Thursday, September 15, 2011

Supernatural: Best Sex Scenes (Seasons 1-6)

Oh me, oh my! That's right, I'm keepin' it classy for my final ranking list of the summer before season seven starts. But I know you all have dirty minds anyway!

Despite Supernatural featuring two hot male stars in Mr. Padalecki and Mr. Ackles, there really haven't been that many sex scenes in the six seasons the show has been on the air. I'm sure they, and their wives, appreciate it. The viewers? Have to take what they can get. So let's just get straight down to it. The top five (and only?) sex scenes... oh la la

The titles are links to youtube videos. Because you know you want to watch these again.

This was just all kinds of wrong, we can agree. She's a demon! And manipulating him. Plus he's grieving and clearly still pretty drunk. Not that they aren't pretty, though. They are certainly pretty. And we could see it coming. It didn't make it any less wrong, however. And in this case, it's not really a case of so wrong it's right.

It' dark! Dang. We can hardly see what's happening. There's a... back. Some... kissing? Damn you, lighting! Anyway. This is Dean's first sex scene, and, at this point unexpectedly, it is rather tender. You'd think Dean would be the less emotionally invested guy out of the brothers, but it has turned out not to be the case. He just... feels... so... much!

Aw, Sam's first sex scene. And wow is it one. The first time we see his sex style. Which is, you know, um... passionate. Maybe a little... rough? Hey, when you're having sexy times with a werewolf, that's probably not a bad thing. Except when you eventually have to kill her. Whoops.

Why did they have to go and ruin this scene with the hand on the steamy car window? After Titanic, you just can't do that anymore without it being ultra cheesy. But other than that, this was one of the most sensual sex scenes on the show.

Whereas many of Sam's sex scenes are all about all-consuming passion taking over, this one was all about the slow build. It felt more grown up and natural than his other ones, really. The only thing wrong with it is that it ends entirely too soon!

Interesting observation: three out of these five scenes are from season four! Do you think we'll have any more in season seven? Somehow it seems unlikely. So what's your favorite scene?

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  1. That scene with Sam/Madison was what gave me my crush on Jared Padalecki.

  2. I voted for Dean/Cassie! It was the only scene out of all the choices, where the characters actually had history and cared for each other. Moreso than just, 'oh, you're hot, let's bump uglies!'.

    I really didn't care for the Dean/Anna, it just felt so...cheesy and, I don't know, it just looked wrong.

    I do enjoy looking at the boys' muscled up bodies though, LOL.

  3. @Ruby - understandbly!

    @fabyenn - I've been surprised at the number of people choosing Dean and Cassie, it seems to be a popular one!