Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Supernatural 10x06 "Ask Jeeves"

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x06 "Ask Jeeves"
Mrs. White, in the Kitchen, with the Revolver.
You know, having two light-hearted episodes in a row has been rather refreshing. I've enjoyed having just the brothers Winchester doing their thing rather than all of the extra angel/demon drama swirling around. This week's episode was a pretty classic standalone, and one done well. I found myself laughing quite a few times throughout.

Basically, Sam and Dean find themselves at this rich lady's funeral after Dean finds one of Bobby's old phones with a message saying Bobby is one of her benefactors. Since they are basically his next of kin, Dean figured they may as well go and see what the deal is. What they find, of course, is a little more out there than they were expecting. Although why wouldn't they expect something out there? Come on now, boys.

At first everything seems okay. Well, as okay as can be when all the relatives aren't particularly mournful and instead seem to be lusting over Sam and Dean. They get what Bunny left for Bobby, and it turns out to be some kind of cross-shaped pendant, with some fake rubies and diamonds. But it's not just a pendant, oh no, it has a secret key. What can the key be to? Well, the boys are wondering as well, and figure perhaps the butler knows, so they head back to the mansion just in time to find out another member of the family has been killed. Dun dun dun!

Even worse - a police officer is on site and now Sam and Dean are stuck in the house. Classic Clue whodunnit time comin' atcha! While Sam occupies those in the living room, or whatever it may be, Dean goes off to explore the rest of the house as one of the women is claiming a ghost killed the guy. They can't get to their car for their supplies, though, so it's a bit back to basics for them here. Dean ends up seeing a strange book on a shelf that has the same symbol as the pendant, and it turns out to hide entrance to the attic that needs, you guessed it, their special key!

And up in the attic is the maid, Olivia, with the other dead maid from the opener, who was stashed up there for, you know, safe-keeping. At first they think it's the butler who may be up to nefarious deeds, but it turns out that the butler is dead too. Only Dean is talking to the butler while Sam is looking over his dead body, so what the heck? Are there a bunch of ghosts hanging around the house? Nope, just your friendly neighborhood shapeshifter. Except not so friendly.

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x06 "Ask Jeeves"The boys find some silverware in the house and proceed to go about trying to nonchalantly touch everyone with it, only no one reacts, so who the heck is the shifter? Wait, can it be... the detective? But no, he's dead too! Dun dun dun! Now the family is starting to freak out a bit, and get suspicious of Sam and Dean being the only new people in their midst, so they lock them up.

Not the best idea, of course. But at least they figure out they weren't using real silver in the first place, and that's why no one was reacting. They would've found that out soon enough, though, because it turns out that sweet maid Olivia is really the shifter. Apparently she is the secret child of the deceased Bunny, who was the woman who everyone was originally mourning. She was locked up in the attic all of her life until recently, and when no one showed respect to her mother, decided it was better to just start killing them. Naturally.

Sam and Dean manage to find a gun cabinet in the room their locked up in, though, so they can get out and kick some shifter ass. And we find out the backstory of how Bobby got involved with this family many years ago, blah blah, no one really cares about the crazy shifter's backstory. Dean swoops in and shoots her up with some silver before she can kill Sammy. And he puts two more bullets in her for good measure, which Sam thinks is a bit excessive, but Dean claims is just him getting back into the game in their classic BM moment at the end of the episode.

Random Thoughts:

- Dean's little grin when the woman asked if Sam works out was pretty hilarious.

- Enjoyed all of the Clue jokes - picking up the lead pipe and the rope when exploring. The wrench. The knife. The candlestick. The revolver. All accounted for. Classic.

- Sam having to pretend to seduce the two women was pretty hilarious. He always seems to have the cougars after him. It's a shame Jared doesn't think he's very good at comedy, because lately I think he's been pretty great with the subtle comedy, perhaps even moreso than the regular drama stuff.

- These last two episodes have felt more like classic Supernatural to me than the show has felt in a long time. Honestly, I'm not really looking forward to getting back into the whole Cas and Crowley of it all next week. It's been nice to see the Winchesters on their own, working together. Boo hoo.

- There were quite a few great quotes in this episode, I may not have gotten them all. Any I missed that you loved, feel free to share of course!


Dean: Real men don't drink out of cups this small.

Dean: Bobby had secrets man. Like loving on Tori Spelling. If only he knew Dean cheated on her.

Dean: You stay here and keep an eye on Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard.

Dean: Guess we can rule out the butler did it.

Sam: We're not the bad guys, Dash.
Dash: I beg to differ. You're wearing flannel.

Dean: We got played by the maid.

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  1. Agreed!! It was my favourite episode of the year so far!!

    1. Yeah it might be my favorite as well. Unexpected since it's kind of a standalone episode!