like that so it didn't come out of nowhere if it was really a plan all along. Personally I find her annoying most of the time, as she doesn't really seem to care about anything but her own skin, but okay. She's back. Okay.

- The real question is - if GAHHG does show up, which it seems like he must, will it be in the form of everyone's favorite prophet, Chuck? I never liked the idea of Chuck secretly being God, even if others do. So, blah to that. But I guess we'll find out soon enough. Only a handful of episodes left this season.


Dean: Nice digs. What, the crypt keeper out of town?

Crowley: Did I say this would be easy? No, I did not.

Casifer: It's not like he invented the Prius, which actually works.

Casifer: Hey, if it makes you comfy, you can call me God.

Casifer: You know what they say, he who hesitates, disintegrates.

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