Monday, March 21, 2011

Chuck 4x19 "...vs. the Muuurder"

=Perhaps the new term for jumping the shark should be bombing the pig. Yeesh, that was sooo cheesy. Ultra extreme cheese, I can't take it. I also knew when they were hearing scuffling in those gigantic air ducts that it would be the pig. Duh. Also? If you don't want people being able to sneak around your air ducts, don't have air ducts that could fit two people next to each other. Just saying.
The pig thing was all part of the Buy More subplot this week, which revisited the long held rivalry between Buy More and Large Mart. Jeff and Lester stole the Large Mart pig, Kevin Bacon, so Large Mart retaliated by stealing Big Mike, who was dressed up in a heretofore never seen BM giant box outfit. Henceforth BM was used in a myriad number of cheeky ways without actually saying the words bowel movement. In the end, Big Mike escapes, but the Large Martians set fire to the BM anyway. Blah blah. Moving along.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x19 "Chuck versus the Muuurder" by freshfromthe.comApparently this week I'm going over subplots first, so let's get straight into the other one - the case of Ellie and her dad's laptop. She's been going to town working on it after Bentley gave it to her last week, and has discovered that Papa B was trying to figure out a way for the brain to know something without having to learn it - aka, what the Intersect does. So wait, does she not know about the Intersect part of Chuck's spy life? I'm so lost as to what she knows and doesn't at this point. Devon and Chuck are concerned about her delving into all of this, and Chuck wants Devon to replace the hard drive so she can't work on it anymore. But when Devon sees how much it means to her, he tells Chuck that he's done it, even though he hasn't. But what was most interesting about this entire episode, to me, was how it ended - with the computer, turning on, scanning the room with Ellie asleep, recognizing her face, and booting up files on Agent X. Whaaaa? They sure do know how to have a cliffhanger on this show, I will say that.

But okay, what was the main plot about? After the other Intersects failed to be as good as Chuck, Beckman puts him in charge of the Intersect team, specifically to look for a new candidate. They bring in four potentials - Lewis, Jody (I think? I believe they only said her name once the entire episode), Damian, and Brody. After some testing of the subjects, Chuck is ready to choose Brody, who is virtually a carbon copy of himself. Alas, it is not meant to be. Brody gets stabbed. Dead. One of the people in Castle is a murderer!

They lock down the joint to figure out who it is. Damian ends up getting partially blown up by a bomb, which leads to further suspicions and searches and whatnot. After another bomb goes off, and Lewis suddenly goes missing, they assume it must be him. And that immediately crosses him off the likely bomber list. It's never who you think it is halfway through the episode. They split up to try to find him, only to find him dead. Which doesn't deserve a dun dun dun, because for serious - obvious. Fake outs are much too easy for me to spot anymore. Sigh.

Everyone gathers back together and starts bickering, but Chuck has figured out that the one behind it all along was actually.... Damian! He killed Brody, then bombed himself to displace the blame, etc. etc. He's got one last bomb as well, and this time Chuck doesn't have enough time to disarm the thing before it goes off. Bentley grabs it and heads for the Intersect room, the only bomb-proof room in the place. She's about to sacrifice herself, but Chuck works it out so she doesn't have to, and they all live to fight another day, the Intersect room blown to bits. Chuck's the only Intersect for now.

But who was Damian working for, you wonder? It turns out that he was working for Vivian Volkoff, who wants to get back at Chuck for putting away her father. She turned to the dark side much too easily for a person who barely saw her father at all, am I right?


"I haven't felt anything for years." - Jeff

"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, you can eat it." - Jeff
"He lives by a strange philosophy of karma and diet, and combines the two. But it works for him." - Lester

"Just the ladies. Figures." - Casey

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  1. You were not alone with the tired BM jokes, I just rolled my eyes and thought my ten year old must have wrote this episode.

  2. 'Chuck, you're in charge'
    [Charles in charge!!!]

    Okay, it's tangential, but it made me smile.

  3. @timberwolf - I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found them lame!

    @xenaclone - I didn't even think of that connection, ha.