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SYTYCD S11 - Top 18 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 18 Perform by freshfromthe.comWould you like at that, Misty Copeland is back again this week to join the judging panel! When was the last time we had the same guest judge two weeks in a row? I like it, though, because she actually gives constructive criticism rather than just says it was good to her or whatever.

The Bottom Six Dancers:

It is an interesting thing this year that we don't vote for couples anymore, just individuals. Didn't it used to be votes by couples? Pretty sure, yes. BEfore the results, though, it's time for some dance!

Jacque & Zack - Keone and Mari hip hop. I wasn't sure of their hip hop skills at first, but they definitely got better as it went on as they seemed to gain more confidence. This was more of a slow hip hop than a hard hitting one. I like these two quite a lot, actually.

Jourdan & Marcquet - Dee Caspary contemporary. The suspended umbrellas on the stage are a pretty cool backdrop, though I'm not sure I get their meaning. It was quite a lovely little routine, though I think maybe I agree with Nigel that it's hard to connect to the pair of them emotionally. They are picking on her a little bit, which doesn't bode well for her later.

Jessica & Stanley - Tyce Diorio jazz. They're supposed to look like they're flying through the air on a carpet in this routine, and I'm not quite it's doing that, but is it their fault? Because the music to me is super distracting. Jessica smiles a little too much in all of her routines. Stanley still seems a bit like a non-entity to me.

Bridget & Emilio - Anya and Pasha jive. Their little puppetry moves at the end were really cute. That was a fun routine, I don't think these two are in trouble this week based on that (or based on the judges' comments). They seemed to do pretty well in the style, and it made me like Bridget more.

Emily & Teddy  - Tyce Diorio contemporary. Oh gosh, two Tyce routines in one night? At least it's not Broadway. With the music, it felt a bit like we were watching a scene from a movie or something. The judges loved it, which does not bode well for Jourdan and Stanley.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 18 Perform by freshfromthe.comBrooklyn & Casey - Bonnie Story jazz. My eyes are drawn way more to Casey in this than Brooklyn, which is something I fear is going to happen a lot with her. That was a jam packed routine, and they performed it pretty well, particularly him, which all of the judges seem to agree with.

Valerie & Ricky - Lacey Schwimmer Viennese Waltz. The waltz is a tough customer on this here SYTYCD. This wasn't a complete disaster, but I'm not sure it was the best ever. Valerie kind of seemed to struggle in a couple spots to my eye, but do the judges agree? Maybe not, because Nigel is on his feet. Mary has some constructive criticism for the technique, which must be what I was seeing.

Carly & Serge - Luther Brown hip hop. That slide thing they did was cool. It was a pretty cool routine in general, sort of creepy. Nigel isn't sure if it's going to get a lot of votes, and I kind of agree because it's not something that is super emotional or makes you connect to them as dancers, even though they both danced it well.

Tanisha & Rudy - Warren Carlisle Broadway. That was quite a fun one. Was really worried they might throw their canes at some point, but they did it really well. That took a lot of energy, wow. It got the judges all on their feet and are generally pretty effusive. Nigel says Rudy has a magic quality about him, and do we think that may take him to the top two guys?

But now it's time for the results... the two going home tonight are, based on America's vote...

Jourdan and Stanley.

Not really surprised here, particularly based on the comments throughout the show. Also I guess I was right about who would be in the bottom based on what I said last week! So hmm, can we keep it going? Who do I think may be in danger next week? Marcquet, Brooklyn, perhaps Carly and Serge. Again I think Jessica probably should be but won't. Guess we'll see next week if my streak can continue!

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