Thursday, June 16, 2011

SYTYCD S8: Top 20 Results

Ughhhhhhhhhhh. I'm sorry, what is the POINT of an elimination show if they aren't going to eliminate anyone? What a waste of an hour of our lives. I don't particularly care that their reasoning was to let America get to know the dancers better. If they are saying that all of these dancers are so great, then how is the decision next week going to be any easier, when it will apparently be two couples going home instead of the traditional one? It honestly just feels like a free pass to Mitchell, who didn't get to dance this week in the performance round.

Who I thought would've been eliminated, had they done it: Miranda and Mitchell.
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Even so, I don't agree with all of the superlatives that Nigel was laying down for Jordan, who literally did maybe two dance steps in her entire solo. You want a tip on how to do a solo? Take a look at what Tadd did. He planned it out, he had it timed out so that he'd end it when the music ended. His was honestly the only solo that I thought was actually good. The rest (Clarice, Jess, Miranda, Robert and Mitchell) were all just sort of meh.

The only couple I was surprised did not get put into the bottom three was Ashley and Chris, whose hip hop last night I felt was a bit of a lame duck.

Anyway. I'm not spending any more time on this. Am I the only one annoyed, or is everyone else too?

As a final aside, I happened to be at The Grove tonight and I saw Melanie and Sasha (and Natalia) walking through Nordstrom. Two of my favorite dancers this season! It's one of the perks of living in Los Angeles, I suppose.

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  1. Wow you are so lucky to have seen them!

    I felt a little cheated this week as well. I kind of like Chris so I was glad he wasn't in the bottom but felt they should have been there.

    Loved Tadd's solo as well :)

  2. OMG!!! that is so exciting!! did you go talk to them? or didn't want to feel like a stalker fan? Here's what I think. I think Nigel was ready to send Ashley and Chris home and since he wasn't given the chance to do what HE wanted to do he put the blame on Megan (guest judge) and then gave them all a free pass. Nigel is ODDLY attached to certain women this season and continues to make it clear who his favorite "beasts" are and he was not ready to send any of those girls home last night b/c he already had in his mind that he was sending Ashley home. He couldn't do that so he gave himself a free pass. His decision had nothing to do with America. And if I was someone who was saved last night, while I'd be happy for my dancer friends, I'd be quite ticked if I get sent home next week b/c you failed to send someone home this week. It's honestly not fair and not how the game goes. I'm kinda synical when it comes to Nigel b/c over the years he has really ticked me off with how he does some things on this show. Anywho, we'll see what happens next week... I have a feeling the comments next week are going to be harsher for those he doesn't like and way more hyperbolic for those he likes.

  3. @nixxy - I like Chris too, so I'm not upset that he wasn't sent home, but still, their routine was not great.

    @Shunta - No I didn't talk to them, we just walked by and I was like oh hey that was them.
    Yeah see, now next week I'm concerned about who might end up in the bottom three. Honestly there should be more than just three couples in the bottom next week to make it fair. Then again, this show is rarely about fairness and more about what the judges want to happen.

  4. Agreed. More about what judges want to happen. At least until we can get to top 10 and have total control....kinda. And you're right I didn't think about it but there should be more than 3 couples in bottom next week!!

    spelling correction to first comment--cynical! LOL!