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...Set: SYTYCD S7 Top 10 Performance Show

Don't you just love how it says "Live" in the corner, then at the bottom of the screen it says, "recorded from a live telecast?" Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. The joys of being on the West Coast! Does it say that on the East Coast?

Anyway, did anyone else think Cat was in fine form tonight? She had some really hilarious remarks throughout the show, more so than usual. I'll talk about one in particular a little later on, but it made me wonder if she's been sipping a little special kool-aid! Wink wink, nudge nudge. But on to the dancers! I'm not ranking this week, I'm just going to go in the order of performance. Ranking makes my head hurt sometimes! And, interesting tidbit - they decided to keep the all-star partners up there during the judging portion this time. Okay then?

First up was Cristina. She danced a paso doble with Pasha, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France Genereux. She definitely seemed a lot less timid this week, like she actually really did trust Pasha. She definitely seemed to be trying to get a little more personality out there, but I still think she has a hard time connecting with the audience. I was discussing this with my friend and she believes it's because she's so careful with her language, since we can sort of tell English isn't her first language. Though the routine was one of the better ones, it was also at the beginning of the show, and she was in the bottom three last week, so I'm not so sure she's going to escape the bottom three again.

Recap/Review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7 - Top 10 Performance Episode by freshfromthe.comNext up was Adechike, dancing a Mandy Moore contemporary routine with Allison. And in case you thought Ms. Moore might expand her repertoire and go for a song non-80s (so maybe it was a remake of an 80s, it still counts) and a routine that was non-generic, think again! But I would also like to ask, who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to have a fire graphic going on during Adechike's confessional thing about all of their possessions being burned? Inappropriate! Anyway, the routine itself was fine, though honestly I was still drawn to Allison, who I've decided kind of looks like Shakira. Yes, no? The judges say he's improved, but there's still room to grow. I thought he should've been in the bottom last week, and I think he should be again.

Alex was dealt a Tyce Diorio broadway routine with all-star partner Lauren. And, I'm sorry, but I was distracted by so many terrible things. The music didn't seem to go (Summertime by Sylvester) and the outfits? Blugh. And I don't think I'm alone when I say that Tyce's broadway routines are almost always a boring suckfest. Maybe that's harsh, but seriously. Alex wasn't treated kindly by the judges, but I'm not sure it was entirely his fault. And Alex, honey, please stop trying so hard to mug for the cameras. It makes you seem desperate, okay? You're a great dancer! Though I'm not sure Alex will be in the bottom because I think he has some fans, his routine probably does garner one of the lower spots in tonight's show.

Next up was Ashley dancing a Travis Wall jazz piece with Mark. And here I have a little bit of a complaint about judge rudeness when they kept talking about how it didn't seem like a jazz piece, but rather more contemporary. Which isn't to say that the comment isn't valid, but how it was presented seemed like an affront to Travis, particularly when they kept cutting over to his reaction. Anyhow, the routine itself was fine, I really loved that jump through the arms move thingy. And also? Mmmmmmmmark. Yummy. The judges are concerned that it was too similar to her routine last week, which I can see being true. But that routine got her through without a trip to the bottom three so...?

Billy. Billy, Billy, Billy. He was saddled with a krump number by Lil' C with partner Comfort. And well, it's true, Billy, krump is just not something you can pull off. All of his movements were too fluid for that style. As Adam commented, there wasn't enough of the hit, rebound and suspend to his movement. Not to say that he didn't try his hardest, because he did, but it's just really not something he should try again. Sorry, Billy. If we had a bottom three based solely on the performances of the night, I think yours might get you there, but seeing as it seems like you have a good following, I don't think that's going to be the case.

And now... Robert! He had a Jean-Marc and France Argentine tango with Anya, and it was hot hot hot. His dancing was only so-so, if you ask me, but the routine itself made up for that. And the fact that Anya was like WOW. She was awesome. The judges had mixed reviews for the number, with Nigel loving it, Mia hating it, and Adam sort of on the fence about it. And Robert? What in the world were you doing there when Cat was reading your phone number? Bizarre, okay. No one wants some kind of fake vomiting going on. That was just weird, and not a good weird.

Next up - Melinda. She had a Stacey Tookey contemporary piece with Ade. This was one of those "theme" dances with an on the nose song called "Squander" by Skunk Anansie. The theme, you ask? About how man is ruining the Earth. And trust me, I agree that man is indeed ruining the Earth and it sickens and saddens me beyond measure, but it also bothers me when they get preachy on this show, because heavens to Betsy, it's a dance show. ANYWAY. First of all, the first thing I noted was, "sorry but that dress is ridic." And then Mia basically said the same thing. I had a hard time taking any of it seriously with that dress, and Ade's pants were crazy tight. Wardrobe, you had a weird night. In any event, I thought the routine itself was only okay, I'm not sure I really believed her emotions, but the judges were nothing but compliments. I'm not sure it's enough to keep her out of the bottom, though.

After Melinda we had Jose, dancing a Nakul Bollywood number with Kathryn. Now, I think anyone on this show is going to be hard pressed to top the very first Bollywood piece we ever saw with Katee and Joshua a few seasons ago, and this is no exception. Because while Jose did look to be having fun and certainly put a smile on my face, he definitely did not have that routine down pat. And then Nigel started going on about South Africa and who knows what else. NIGEL, this show is not about the world cup! Get over it. Mostly they just commented on how Jose is a bright light that brings a smile to everyone's faces, and dag nabbit, it's true.

Lauren was next, dancing a lyrical hip hop from new choreographer Tessandra Chavez and all-star Dominic. This was another message piece, this time about abusive relationships. She definitely had a much better performance than last week, I'll give her that, but I think her immaturity is starting to come through even more, if that's possible. You'd think it would start to dissipate, but I don't know. And while it was a good routine, it still doesn't compare to the addiction piece that Mia choreographed for Kupono and Kayla. I saw that one in person during the taping, and it was amazing. And here is where I digress to Cat for a moment, because WHAT. After the judges were talking about Lauren going deeper, Cat says, "Dominic, do you want to get to a deeper place?" WHOA, Cat! Dominic seemed as equally floored by that remark and quickly left the stage. Yowza!

And finally, Kent. The Wapakonetan had a Tyce jazz routine with partner Courtney, and it was all about being sexy, sexy, sexy. Which... Kent? Not so sexy. Yeah I had a hard time believing there was any real sexual tension there. He's such a little boy! But man would that have been a crazy sexy routine for a different pair! Woo. I swear Tyce does a better job choreographing contemporary/jazz than he does the broadway which he is more known for. Anyway, the judges basically told Kent that he has to work on not being himself in every routine, since he has a big personality. True, true. But I don't think he's going to have any problem sailing through this week.

It's hard to say who's going to be in the bottom, I just hope it's not all girls again, as Nigel commented at the top of the show.

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