Monday, March 8, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 1x08 "Bride Unbridled"

Alas, dear friends, this week features the return of the dreaded Lux acting like a wee baby sourpuss. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, but she acts rather foolish and self-righteous quite a lot of the time. Actually, most of the characters do apart from Ryan and, so far, Jones. The teenage boy being one of the most mature people on the show? Unexpected, indeed.

Lux is still upset after the previous events of Bug leaving town and Tasha going off to another foster home an apparently inconceivable 3 hours away. She is in a slump, so when Jones stops by to "give her her homework" (yeah, sure), Baze decides to give Jones a little push in Lux's dateable direction. And with some advice from Lux's dear old so-and-so, he takes her on a 3 hour road trip to visit her bestie.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 1x08 'Bride Unbridled' by freshfromthe.comMeanwhile, Cate and Ryan - who have broken up after the revelation of Baze and Cate's more recent rompy roo - are being forced to take part in a Bridal Expo and keep up the happily engaged facade. Blah blah boring, really. Even once Baze and Math show up to shake things up, it didn't really get that much more engaging. Why did Baze and Math show up, you ask? Because Baze accidentally intercepted a text from Ryan to Lux, consoling her about Bug and talking about giving her a car. Baze, ever upset about anything related to Ryan giving Lux anything, but particularly a motor vehicle, he storms the Bridal Expo.

It all ends in Ryan, Baze and Math taking part in a Nearlywed Game, matching answers to Cate's. Wah wah. Baze and Ryan start getting testy with each other again, until Ryan storms out. They have a minor encounter backstage, in which Baze tells Ryan off for being so mad at him when he didn't even know he was in the picture when he slept with Cate. Math overhears the sleeping with Cate stuff and gets all huffy because, in case you forgot, he's been in love with Cate for ages. Better get over that Math, there are much prettier men vying for her affection at the moment. Ryan leaves, also in a huff.

Meanwhile, Jones brings Lux back home and fesses up to the fact that it was actually Baze's idea to take her to see Tasha. And for some ungodly reason, Lux flips the hell out and says some BS thing like, "If you don't know why it was wrong, then you don't know ME!" Bzuh? She proceeds to also get all stompy and pouty to Baze about it and... Pardone moi, but they were just trying to cheer you up, you little insouciant.

Anyway, she eventually gets some sense knocked into her by Ryan, after he has a little heart to heart apology time with Baze. Those two will probably be friends eventually, yeah. After she realizes she's been rather a dope, Lux goes over to Jones' and does the whole "let's start over with the lame-o handshake and hi my name is yada yada." Because we haven't seen that done a million times before! NEXT!

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