Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SYTYCD Season 10 Los Angeles Audtions

Well, guys, welcome back to So You Think You Can Dance. Can you believe this show has been on 10 seasons already? That is insane in the membrane! I've watched it since the first season, and honestly sometimes feel a little laggy about it now because it's hard to seem fresh anymore, but nonetheless it's a pretty enjoyable show. Looks like so far they're keeping the audition rounds shorter, but that may just be for this week. Tonight featured Los Angeles. I'm not going super in depth here, just touching on the contestants that were highlighted...

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Los Angeles Auditions by freshfromthe.comFik-Shun, despite having a stupid moniker (for some reason it really bothers me when they always give themselves these other names, tWitch being the exception of course), was really awesome. Great control, the way he was on the ground and pulled himself up and down. Very cool. Straight through to Vegas.

Malece Miller. Nothing special to me. Not strong enough in my opinion, though they gave her a lot of backstory and she had the funny deaf/not deaf joke. Ends up going through to Vegas. She has potential for growth, I guess?

Paul Karmiryan won So You Think You Can Dance in Armenia. Somehow I don't think he should then be able to try out for this show as well? Seems a bit hinky to me, but he gets through to Vegas anyway. Suckling at the mother teat? Sorry, I'm being super critical!

Elijah Laurant. Aka tutu head. Strong, though a bit weird. I just don't like when people are so concerned about being an artist and sharing their vision. Oh goodness. To Vegas he goes.

Taylor Ward. Former softballer turned dancer totally dislocates her knee when warming up. Looks really disgusting but pops it back in. Actually quite pretty dancing, though can tell the knee is a little wonky. To choreo and through to Vegas.

Morris Isby. B-Boy. Goes to choreo. Apparently used to be number 1 in the world or something, but doesn't make it through to Vegas.

Armen Way. Rapper and ballroom dancer? Seemed like he might be a joke based on intro package but actually good. Straight to Vegas.

The Great 1-8ers, Eric & Lorenzo Chapman. Pop & locking. They get the inspirational cut, started their own kids dancing program. They're so nice and lovely and stuff, but not good enough for choreography on this show, ha. I'm not sure if I should be happy they highlight these types of things because it does help local communities, but seems very pat-on-the-back-y.

Not sure I'm super pumped about any of these yet, but it's still early. What about you?

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