Thursday, December 16, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 2x11 "Stand Taken"

Sooo.... this recap is quite late, I know. And I also skipped the last episode and quite frankly, don't have much desire to find a way to see it online. I didn't miss much anyway, so, eh.

First of all, what is up with guys named Trey being complete bastards on TV? Trey on The OC, now this Trey. Have there been more? It seems likely, given the trend. But what makes the Trey on this show so terrible? Well, if you'll recall, he was the one who used to hit Lux when she lived with him and Valerie some four-odd years ago. He was also the one that Tasha hit over the head with a shovel a couple episodes back when Lux went to confront Valerie and Trey about the lies they were spreading about her. That has all come to a head now, because Trey and Valerie are pressing charges against Tasha for assault, for which she could be tried as an adult and end up going to prison for six years.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 2x11 "Stand Taken" by freshfromthe.comOf course, all of this could go away pretty quickly if Lux would just come forward and testify as to why Tasha felt she had to protect Lux by hitting the dude over the head with the shovel in the first place. Lux, though, is still being hesitant about doing that, for reasons we just can't fathom yet. Because at this point, it seems like she's just being selfish or something by not coming forward.

Lux only makes matters worse when she first decides she's going to testify, then instead decides to go to Trey on her own and tell him that if he doesn't testify against Tasha, then she won't reveal anything about him either. But everyone is less than pleased with Lux's sudden change in story, and I have to at least give Cate some credit here for not believing Lux when she said she had been lying about Trey being abusive. She has been doing a lot of lying lately, though, which has gotten old for me.

The court date arrives, and Lux decides to actually come forward with the truth after Tasha basically has to remind her that she's her best friend and they'd do anything for each other. At first it looks like things aren't going to go so well when the other side starts poking holes in Lux's story, but then Lux unloads with the really terrible truth. It wasn't just that Trey was abusive, it was also that he was sexually abusive. He made her kiss him, and probably would have forced himself on her if she had not fought back the last night she was there. With all of this new information, and Cate convincing Valerie that she needed to come forward as well, the judge decides to drop the assault charges against Tasha. She does, however, still have other charges that hold, which will send her to juvie for a couple of months.

In the end, we find out that the reason Lux didn't want to come forward with any of this stuff was because she was afraid of losing another mom like she lost Valerie (because, you see, she told Valerie what Trey had been doing, and she chose him over Lux). Cate assures her that she would never leave her.

As for what else is going on, Cate's pregnant and back together with Ryan, seemingly on the road to recovery from all of their crazy drama. Eric and Lux are still a secret couple, and he even says the big L word to her. And, after Baze's dad threatened to fire him if he did not break up with Emma last week, their relationship is on the mend after he stands up for Lux in the courtroom and whatnot. Baze's dad is still not okay with the Baze-Emma relationship, though, and we find out that it's probably because he and Emma had an affair in the past, which Lux just happened to overhear. Oh boy.

Overall, one of the best episodes of this season. And come January next year when they air the two hour finale, it's probably going to be all she wrote for this little show. Oh well.

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