Friday, February 14, 2014

King of the Nerds 2x04 "Ready, Set, Robot Dodgeball"

Katie prays to the Nerd gods, while the rest of Team Midas Touch Attack looks downtrodden.
As I guessed last week, with the teams becoming so uneven in numbers, right off the bat the two teams were told one member from the Titans of Rigel would have to join Midas Touch Attack. Of course, all the purple players were less than thrilled to hear this, as that was the very last thing that any of them wanted. They were to all draw colored coins out of a bag to see who would pull the yellow, but that didn't much matter, because first up was Katie, and she got it on the first try.

Which seemed like a boon to the yellow team considering this week's theme - robots! With Katie being a roboticist, the yellow team now had a distinct advantage. Except that their worst enemy was still lurking within - that of distrust, animosity, general unkindness and wackadoo dissent coming from Zack. He did seem to at least try a tiny bit to be nicer to everyone this episode, but there seems to be some kind of inherent belief within him that he is better than everyone else, that his efforts were probably not as high as others would be.

Anyway, the competition was one of robot dodgeball. Each team had to create four robots that would be used in said dodgeball match. Except, one team would be picked for, basically, better looking robots, making the other team lose one of theirs before starting the dodgeball. As has been the general way of things for the last few weeks, the Titans of Rigel had more flashy robots with a more cohesive theme to them, so they came out on top in that competition. And, sadly for the yellow team, they won the whole shebang in the end too. It was actually very close, but in the end Zack messed up with his robot controls and his robot got hit. This led to a downward spiral for him, basically tirading at himself for once, which Jack thought was more mature of him to believe it was his fault, but then Zack was like uh no, it's not really my fault. Sigh. So close. So far.
Goodbye, Nicole!

And, thus, it was Midas Touch Attack's third go in the Nerd Off. Zack was hoping his team would not vote him in yet again, but despite Nicole assuring him she wouldn't vote for him, that was not to be so. Sorry, dude, but you're mean and a bit unhinged, and the truth is no one wants to have to continue to babysit you on their team. The Titans of Rigel pick Nicole to face off with him in the challenge, hoping that this time she would beat him. They were actually getting smart this time, thinking that it might be hard for anyone to beat Zack when it comes down to an individual competition, considering his wins so far.

The Nerd Off was a game of Zombie Kerplunk. And, I don't know, can you really be good at kerplunk? Again, it seemed another game mostly of luck rather than skill. Sure, you can sort of see when certain pole are going to drop more stuff, but on the whole not really. So, despite pretty much everyone rooting for Nicole to win, and Zack hooting and hollering throughout the competition every time she did well and he didn't, she ended up losing. Sigh. The way Zack whined throughout that thing? Oy. I mean, the person going up against you shouldn't have to console you throughout, and then be the bigger person once she loses, just saying.

So, yes. Nicole lost, leaving Zack in this competition again. The real question now is, who the heck can beat him? Will any of the Nerd Offs be actually based on skill rather than a healthy heaping of luck? And did you enjoy seeing some of the past contestants as a few of the zombies during the Nerd Off?

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