Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Supernatural 9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait"

Oh my goodness, guess what! Sam was not in mortal danger for an entire episode for the first time this season! There was no sign of Zeke, other than Dean not wanting Cas to hang around Sam long enough to possibly realize something is up with him.

Recap/Review of Supernatural 9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait" by freshfromthe.com
"Steve" contributing to modern society.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Kevin has returned to the bunker with some translations of the spell that sent the angels to Earth. However, he was only able to translate them into some ancient, dead, language that no one speaks anymore. When it comes time to put in the research hours, Dean is especially happy to get a call from Castiel, who is holing up in Idaho working at a gas-n-sip as probably the most efficient sales associate ever. There have been mysterious deaths, so Dean decides to take on the case while Kevin and Sam work on the translations.

See, people have been apparently spontaneously exploding, though of course we know it must be some kind of angel wizardry because we see one of the people go kabluey in the opener thanks to an angel hand to the forehead. Only this time it blasts pink spray everywhere. That's a new one. The only thing that seems to be connecting these deaths is that all of the victims seem to have some sort of depression.

Dean's not an idiot, though, so he figures that if Cas knew about this stuff going down, then he's probably nearby. How he finds him at the particular gas-n-sip he's working at, I don't know, but then Dean's a hunter who specializes in such things, so...? But if Dean can find him that easily, he doesn't seem that well hidden. ANYway, Dean finds him and Cas basically is like ummm I'm just living my human life and that's fine and btw my boss asked me out on a date tonight so leave me alone. But Dean is having none of that and convinces him to go along on the case for at least a little bit, in case he knows anything helpful.

Recap/Review of Supernatural 9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait" by freshfromthe.com
The unlikely trio?
Meanwhile, back in the bunker, Sam and Kevin have figured out that there is one person there who happens to know a lot of languages. That's right, our dear friend Crowley, still locked up. He is less than enthused at the idea of helping them, and only agrees to do so if he gets a phone call to Hell. Though they are anxious about such a call, eventually they agree, and Kevin supplies him with some blood. Again, begs the question, if Sam has supplied the blood, would Crowley have detected the angelic nature of it? A bit convenient that he insisted on Kevin's. Hmm.

Basically, he calls up Abaddon, only to find out that her new regime in Hell equals cashing in on all of his deals early, which Crowley is not exactly thrilled about. She is not one to be fearful of any of his bluster, so he's basically screwed for now since it doesn't seem like any demons are particularly on the hunt for him. He translates the spell stuff, only to find out that there is no way to reverse it. No getting the angels back in to Heaven. That is, if he's telling the truth.

Recap/Review of Supernatural 9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait" by freshfromthe.com
Let's be honest, this one is just for hotness factor.
Back in Idaho, Dean and Cas find the remains of another victim, and Cas recognizes the pink spray. It's the work of a particular type of angel that used to take the souls of those mortally wounded in battle in Heaven. Only now the angel is on Earth and can't distinguish, so it just killing anyone who feels particularly depressed. Sure.

Dean goes to find the angel, only first he has to drop Cas off for his big date. Sadly, though, it turns out it wasn't a date after all. Rather, his boss was asking him to babysit while she goes on a date with someone else. While she's gone, of course, the bad angel killer shows up. He was able to find Cas due to his epic amounts of man pain about being human and not able to help his angel brethren anymore. Things do not look so good for Cas, but Dean figures out the angel is there and shows up just in time. Though he gets knocked down, he does throw an angel blade to Cas just in time to kill the Ephram dude.

In the end, Dean drops Cas back off at the gas-n-sip. Cas is wondering what he can do to help the angels, but Dean, having heard from Sam, knows there's no way to get them back to Heaven, so rather than tell Cas that bit of news, just says they'll take care of it and he can keep on his merry human way. Oh Dean, always with the lies.

Meanwhile, back at the bunker, Sam notices a missing needle and finds Crowley plunging more of Kevin's blood into himself. As we may remember, the human blood makes Crowley feel more human feelings, so basically he's wanting to feel them more by doing it to himself. Interesting...

Random Thoughts:

- I totally thought when Sam was in the bathroom by himself cleaning that blood off that he was going to have some moment where he was like, something is not right here. Not about the blood, but about himself. Not quite yet, I guess!

- Do we really think there's no way to get the angels back to Heaven? There must be, just not by reversing the spell.

- Will Castiel ever get his grace back? It's actually kind of nice to see him doing the human thing. And honestly I don't miss the trenchcoat, though I'm sure others are in a tizzy.

- It was really sad when Cas was realizing that he wasn't there for a date but rather to babysit. Poor guy can't catch a break.

- What happens if Crowley keeps injecting himself? Does he become fully human, or just remembers more human emotions, or...? I do like the development that he's interested in doing it to himself, shows that it wasn't something that wore off, but rather had a lasting effect.


High School Girl: Why can't he dump me on Facebook like a normal person?

Dean: My dates usually end when I run out of singles.

Dean: Listen to me, always open the door for her, okay? Ask a lot of questions, they like that. And uh, and if she says she's happy to go Dutch, she's lying. Go get 'em tiger.

Crowley: I keep my agreements.

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  1. Jen, I really love when you include photos of Dean just for the hotness factor. Please keep it up.

    I would like to say: Who asks someone to babysit like that? And who wouldn't want to go out with Steve/Cas?

    I didn't really think about the blood thing that way. Good observation. Because I was kinda thinking not much gets past Crowley and he probably already knows but your observation about the blood makes me think he doesn't know, yet. I really hope they don't have Zeke riding Sam around for the WHOLE season. I really want that lose end tied up, like yesterday.

    I like human Cas, too. But I miss badass Cas. If I am being honest with myself, the thing that pisses me the most off about Zeke riding around in Sam is that it means limited Cas. I get restricting Castiel's air time when he was an angel because he made it too easy for the boys, but now he is human and some dick angel is messing it up for me.

    I know I've said it before, but your reviews are awesome, please don't ever stop.

    1. Ha, whenever they have a particularly hot photo of either of the boys I always include it. How can I resist?

      Yeah that was a weird way to ask for someone to babysit, considering the words babysit were never mentioned!

      I don't think they'll have Zeke in Sam the whole season, at least I think it would be a big mistake for them to do that. My guess is probably around the time they go on holiday break will be the big blow up between Sam and Dean about it.