Friday, October 21, 2011

Supernatural 7x05 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"

Unless you've been living under a rock, you had to know that tonight's episode featured two big guest stars in the form of James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter, of Buffy fame. Random sidenote, it always takes me a second to figure out James Marsters versus James Marsden when I just see their names. I cannot be alone in this, can I?

Moving on! After much doom and gloom over the past few weeks, this lighter episode was a welcome breath of fresh air, yes? I think Sam has perhaps retained some of his sense of humor from his soulless days, or has decided to just loosen up in general after all the crappy crap he's been through, because for real, he's seemed way more relaxed and kinda funny. You know he's still the same Sam, however, because he's still trying to get Dean to open up about his big, unwieldy feelings. Hey, that's his job.

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x05 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" by freshfromthe.comOkay anyway, I'm very babble-mouth tonight. I was also laughing at the dumbest stuff during the episode, like the salon dude's scream, and when the guy got the nails through the eyes, because I was chanting "in the eye! in the eye!" and then it happened - in both! Because, yes, there were some creative deaths tonight. What made the salon dude scream so hilariously, you ask? Why, his customer was literally fried to death in a beehive-type dryer thing! Why she first tried to lift it off her head and didn't immediately try to slide down, I don't know. People are dumb, yo. It didn't matter anyway, because realtor Wendy Goodson, as was her name, was not long for this world. Burn, shackalacka, she was literally toast(ed).

The boys come to town to figure out what's going on, and soon after, the nails-in-the-eyes dude gets nailed in the eyes, among other places. Just what do these people have in common? They both were part of a failed real estate something or other (a mall? who cares.), all tied to a pillar of the community, a man named Don Stark, and they all had some strange Romanian coin nearby where they died. The guys go check out Don, and figure out that his currently separated wife has some strange witchy stuff up in their closet, and the reason these particular people have been dying is because Don was doing the horizontal mambo with someone other than her. That is, the aforementioned and toasted Wendy. They head off to check out the wife, Maggie, and find she has another victim lined up - Jenny, Don's assistant, who she assumes he must also be getting jiggy with.

Jenny, who loves to bake cupcakes (why, a soulmate Jenny!), finds herself suddenly choking on such a cupcake and spitting up lots of blood while an actual heart beats from the cupcake she took a bite out of. That's a new one. Lucky for her, the brothers Winchester show up before she chokes to death, and blast the coin hidden in her cupboards up, dissipating Maggie's magic.

Don, meanwhile, tries to go reason with Maggie about the whole thing while she is getting ready for an art charity auction, I think. She is in no mood to hear such things, and blows up a commemorative bust of Don. Don retaliates by killing off Maggie's annoying friend who clearly wants to be more than friends with her. Oh duh, Sam and Dean realize, Maggie's not the only witch in this town - Don is one too! They better stop them before they blow up the whole place.

When they show up, the two are just about to go at it. They do a spell thingy with some chicken feet, but it doesn't work. The witches are ready to cast some spells on the boys when they decide that the best way to fix the situation is to fix their relationship. So while they get flung around the place, they try to reason with the Starks that they still love each other, it takes two to make things go wrong, etc. etc. And wouldn't you know it, it ends up working! The two reconcile. Aw, schmoopy.

Back at the motel room, the guys are packing up, when this Leviathan dude shows up. Oh right, he's been tracking them down for a couple episodes now, and he's finally caught up to them. He's about to get to some ass kicking when Don shows up and puts him down for the count for a bit. He also snatches some more of the coins out of the brothers' beds, as Maggie was going to kill them anyway. Oh Maggie, what a jokester! The guys truss up the Leviathan to put him somewhere he can't get out.

And look! It's another end of the episode, by the Impala chat! I had not realized I missed these. Sam tries to confront Dean about his constant drinking (well technically, he tried to do that earlier) and how he knows something is up with him. Dean goes with deflection, per usual, even though Sam is rather astute in his arguments that he'll feel better if he just talks about it, or else it's just going to build and build until it explodes. And, dude, Dean? He's right, and you know he's right, but I guess Dean would not be Dean if he did not bottle things. It'll certainly come back to bite him in the ass later, I'm sure.

