Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SYTYCD Season 11 - Top 20 Perform

Weird, they are dancing in their own styles tonight for votes? That's new. In the past they did the first performance episode without any voting. I guess they have a shorter episode order this season, so they can't do that. AND it's FOUR people going home next week?! Sheesh. Also, all voting is online or on an app, no more phone votes. Interesting. I really hate when they make you sign in with Facebook for this sort of thing, though. Really alienates a lot of potential voters. At least Cat doesn't have to rattle off phone numbers at the end of every routine now.

Anyway, joining Nigel and Mary on the judging panel this week is Jason Derulo, who apparently is a big deal but I have no idea who he is. Guess I'm not on the ups with pop music? Hmm. Something about a Wiggle song? No clue.
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Brooklyn and Serge - Cha Cha - Dmitry Chaplin - I found myself much more drawn to Serge in this routine than Brooklyn, which is quite unusual for a ballroom routine where the girl is usually much more prominent. We haven't seen much of Brooklyn yet, and being in the first slot of the night could mean she's in trouble.

Emily and Casey - Contemporary - Travis Wall - Pretty routine, of course. Feel like this is the first time we've ever even seen Casey at all, though we have seen some of Emily. Again, it was pretty, but not sure it was super memorable? Oh gosh, there is going to be a lot of effusive praise tonight, isn't there?

Valerie and Zack - Tap - Anthony Morigerato - That routine was super fun, perhaps the funnest tap routine I think we've ever seen on the show. It was a super physical routine too that looked like it took a lot of work to perfect. Quite impressed, really. It went along with the music really well too. Could these be the two tappers who have a good chance on this show finally?

Bridget and Stanley - Contemporary - Bonnie Story - Nice to see them do some side by side stuff, and they were really in sync. Feel like we don't see that very often in contemporary routines lately, and I quite liked it. Jason comments that it looked effortless, and I have to agree with that.

Jacque and Jourdan - Ballet - Marat Daukayev - I really don't remember seeing either of these two before? Sheesh. Wow, they just did a ton of turns in a row. They looked like they got a little bit off at one point in the routine, whoops. It's a little bit hard to connect to since they aren't really dancing together, but around each other. The best is the lack of reaction from Daukayev when Nigel is complimenting him, just complete stone face. Nigel does give some criticism to them as well.

Malene and Marcquet - Samba - Louis Van Amstel - This routine feels a lot more high energy than our other ballroom routine of the night, and she stands out quite a lot more than Brooklyn did. Quite like both of these two, and we've seen quite a bit of them already as well, so I think they'll be okay.
Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 20 Perform by
Carly and Rudy - Contemporary - Stacey Tookey - Rudy is a huge personality, but what's nice is that he can get serious in his routines and have it be believable. Love the flowy dress she has on here. The crowd seems to super love it, they are screaming like mad. It was quite good, they seemed to put a lot of feeling into it. And the judges are right I think in that even if he has limitations, Rudy has a lot of genuine personality to make up for it.

Emilio and Teddy - Hip Hop - Christopher Scott - Interesting song choice, kind of unexpected. Not sure this is the right routine to really showcase these guys, but hopefully I'm wrong because I enjoy some hip hop. Apparently Teddy also does some tapping as well, so I hope he keeps going so we can see more from him.

Jessica and Ricky - Contemporary - Sonya Tayeh - Love the haunting music choice, with the really quiet music it made you really pay attention to their dancing. They were pretty damn amazing, I must say. I didn't even want to write notes during it to interrupt it for myself. I agree with Nigel that these two won't be put together next week, though perhaps he is right that they would walk away with the season if they were together.

Tanisha and Nick - Cha Cha - Louis Van Amstel - Her fringe dress is really fun. With him being so small you wouldn't necessarily expect him to be super strong enough to do all the lifts and such, but he actually does it really well. The judges barely get to speak to them because they're running out of time, but they do let the two of them talk a little to make up for it.

Well, that's all for this week! Any early favorites? I definitely think certain dancers are in danger (Brooklyn, Jacque, Jourdan, Teddy), but we'll find out for sure next week. Until next time... have a great Fourth of July!

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  1. Really nice review! I agree with you on most of the points :)
    I really like Ricky, Jessica, Marlene & Marcquet so far. I like Rudy and the other ballroom dancers too, but what it is with this season and featuring a lot of people I never seen before (or at least they were not memorable at all)? It felt weird last week when they announced the top 20.

    P.S: Would you mind sharing where did you find the Season 11 promo picture? I was looking everywhere to find some so I can make a wallpaper for myself.

    1. Thanks!

      I know they do it every season, but this season is so truncated that not showing some of these people ahead of time really limits their chances, I think.

      I got the images at the SYTYCD Facebook page - :)