Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SYTYCD S9: Vegas Week

Ah, Vegas Week. So much drama. So much dancing. So much stuff that I don't know how to do a very good recap of it all. After eight rounds, the many dancers that were sent through to Vegas were whittled down to 35. We find out next week which 20 people out of these 35 will be the top 20, and I'm going to make some predictions below. We'll see how accurate I am!
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First and foremost, it's quite clear to me that a season frontrunner is going to be Cyrus Spencer, aka Glitch. That dude is sick. He could be this season's Twitch, quite frankly. He's not trained, but he has so much heart and personality that it doesn't matter as much. He'll grow week to week, and I can't wait to see it. I would probably fall off my chair if he didn't make it. There's really now way it's not happening, considering I pretty much recognized him in a clip from next week's show during their first performances. I mean, come on. And, not to toot my own horn, but... toot toot! I totally called that he would be the most likely to make it in Vegas week out of the Dragonhouse Crew, and yep. Yep yep. His other two cohorts didn't last, and we also said goodbye to the Exorcist dude pretty early on too. I'm not really surprised. Those guys were great at their own thing, but as is often the case, have trouble with others' choreography.

Moving on! Another person I think we are pretty guaranteed to see make the top 20 is Alexa Anderson. No way would they shove her growth arc down our throats so much if they weren't going to. That's just not what they do. Hopefully she's better than Ryan from last season, because we all remember how well that went.

I think we can also count on seeing ballet dancer Chehon Wespi-Tschopp of the amazing leaps and abs, and I also think it seems like we might be seeing the other male ballet dancer Daniel Baker make it too. I'm not 100% on that prediction, but they've done stranger things on the show (like put through 3 tappers one year).

They're sort of setting up a her or her showdown between the two blonde ballroom ladies, Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold, but I could see both of them making it onto the show as a not so twisty twist. If I were to pick one of them, though, I'd have to give the edge to Witney. I just think she has slightly more spark than Lindsay.

The belly dancer Janelle Issis also seems fairly certain. Though we didn't see much of her, Eliana Girard was there in the crowd at the end, and I loved her, so I'm hoping she makes it. I'm thinking maybe Amelia Lowe gets cut at the last minute, but I could be wrong; I'm just not as enamored of her as everyone else seems to be, and I'm not sure why. Jasmine Mason was also under the radar, but I think she has a good chance as well.

How many did I just list off? I'm not sure. But there are a few of my favorites from the audition rounds that I can't recall one way or the other whether they were there in the final lines or not, like Cole Horibe and Dareian Kujawa. It's possible they're both still in the running but I'm not sure!

Not in the running? Adrian Lee, who seemed primed for an Alexa-style comeback, but I guess they can only do one of those a season.

Alright, I'm gonna shut up now, except to say this: I love when Debbie Allen calls a dancer "child." Love. It. So do you agree with my predictions? Any glaring omissions? Anyone you're upset didn't make it farther than they did? I know I saw some faces in there I hadn't seen before, so I'm sure there will be a couple kids who get the "who the heck are you" treatment come showtime.

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