Monday, July 18, 2011

Supernatural: Sam's Hair Through the Seasons (Seasons 1-6)

Since I did a great many lists last summer, counting down the top episodes and such, this year I'm going to do some sillier ones. Unless you want me to go back and update the old ones. If that's the case, leave me a comment and let me know. Otherwise, it's going to be more, um, creative rankings.

Like, for instance, Sam's hair. Sam's hair is practically a character unto itself on Supernatural. Once a proud wearer of emo bangs, Sam's hair has slowly evolved over the seasons to become something more of a long mop. Unlike Dean, who always has the closely shorn, sometimes sorta spiky hair. Wouldn't it be weird to see them with reversed hair?! We would all die of shock, I'm sure.

Anyway. Here are my rankings. This is probably going to be one of the more subjective lists I've done, as everyone has different opinions and preferences for hair.

6. Season Five

His hair was under control at the beginning of the season, but got completely wacky long by the end. All I wanted was for him to get a haircut. Yeah, yeah, they're fighting the oncoming apocalypse and don't have time, blah blah. But Dean's hair is still short. And he has time to shave every day and get his sideburns just so. Man, those sideburns too! Am I wrong or did they seem to extend further into his face? Don't get me wrong, I love me some longish hair on dudes, but this was getting unruly even for me. Or not even unruly. You know what it is! It's the excessive smooth-ness! What shampoo are you using, Sammy? I want some for my hair. Maybe that is more of a Jared question.

5. Season Six

Sam wore a heck of a lot of plaid in season six, huh? I swear each cap is from a different episode throughout the season. Now let's get real, his hair does not look a heck of a lot different in season six than it did in season five, but it was slightly more manicured, and that's why it goes a slight notch above five.

4. Season Two

By the end of season two, they had finally seemed to figure out what to do with his hair, but whoa, look at that hair from Everybody Loves a Clown! Some kind of helmet-y thing happening, for real. I'm kind of in straight up love with his hair in the second picture, all flipped out on the ends. But yes, you can see here how the texture is not as smooth as the above two seasons, and I apparently like that. Am I alone?

3. Season One

Aw, the adorable emo bang mop of season one. Sometimes I still miss this hairstyle, but I can understand it makes him look young, and that's why they changed it. And sometimes it got a little too weird when they didn't give it enough texture, as you can see in the third picture. The emo bangs work best with some texture. It seems to me this hairstyle is either straight up love or straight up hate in the fandom - what's your take?

2. Season Three

As I mentioned earlier, at the end of season two they started to figure out what to do with Sam's hair, and it continued on through season three. I almost put this season at number one, but when I went and looked at the picture for the next one again, I switched. What can I say? My opinions are changeable! The main reason that this one doesn't get the top prize is that sometimes there was a little too much poof. It's a delicate balance, I'm sure you've come to now realize. Later seasons, not enough poof/texture, sometimes in the earlier seasons, too much! Oh the intricacies!

1. Season Four

And here we go, the big kahuna, season four. It wasn't too long, it wasn't too short, it wasn't too poofy, it wasn't too smooth. In short, it was just right. Maybe the excess demon blood tamed his hair?! Yes, that's definitely it. But really, I wish they'd go back to this hair.

I also found this fun graphic someone made over on Tumblr for his hair throughout the seasons I thought you'd all enjoy:

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  1. LOL - fun post! Sam's hair is like a character unto itself!

  2. LOL I love the comment on S5's hair and the shampoo. Love the graphic montage too! |It made me pick S4 hair as my fave.

  3. @twasadark - It really is its own character!

    @fabyenn - Ha, thanks. He must be doing something special to make it so shiny and smooth!

  4. Eep, I feel so unpopular, I think S4 was my least favorite due to the many times it was greased back away from his face and behind his ears (not very flattering to me when it's shorter like that). I picked season 6 in the poll since I love his hair longer, although my all-time fave is probably season 1. :)

  5. Please stick with the sillier lists - I can't wait to see what you rank next! Best Dean Crying scenes or something?

    I loved Sam's first season hair. Like you said, it's exactly how an emo boy would look. What I never got is how he can pass for a federal agent with it.

    It also kinda irks me that the only time he's EVER made a real effort to tame it was when he impersonated a priest (season one, 'Nightmare.') I think we should have seen the tamed hair every time he wore a suit.

  6. LOL that tumblr pic.

    All i could think of looking at those season 1 and 2 pics was "AWW LOOK AT BB SAM!!".

    Great list idea! I can't wait to see the rest (I agree with the above suggestion about Dean's crying moments!)

  7. @jessm78 - don't feel bad, everyone has different tastes!

    @kinkthatwicked - I actually already did a list last year of the best manly tears, which included both Sam & Dean. But let's face it, Dean cries a lot more than Sam.

    @skittlebox - He does look so young in those pictures! I did already do a manly tears post last year, but it's possible I could give Dean his own since he cries so much. Big baby. Haha

  8. Fun list! I like season 4 too, but I think season 2 might still be my favorite. :)

  9. Yeah, yeah, they're fighting the oncoming apocalypse and don't have time, blah blah"
    I almost die in here!HAHAHA
    I like season 3 and 4!Sorry Jay,but season 6 is terrible.
    Grafic??Crazy fans.I love it!
    i LOVE THIS SITE!Sorry my bad english!
    Hugs from Brazil.

  10. I love Season 1 Sam´s hair, i think it makes him see sooooooooooo cute!!!, his apearance is sooo adorable, it´s like a baby, and it melts my heart!! LOL