Thursday, August 11, 2011

SYTYCD: Season 8 Finale

Can you believe the season is already over? This summer has just flown by so incredibly quickly, it's crazy. But, yes, everything must come to an end eventually, and tonight was the crowning of season eight's America's Favorite Dancer.
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It should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever that the winner is none other than... MELANIE!

Do you know, I've had the top three as my top three from the very start of the competition? I'm not making this up. Following Melanie were Sasha, Marko and Tadd, in that order. And apparently, Melanie and Sasha's votes combined to over 70% of the total votes, which is pretty crazy. The poor guys didn't stand a chance!

Are you satisfied with who won, or do you wish it was someone else?

Before I sign off, I'm going to give you a quick rundown of all of the top routines of the season that the judges picked, and add one of my own that I think definitely should've been included. In the order presented (click on them to see a youtube clip)...

Sasha and Kent - Tyce Diorio contemporary (picked by Mary)
Melanie and Marko - NapTab hip hop (picked by Nigel)
Tadd and Lauren - Mandy Moore jazz (picked by Robin Antin) ** this link is the original, though their finale performance was better!
Robert and Miranda - NapTab hip hop (picked by Lil C)
Top 8 Circus Routine - Tyce Diorio (picked by Cat)
Melanie and Neil - Mandy Moore contemporary (picked by Mary)
Marko and Allison - Sonya Tayeh contemporary (picked by Jesse Tyler Ferguson)
Top 10 Girls Geisha Routine - Sonya Tayeh (picked by Tyce)
Chris and Ashley - Spencer Liff Broadway (picked by Lil C)
Sasha and tWitch - Christopher Scott hip hop (picked by Nigel)
Top 10 Guys Routine - Christopher Scott (picked by Sonya)
Caitlynn and Pasha - Argentine tango (picked by Jesse)
Melanie and Marko - Travis Wall contemporary (picked by Mary)
Melanie and Sasha - Sonya Tayeh jazz (picked by Nigel)

And the one that I personally think should've been included...

Well, that's it for this season! Were any of your favorite routines left out?

Congratulations Melanie!

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  1. I have seen this final episode of season 8 online. And I enjoyed it very much. Its really brilliant series to watch online.