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SYTYCD S11 - Top 20 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Why did I think that four people were going home tonight? Must've misunderstood something, because it's actually only two going home. Phew. Because that would've been a bit crazy. Guest judge Misty Copeland is back this week, and she is a very articulate judge. And wow, they just go straight into the bottom dancers right off the bat.

Real quick though, what do we think of these weird outline transition things they've got going on this season? They're a bit hokey to me, but then I'm being rather nitpicky I suppose.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 20 Perform, 2 Eliminated by freshfromthe.comBottom Six Dancers:

I'm a bit surprised by Nick and Malene, but the rest not really. But let's not dwell too long, because now it's time to team up with new partners and new dancers... The real question is, are the people in the bottom paired up together to make it easy to go home?

Tanisha & Rudy - Sonya Tayeh jazz - Very strong movement in that routine. I'm not sure it was really super memorable in the grand scheme of things, but I did enjoy it. They both performed it pretty well; Rudy still gets some constructive criticism.

Valerie & Ricky - Travis Wall contemporary - are we thinking Valerie got pretty lucky getting paired with Ricky? It's interesting because she seems almost taller than him. Whoa that backbend thing was scary! Eek! It's an interesting dynamic with them. Will be interesting to see them do other styles that aren't quite in Ricky's wheelhouse.

Bridget & Emilio - Luther Brown hip hop - These really don't seem very random dance picks right now! She looks a little like she's just doing the steps and not quite really getting the whole swag bit of the routine, which is too bad because she was really sort of the focus of the dance.

Jessica & Nick - Benji Schwimmer west coast swing - Jessica dislocates her shoulder in practice! Wonder if they had to tone it down a bit because of that, because it seems a bit slow. I'm really not sure about this music choice. It's pretty incredibly boring to start. Yikes. That was really not very good. Misty says it was entertaining for those who aren't dancers, hahaha! Backhanded compliment? All the judges are a bit down even though Mary tries to coach it a bit.

Carly & Serge -  Sonya Tayeh contemporary - I have to say I wouldn't know that Serge was a ballroom dancer based on that, pretty impressive. Misty actually enjoyed this one, so it must be pretty good. Haha! I wasn't quite sure if it was going to be as emotional as Sonya wanted but about halfway through I got it.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 20 Perform, 2 Eliminated by freshfromthe.comEmily & Teddy - Dave Scott hip hop - See! Both the hip hop guys get hip hop routines! This is more of a lyrical hip hop, and I dig it. I'm not sure if she's actually hitting it harder than Bridget was in hers, but she at least seems a bit more down into it or something. Teddy may be a dark horse in the competition, because I feel like we don't know him very well but he's been pretty good so far.

Malene & Stanley - Spencer Liff Broadway - I'm not usually a big fan of the more Broadway routines because they're always a bit cheesy, but this was a bit more fun with the phones. I do kind of have to agree with Mary that the phones got a bit old as it went on. Malene does look pretty amazing in that outfit, though, she looks like she could be on Broadway. I do agree with Misty though that they didn't feel like much of a pair. Nigel is pretty negative about it, which makes me think Malene may be going home.

Jourdan & Marcquet - Sean Cheesman jazz - That routine was a lot of fun. They both made me forget what their original styles were, which is good. Nigel is a bit hard on Jourdan but raves about Marcquet, but I thought they were both pretty good. I didn't think much of Jourdan based on last week, but now I'd like to see more from her.

Brooklyn & Casey - Miriam & Leonardo Argentine tango - Oh boy, a tango? Eesh. These are the only two in the bottom that are paired together which does not bode well for them. Then again, the actual routine is super sexy and they are doing pretty well, particularly her who I really had no feeling for last week. I quite liked it.

Jacque & Zack - Sean Cheesman African jazz - Those outfits are a bit trippy. The camera moving all over the place is a bit distracting sometimes. Zack looked like he had a little trip up at one point near the edge of the stage, but otherwise it's pretty good. Mary even puts them on the hot tamale train. Zack seems pretty versatile, being a tapper.

But now it's time for the results. Going home tonight are:
Malene and Nick

Nick looks really annoyed, actually, but I guess I can't really say I'm surprised. I would've been more surprised if they'd picked either of the others.

Well, that's it for this week. Are we voting now for couples or for individuals? I'm so confused! I think Stanley may be in trouble this week, Jessica should be but may not based on her other performance, and other than that I'm not sure. Jourdan may get it again just because, and maybe Bridget? Guess we'll find out next week!

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