Random Thoughts: 

- Shout out to my friend, and Supernatural writer's assistant, Jenny Klein, this week as the namesake of Don Stark's cupcake-baking assistant!

- Please, for the love of all, tell me that you've seen the hilarious clip of an alternate version of an early motel room scene from tonight's episode. If you don't laugh, you have no sense of humor. It's a wonder Jensen was able to keep a straight face.

- The dream and the waking up scene gave me some serious deja vu back to season 4's Wishful Thinking episode, right up to where he grabs some alcohol after waking up.

- There was one moment where James Marsters made this face after he killed that woman that made me go, "Spike!" Aw, Spike. I loved him so.

- This thought struck me earlier today, about Dean's drinkin' issues... Whenever ole BDW (that's Big Daddy Winchester, please tell me you know this) is brought up, as in the flashback a couple episodes back, they seem to reference his drinking as well. Even way back in the pilot. Methinks the apple does not fall far from the tree.

- Dean tried to eat some pie again, but couldn't bring himself to do it after being presented with a bag of disgusting chicken feet. I mean, who can blame him? Just another example of Sam denying Dean his pie.


Dean: You ever heard of a town called Prosperity, Indiana?
Sam: Has anybody?

Sam: Yeah, okay.
Dean: No, don't say "yeah, okay" like "yeah okay."
Sam: Yeah, okay.

"I observe, with my eyes." - Dean

"Pretty good with the ladies there, Mr. Stark? It's a blessing and a curse, isn't it?" - Dean

"That's never happened before! Hearts in my cupcakes!" - Jenny

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  1. Another grand slam review Jen.

    This time you will not be hearing any bad things from me about this weeks hunt. I thought it was a good entertaining episode, almost on par with the Kripke era. It's not perfect but not once was I screaming at the TV The twist on the domestic squabble really added a nice bit of comedy to the by the numbers plot. Even Dean's drinking was more at tune here than the spoonfed ones we've seen in the past two episodes. The nightmare sequence alone shows how hard Cas' death and Amy's murder have hit him, and reasoning behind his drinking become more clear.

    As bickering witches the revenge plot was kooky a domestic squabble involving witchcraft was different, and handled so well by the former Buffy alum. The characters were fun to watch and even though Jenny was a bit over the top that quote you posted aove had me in hysterics. Without them I doubt the episode would have worked so well. The f/x were top notch for a show supposedly past it's prime, the beating heart inside the cupcake wowed even me.

  2. Great episode-- I'm a HUGE Spike fan myself, so I was really looking forward to seeing Marsters. I agree that there was some Spikey goodness in his hotel scene. He's a great actor-- I'd like to see him in more things.

    I still feel like they're amping up Dean's drinking. I guess they want there to be more character driven stuff this season.

  3. @Darren - The beating heart inside the cupcake was good, but I definitely thought the CG bees were kind of lame. Of course, I'm having a hard time thinking of anything I've seen period with CG bugs that has not looked fake...

    @Laura - Ah, Spike. Such a great character. As to Dean's drinking, it's been present for a while, but yeah they've been amping it up since Cas' death this season. It seems like it's probably going somewhere.

  4. Oh yes, forgot about the bees. Yeah Jen the bees were lame, but at least the bees looked like bees, when compared to "Bugs" they were just swirling swarms of shapes. Nope just dots and swirling shapes. Another thing about last night's episode, when compared to "Bugs" if that's what you were referring to, the bees were on screen for no more than a minute or so, and was not the focus of the episode, so it really didn't bother me as much. Bugs fails because the episode's plot was about bugs. The story was a great X-Files/Night Stalker esque detective thriller dealing with the history and revenge of a native slaughtered tribe using bugs as their ploy so the show builds and builds till the trapped boys are faced with that cgi monstrosity.