Tuesday, September 21, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 2x02 "Parents Unemployed"

This week's episode featured Cate, Baze and Lux each facing their own problem to overcome. Cate and Baze both need jobs (right when the school is hosting a career day where one of them should speak! My! What a coincidence!), while Lux needs to get an A on her upcoming English test or risk failing out of school. She also has added drama with new teacher Eric Daniels, who she shared a kiss with in last week's episode before he knew she was only a mere sixteen years old and one of his students to boot.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x02 'Parents Unemployed' by freshfromthe.com
Honestly, Lux was being rather ridiculous about the whole situation. She was acting like he was being something of a douche for not wanting to have anything to do with her after all of that. But, hello, miss thing, it's his career and also his life that would be ruined if anyone ever found out about it. He eventually admits to her that it did mean something to him too and blah blah. I suspect this is not quite over. Lux's other issue was the test, which Cate tried to help her study for, but which she felt supremely overwhelmed about. It came as not at all a surprise after they so helpfully showed that Math carries around his test in his bag, that Lux eventually looked at the answers and questions for the upcoming test, thus CHEATING and getting her an A.

Baze, meanwhile, has an interview at some kind of financial firm that his dad owns, and is less than enthusiastic about the job at first, thus bombing his interview (with guest star Emma Caulfield - aka Anya to any fellow Buffy fans out there). He eventually decides that he actually does want the job, and fights for it. So, he gets it. Apparently he majored in economics in college? He went to college?

Cate is also having job procurement issues. Her agent basically informs her that there isn't a whole lot out there, but her old show would like to hire her as a producer rather than on air talent. This is something Ryan apparently set up, which pisses Cate off. She tries to get a position at another morning show, but unfortunately they meant very early morning, as in 2am-6am. After Ryan saves the day at career day and reminds her that sometimes a step back can be a step forward, she decides to take the producing job.

The other development of the episode was that Baze found out that Paige, the girl he slept with whose cigarette burned down the bar, is actually Ryan's sister. It appears that everyone else finds out next week. How soapy.

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