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SYTYCD S11 - Top 6 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Only a few more episodes left in this season of SYTYCD! Tonight is the pre-performance finale, and I'm not quite sure who is going to make through apart from Ricky and Jessica, who seem to be shoe-ins at this point. But, before we get to that, we have tonight's dances to contend with, and joining Nigel and Mary on the judging panel is returning favorite Christina Applegate. And apparently the voices cast tonight are going to be added into the votes from next week's show to determine the final vote.
Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 6 Perform by

Ricky and Valerie - Broadway from Spencer Liff. Cute little routine, perfect for the pair of them together with their cutesiness. Ricky just glides across the stage, his extensions are crazy. Valerie held her own as well. I know I'm always a bit more critical of her, but it's just hard when she's next to such amazing other dancers.

Jessica and Casey - Disco from Doriana Sanchez. First of all, her hair is crazy. That opening spin lift move? Also crazy. This is one dance where her face pulling works better. This is definitely a lift-centric dance and probably Casey is maybe the only male dancer left who could really pull it off. It did end a little bit abruptly, though, right? But it was pretty great besides that. I'm not always a fan of disco but that was pretty fun.

Ricky - Solo. I mean, his legs do these crazy backbend things that are just insane. Always a pleasure to watch his solos.

Jacque and Zack - Foxtrot from Jean Marc Genereux. I really wish Tanisha was still here. Honestly, I'm not sure how Jacque has made it this far, as she never really stands out to me. Not that she's bad or anything of course, just... eh? I wish they were giving Zack some more exciting stuff, but perhaps in his next dance. I just like to see him being so easily versatile. Mary says the routine was a little rough around the edges and not glidey enough. I admit I may have not been paying much attention, which maybe says it all. Nigel says "if you make it through" tonight which does not bode well for them.

Jessica - Solo. I think maybe that was her best solo that I've seen, though we haven't really seen many solos this season.

Valerie and all-star tWitch - Hip hop from Wildebeast. Whoops, missed the little napkin thing. Ehhhhh I'm not so sure about that. Valerie looked much more comfortable in the routine in the rehearsal footage than in this performance. She wasn't quite getting down enough for my taste. This was a pretty cool choreography with a fun little story that I enjoyed, I just kind of wish another girl had done it, though perhaps not any of these girls left in the competition. The judges are all pretty complimentary, though. I don't get it?! Sheesh.

Casey - Solo. He's such an athletic dancer, he really uses his whole body.

Valerie - Solo. This is definitely the most energy I think I've ever seen her show in her solo, which is great.

Jacque and all star Will - Contemporary from Sean Cheesman. This is a cute, sweet little routine. I enjoyed the ball prop in the beginning, they handled it quite well and I kind of wished they had kept it throughout the whole thing. I'm not sure this is the most memorable routine of all time, though Cat says she thinks people will remember it. I guess it is sort of the "ball routine" so that does make it memorable.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 6 Perform by
Zack - Solo. Why do I like the slide moves from tappers so much? They always look like they're going to fall and then... nope!

Jessica and all star Ade - Jazz from Ray Leeper. OMG what is that outfit? No, just no. It's a shame the outfit is so distracting because the routine is actually a lot of fun and also super weird at the same time. Nonetheless, quite enjoyable. Nigel doesn't love it while the two ladies are a bit more complimentary. He also comments on her solo not being quite up to snuff either.

Jacque - Solo. She has a whole theme to her solo which is fun. Not sure she should've done something as light for this solo, but what can ya do.

Ricky and all star Anya - Cha cha from Jean Marc Genereux. Anya is just too sexy. Somehow I wish she and Tanisha could've done this together, even though that makes no sense. Anyway! I'm not really sure if I know if Ricky did great at that or not, but according to all of the judges he did it well and looked like he had been doing it for years.

Casey and all star Mackenzie - Contemporary from Stacey Tookey. Quite a beautiful routine. It's tough because I wish somehow that both Casey and Zack could move on to the finale instead of one of the other girls. I always seem to be a big fan of the contemporary routines, perhaps because it's the most emotional. Mary calls it the best of the season for him.

Zack and all star Fik-Shun - Hip hop from Phillip Chbeeb. Wow, that was a pretty cool routine. A great idea from Phillip, and always a pleasure to see Fik-Shun doing his great thing. Obviously he was better than Zack because it was just more fluid, but Zack was holding his own. I really enjoyed it and can see why it was the closing number of the night. Jeez Nigel, saying you'd be shocked if he made the finale is a bit rude, at least you tried to cover your tracks there.

But now it's time for the results. Time to find out who has made the finale. And the final four dancers are... Jessica, Ricky, Valerie, Zack

Meaning out tonight are.... Jacque and Casey

Wow! I'm really impressed Zack has made it to the finale! I love Casey as well, but you can only have two out of the three guys so I guess that's just the way it is. Jacque I'm not quite so surprised about, more surprised that she made it this far. Anywho, I think it's pretty much decided that it's between Ricky and Jessica at this point.

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