Friday, March 7, 2014

King of the Nerds 2x07 "Angry Nerds"

All hail Jack the Giant Slayer! At least, that's what all of the other nerds left in Nerdvana were saying after this week's penultimate episode. That's right, Jack was the one who was finally able to take down the seemingly unstoppable Nerd Off Champion - Zack. He surprisingly took it rather well. Or, as I hypothesized, he took it well because it was Jack who beat him, and he was his last sort of ally. But, let's talk about what led up to that pivotal moment...

Do those lights bug your eyes? Real questions.
Things turned into an individual game for the first time this week with the teams officially dissolved. It was every man, and one woman, for themselves. And the first Nerd War under this new system would be video game related. Very loosely video game related, much to Zack and Xander's disappointment. It was more like go-kart related. It was a game of Angry Nerds, which was a real life light cycle racing game. Kayla was overjoyed because she is a car person, and it turns out, she had reason to feel confident.

The race was a little bit funny to watch. She pretty much smoked all of them, even though she did not start out in first place. Zack had a disadvantage of having never driven before, and Brian had a disadvantage of just being really bad at glow in the dark go karting. Jack and Xander went back and forth for second place, but it ended up being Xander who took second place to Kayla's first. There was much hoopla made about these random bonus stars giving you extra points if you ran over them while driving, but in the end they didn't change any order in those who finished, so it was a bit of a moot point. Or as Joey Tribiani would say, a moo point.

Zack certainly put up a fight.
With Kayla winning, she got the distinct advantage of not being on the chopping block, but also of being able to solely pick one of the people going into the Nerd Off. There was much political intrigue leading up to her decision, with everyone lobbying in different ways, Xander perhaps most terribly as he almost shot himself in the foot. Kayla ended up sending Jack into the Nerd Off as part of a grander scheme, which turned out to work exactly as she hoped. The others all voted individually for who should be the other entrant, and it ended up being two votes each for Brian and Zack, which gave Kayla the further advantage of being the tie-breaker. She, of course, picked Zack to face off against him, so it was the two -acks in a final Midas Touch Attack Nerd Off.

The Nerd Off was basically about building a structure that would withstand balls being airgunned at it. Each of them had balls placed strategically in the structure that the other was trying to shoot down. Which is why I suppose this was called Angry Nerds, as that is very Angry Birds-like. Whoever knocked down three balls first would be the winner. It was actually quite close. Both of them knocked down two balls each, and it was down to whoever would get the last one. Jack proved victorious because his structure was sturdier than Zack's. Thus, the most successful Nerd Off victor since Genevieve was sent packing.

Now, Zack was painted as sort of a villain throughout the series, and oftentimes he fit the part, but it does seem like he grew over the course of his time there. At least, I hope that to be true. In any case, adios to Zack! Next week is the finale, where the King of the Nerds will be crowned. Though Xander has been a favorite throughout this competition personality-wise, I do think maybe he is in a bit of a Celeste-like position, in that I'm not sure he really deserves to win if it comes down to it. Honestly, I'm almost rooting for Jack at this point. Or maybe Kayla. Poor Brian never gets any votes in my polls, but with Zack gone, we'll see who proves to get the most votes this time around...

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