Monday, January 18, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x04 "Chuck versus Operation Awesome"

After last week's cliffhanger ending with Sarah whispering in Chuck's ear something about Devon, this week's episode picks right up with the Awesome one tied to a chair on the roof of a building, thanks to Sydney (guest star Angie Harmon), an agent from the already notorious Ring. She thinks that Devon is a CIA spy and wants to recruit him to join the Ring.

Meanwhile, Chuck, Sarah and Casey are all in Castle, where Chuck is predictably freaking out about the whole situation, which turns out to be a theme of the episode - staying calm in the face of danger, and taking charge. Chuck heads off to work to distract himself, and we get a little comedy from the Buy More crew after Chuck yells at a woman in Chinese (I guess it was Chinese??) and then kicks Lester in the face after some inadvertent flashes. Because he was not calm, remember? He can't control it when he's freaking out, people! He can't, and we need to be told that a lot.

Recap/review of Chuck 3x04 'Chuck versus Operation Awesome'Anyway, Devon shows up right after this. Sydney has left him with a communication device that she will be contacting him on soon. Chuck is opposed to the whole idea of using Devon to get to Sydney, but Sarah, Casey and General Beckman basically lay down the law and say the only way to save him is to use him. And what does Sydney want him to do? Go to the Crystal Towers in Downtown LA after putting on a bomberific earpiece and communication wristwatch. Chuck becomes his handler as they go on this mission, which turns out to be something of a set up when they find a CIA base of some kind in the building, where they meet the mysterious (not really, it was kind of obvious it was going to be him) Shaw, by way of guest star Brandon Routh. Who was looking rather nice, wouldn't you say?

Shaw does a little death fake out via a pill and a strategically placed shot to his chest, which convinces Sydney that he's dead. She welcomes Devon to the ring, takes off his earpiece and wristwatch, and leaves. Devon is able to bring Shaw back to life. So who is this Shaw? He's CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw, and he's been tracking down the Ring for some time. He will now be in charge of any missions having to do with the Ring. And his plan to get Devon out of this spy game is to use him one more time, which Chuck is again opposed to.

Chuck decides to take things into his own hands, using the communication device left behind by Sydney and rewiring it so he can call her directly. He tells her he was the one who killed Shaw and gets her to come to the Buy More, counting on Sarah and Casey to back him up. But Shaw puts the kibosh on Sarah and Casey helping Chuck, leaving him on his own. He attempts to stand up to Sydney's goons, but since he's freaking out, his flashes don't work. Sarah and Casey disobey Shaw and go in to help Chuck, and we get a nice little fight scene with Sarah and Sydney. Sydney manages to escape, but Chuck goes after her.

Chuck tries to reason with Sydney to get her to come quietly, but she tells him he's got to kill her, she won't go with him. Just when she's about to throw a knife at Chuck, Shaw shoots Sydney from behind. He doesn't like guns, but he knows how to use them (don't blame me for that cheesy line, that was almost a direct quote). Devon's identity is contained.

Shaw gives Chuck the what for after Chuck tells him that the most important thing to him is his family and friends, but by the end we see that Shaw has his own secret life when he puts on a wedding ring. What's his story? I'm sure we'll find out.

In other news, Morgan becomes the assistant manager of the Buy More. Lester and Jeff immediately start undermining him, starting up a Fight Club among the Buy More crew, going so far as to electrify the cage fence in the back room (which, incidentally, came in handy for Chuck when he was trying to escape Sydney's goons). Morgan eventually had to lay down the law on Lester, firing him, then re-hiring him after much groveling on Lester's part.

And, in side news, I really loved the song they played during the whole Buy More showdown. Upon a lookup, it appears to be Spoon's "Got Nuffin'."

Up next week is Chuck's first solo mission, featuring more guest stars - Kristin Kreuk and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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