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SYTYCD S10 - Top 10 Perform, 2 Eliminated

We're down to the top 10! Though I must admit, I feel like this has kind of been on forever, and we're only halfway there? Yikes. Also, news ALERT! I'm going to be on a cruise next week, so I may or may not (likely not) going to be able to do a recap on time next Tuesday. Instead I will be enjoying the beautiful Alaskan vistas! Muah!

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Top 10 Perform by freshfromthe.com

Anyway! On to tonight's show! Joining the judging panel for tonight's first All-Star show - Debbie Allen! Yes! I've been waiting for her to come on the judging panel!

Bottom Four

Tucker (automatic since he could not perform last week)

Nothing about this is really a surprise, is it? No. No solos tonight, which is kind of nice. The solos rarely bring anything interesting. On to the performances!

Amy & All-Star Brandon - Doriana Sanchez Disco. Of course it's Brandon, he's like a disco king. The ballerina spin is kind of fun. This is like, lift central. Whoa, death drop was really close to hitting the floor. I can't imagine the kind of trust you have in someone to be able to do that right. Mary mentions she's not crazy about the song, and I have to agree, it felt weird.

Aaron & All-Star Katherine - Stacey Tookey contemporary. I like this song so much that I'm a little distracted by it. My eyes are constantly on Katherine in this. Aaron is almost like a tree for her to climb there, she's just sliding up and down and all around him. Very emotion-filled, though, which was the point of it.

Fik-Shun & All-Star Melanie - Mandy Moore jazz. Melanie's on fire, she has such energy in her movement, it's kind of hard for Fik-Shun to keep up, though it does seem like she had more to do in general. He did well in what he had to do, and it was a pretty damn sexy routine. I'm just glad that Fik-Shun is better than Cyrus was last season.

Paul & All-Star Whitney - Jean Marc Cha Cha. This definitely seems in Paul's main wheelhouse. I do wonder if maybe he's smiling just a little too much, comes across as a bit pageant-y. Not that his smile isn't gorgeous, because duh, but he could do with some smolder, because there really doesn't seem to be much chemistry with Whitney. Mary goes a little insane for it, and Nigel says they're born for each other, but I'm not sure about that.

Hayley & All-Star tWitch - Chris Scott hip hop. Lots of hand movement in this. Not sure Hayley's outfit is really helping her. She's a bit smooth in her movement. Something's missing for me in this, honestly. Kind of light and not much going on, and I know tWitch can do crazy stuff in hip hop.

Side note: Did you know tWitch and Allison are engaged? Truth! SYTYCD love story!

Jenna & All-Star Neil - Mandy Moore contemporary. The jump spin lift thing was cool. They both dance that really well, though honestly it seemed like every other contemporary I've ever seen. Nigel comments that it's very fluid, which I agree with. His other comments about her seem like she's probably going home, though, along with her face.

Jasmine & All-Star Marko - Ray Leeper jazz. OMG, this song! I'm sorry, but I can't help but love this damn song. This is going to sound like treason or something, but I kind of think Jasmine out-danced Marko in this? Which is nuts, because that almost never happens with the all-stars, and you know I love Marko. The judges kind of agree, so I guess I'm not so nuts.

Makenzie & All-Star Jakob - Spencer Liff Broadway. I want that dress, hot damn. I much prefer these sexy type Broadway routines to those super cheesy ones. Really got the chance to see how amazing her feet are. Nigel says some comments that also make her seem like she could be going home as well, so who the heck knows.

Nico & All-Star Comfort - NapTab hip hop. I'm actually pretty impressed with Nico in this. He hit those moves pretty damn hard. I did start to get distracted by that weird fuzzy bit around his... bits. It got a little distracting, buttttt, nonetheless, better than I expected from him. The girls in the audience are going a little bit nutso in the crowd.

Tucker & All-Star Robert - Travis Wall contemporary. Weird, I was thinking at the beginning that it would be interesting to see two guys do a dance rather than all boy-girl pairs. I guess Robert was in a near-fatal accident last year? Sad! Wow, that routine kind of gave me some chills. I know it was designed that way, but because they had such emotion in it, it really elevated it. Eesh.

And, now to the results... The two dancers that are going home are...

Makenzie & Nico

Really? Keeping Jenna yet again? She's been saved so many damn times, pretty sure more than Makenzie, but I could be wrong. But I mean, unless something crazy happens, then Jenna's probably going home next week.

Well, that's another week down. Until next time, which may be the time after next...? We'll see what happens!

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