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...Set: Chuck 3x17 "Chuck versus the Living Dead"

This episode, while still good, felt a lot like a setup for next week's two hour finale. The pieces are in place, and the preview for next week looks awesome. But let's talk about this week, shall we?

It all starts with Chuck confessing to Morgan he's been having dreams about Shaw being alive, but he hasn't told Sarah yet. Morgan freaks out about Shaw possibly coming after him, and gets Chuck to let him stay in Castle for the time being. But Sarah finds him down there and gets him to tell her what's going on. So now Sarah and Casey finally know that Chuck believes Shaw to still be alive. They decide the best way to figure out whether this is true is to go over some of the stuff Shaw and Sarah did while they were together and see if Chuck flashes on anything. He flashes on the penthouse apartment they stayed at, which has a secret safe. Shaw's probably hiding something in the safe!

Meanwhile, Ellie is still in contact with Justin, the Ring dude. She has contacted her and Chuck's dad to get in touch with her. He shows up and gets suspicious of Chuck's life when he sees Casey and Sarah are still around, because he was led to believe that Chuck was out of the spy life for good when he got the original Intersect out. Chuck LIES to him and tells him he's just an analyst on occasion for the CIA, then promptly takes off for his mission to infiltrate Shaw's safe that night.
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Sarah and Chuck are in the penthouse and find the safe, but when they go about trying to open it, someone shows up at the apartment. They believe it to be Shaw, but it's not clear. Whoever it is takes a briefcase from the safe and takes off. They go after him. He ends up dropping the case and we see that it wasn't Shaw. Was it Justin? For some reason I really can't seem to remember what that guy looks like.

It turns out, what was in the briefcase was Shaw's spy will. And since the Ring wanted to get it, they must therefore conclude that Shaw really is dead, because why else would they need it? Right about this time, Patriarch Bartowski also figures out that Chuck is still in the spy game, and has downloaded the Intersect 2.0, no less. He gets upset and leaves, telling Chuck he doesn't want to stick around to see his son die.

After some convincing from Sarah, Chuck decides to go find him and tell him that it's his choice and he's doing good for people. Mr. Bartowski has headed back to his cabin and started to do some test on a mysterious watch thingamajig, when a bunch of Ring dudes show up. Because, oh yeah, earlier, Justin had Ellie stick a tracking device on him, still under the pretense they are "protecting" him. These Ring guys infiltrate the cabin just as Chuck shows up, and he has to whip out his Intersect fighting skills, and also gets some help from a hatchet-wielding Sarah. It turns out, incidentally, that the Ring dudes wanted the watch thingamajig, now given the name Governor.

Why do they want it? Because it's something that governs the Intersect so that it won't overtake a person's mind and make them slowly go insane. Bartowski the Elder has determined that he can make one for the new Intersect, and he will do just that for Chuck, since his motives are to help people and yada yada.

Meanwhile, Chuck has asked Casey to look out for Ellie with Shaw possibly still in the mix. When she sees him lingering around, though, thinks this is all part of what Justin told her about Casey - that he's on the lookout to get their dad. Casey overhears a conversation she has with Justin and thinks maybe she's having an affair, so goes to Morgan for help. Morgan is appaulled by the mere thought and investigates, determining that Devon is basically the best husband ever. If she is having an affair, it's all on her. So Casey decides to take a look around Devon and Ellie's apartment when they're not there. But Ellie comes home early and knocks him out, then runs off with Justin to someplace where he says she'll be "safe." Yeah, right!

And, in the end, we see that Shaw really is alive, and he's downloading his own version of the Intersect! No wonder the Ring people wanted the Governor. They want it for Shaw.

In the Buy More side story, Jeff and Lester temporarily disband Jeffster after disagreeing about taking on Big Mike as their manager. Big Mike eventually convinces Lester to re-join. I can only assume that we get to see the Jeffster video in the finale next week. Bring it!

For those who may not know, Chuck was also renewed for a 4th season. After seeing the preview for the finale, I kind of wonder if maybe it should be a series finale. Not that I want to see the show go, but once everyone finds out, how is it really the same show anymore? I'm sure they'll surprise me and do something great. I hope.


"He fell into a river?! Of course Shaw is alive! Have you ever seen a John Carpenter movie?" - Morgan

"Reviewing pictures of people you've killed? I've done that myself from time to time." - Casey

"Please, stop." - Buy More customer
"Awkward. And cruel. But not incorrect. Because you are not playing from your soul. Your soul is in Seattle." - Lester

"You know what, fine. But I'm gonna take something with me that you can never have back. The 'ster! As in Jeff-ster." - Lester

"Would Ellie cheat on Devon for any reason?" - Casey
"John Casey, if I had the height or the willpower I would slap you across the face right now." - Morgan

"Does she have the Intersect too?" - Steven
"No, Dad, that's all her." - Chuck

"I won't be fooled by corporate trickery. I will never bow down to the man." - Lester

"I can't wear this anymore. But you have the hips of a six-year-old girl. Use them." - Big Mike

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