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Chuck 5x10 "...vs. Bo"

With a show whose main premise was based around the Intersect, it should come as no surprise that it is still coming into play here at the end. Even though Sarah has decided she wants to leave the spy world with Chuck and the others, to create their own anti-cyber terrorism business, it turns out they have one last mission thanks to something that Morgan did while he had the Intersect. Apparently, there was another pair of glasses roaming around, and he had gotten hold of them while on the run from some people, and stashed them somewhere.
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Because Morgan's memory of those days was fried, they have to do some digging into where they could be, which ends up leading them to Vail, Colorado, and an apparent tryst that Morgan had with Bo Derek. Yep, that Bo Derek. Who is not, apparently, just an actress, but also a spy working for someone named Nicholas Quinn. Quinn wanted the glasses for himself, but Morgan had been able to escape with them and hid them somewhere. Only problem was, he couldn't remember where.

But, he knows that he would hide it somewhere familiar to him, and with the clue of Emerald and Gold, he figures out that he hid them in the manager's vault in the Vail Buy More. The team heads to there to retrieve them, only to find Quinn's team ready to take them out. They manage to take down the other team and keep the glasses in their possession, but Quinn gets away. You guys should've just let Casey go after him like he wanted to, seriously.

Because when they get back to town, Quinn comes and kidnaps Chuck in order to get the glasses back. Sarah and Casey come to do an exchange, but Chuck is nowhere to be found, Quinn's men say he will still be needed. Not seeing any other way out of the situation, Sarah does the only thing she can think of - put on the glasses herself. She goes Intersect-y and takes out the remaining men, but it's left up in the air where Chuck is.

Meanwhile, to throw Jeff and Lester off the scent of their secret spy lives, they try to make it seem like they had a wild time in Vegas, and give them a tranquilizer that will make their last 24 hours a haze. That doesn't deter the newly smart Jeff, however, from deciding it must all be a set up. They continue to follow the team throughout the episode, getting caught another time, then following them again. When they happen to be there when all of the shooting goes down in the Vail Buy More, though, they decide they would rather forget all of this after all. All's well there, then!

But next week, things get twisted when the Intersect starts to turn against Sarah. Will they be able to get it out of her in time? Only two episodes left!

Choice Songs:

The Weight - The Band
Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) - Foster the People


Morgan: Why would she...
Chuck: Nooo! Things never turn out well when you say one last mission!
Sarah: Is this just because of some stupid movie?
Chuck and Morgan: Yes!
Casey: Never say one last mission.
Chuck: Never.

Sarah: Hey Chuck, how's it going with Bo? Have you had any sneak peeks of your childhood crush's boobies?
Chuck: What? No. Shut up.

Morgan: You're no longer a perfect ten!

Chuck: You didn't hit her in the face, did ya? I'm kidding, I'm kidding... but it is Bo Derek.

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