Thursday, July 1, 2010

...Set: SYTYCD S7 Top 9 Results

My friends, there were absolutely no surprises for me in tonight's results show. They tried to switch things up with the way they announced the bottom three contestants, but I pretty much called it just based on who was out in which group, and the fact I know they like to do "surprises." Oh please, just you try and surprise me.

Recap/Review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7 - Top 9 Results Episode by freshfromthe.comA bit of business before delving into the actual results. The opening number was crazy dramatic and featured bizarre costumes yet again. Seriously, costume designers, what in the world this season? Cat has looked great, yes, but the dancers have looked rather ridiculous most of the time.

Business number two: next week each contestant will be doing two routines, one with an all-star (that they haven't danced with yet) and one with a fellow contestant. YES, welcome change. I will be very interested to see them dance together.

Business number three: because of the presence of the all-stars, they have decided to feature them in the results shows with some flashbacks and having them dance a "famous" piece. This week was Mark and Courtney, so of course they did The Garden. I do wonder how many times these two have had to do that dance. They could probably do it in their sleep!

Business number four: in addition to the bit on the all-stars, we also had two other performances. One by Viva Elvis, and one by Ne-Yo. Both good enough. But now! Moving on!

Wow, I haven't even said who was in the bottom three, have I? Without further ado, the dancers in danger were: Billy, Robert and Melinda. It was pretty much pre-determined who was going to go home tonight, so I felt no real sadness over Billy and Robert being in the bottom. I will say, however, that they both had great solos, I especially liked Robert's. He showed a lot more personality, and you all know I love that quirky dance style. Melinda's tapping swan song was sans music, which was rather nice.

In case you didn't watch and hadn't already figured it out, it was Melinda who got the ouster. No one was surprised, least of all her. I do have to say that her closing comments were kind of weird, she wants to be a star and is happy to have been able to share her talent. Ummmm, okay then. Oddly full of herself. But, whatever!

Next week: six guys and two girls. Wow. I guess there will be more guy-guy dances! Gotta say, that is kind of great, though not when they act like it's completely strange and wrong. Peeps, you have had it every season in the finale episode anyway, it's not like it's a completely foreign concept. And they often tend to be some of the coolest dances because the judges aren't doing another joe schmo love story.

Well, I've said my piece. And with that, goodnight!

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