Friday, January 30, 2015

King of the Nerds 3x02 "And Now for Something Different"

Recap/review of King of the Nerds 3x02 'And Now for Something Different'Out of the few reality shows I actually watch, this one almost always makes me sad when the contestants are eliminated. I suppose King of the Nerds is kind of special that way, as everyone seems to be genuinely decent people rather than just there for the fame. But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself! Let's talk about the challenge this week first, right?

As has become a tradition, the show always features an episode where the groups must compete in a cosplay competition. Tonight was the nerds' chance to get their goofy on as they came up with stories to act out on stage. They needed to pay attention to not only making costumes, but also being creative and having a moral to their story. The blue team, House Hooloovoo (I think that's how it's spelled!), had the advantage of Lily, who is a competitive cosplayer, and was put in charge of the costumes. The green team, Team SMASH, was a little less confident, and decided to focus more on the story and moral, knowing their costumes could never match up to the other team.

With guest judges Yaya Han, Billy Boyd, and Tara Strong presiding over the proceedings, the two teams both presented their, what, cosplays? I would rather call them skits, to be honest. Anyhow, as expected, Hooloovoo did well in the costume department, and their story was pretty decent too. Smash's costumes weren't as great, and some of their acting was a bit stilted, but they had quite a bit of humor and focused more on the moral. In the end, Team Smash came out victorious thanks to those qualities.

Which left Hooloovoo to head into the Nerd Off. Deciding to be up front about their decision, everyone has apparently picked Thomas to send into the Nerd Off, though it's not entirely clear why. Meanwhile, the other team has to choose who they want him to face off against. Or is it really the other team deciding? Because there are other games afoot here, namely, the girls who already started to form an alliance last week have now also roped in Jonathan and Ben to join their ranks, thus giving them three people on each team to take out the others one at a time. They decide they want to get Kaitlin out as they view her as a pretty big threat.

Recap/review of King of the Nerds 3x02 'And Now for Something Different'Now this is kind of interesting. I'm pretty sure no one has formed this large of an alliance before on the show. In the past, we've seen mostly duos band together to reach the end, but now there's a team of six. This could either work really well, or blow up in their faces pretty quickly. Nonetheless, it's time for Thomas and Kaitlin to find out what challenge awaits them in the Nerd Off, and it's... riddles. Oh boy.

Honestly, riddles are tough. Some people just really get them, but personally I only get them sometimes. If I had been able to think a bit longer on some of them, maybe I would've been able to get them, but on the show they went by so quickly. ANYway, enough about me, who cares. Thomas and Kaitlin actually battle neck and neck on this one, right up until the last question, which was something like - When thin, I'm fast. When fat, I'm slow. I serve by being devoured. Wind is my enemy, your breath my foe. Something close to that, anyhow. The answer? Candle, which Thomas did not guess, and Kaitlin did, which means... goodbye to Thomas.

I felt kind of bad for him; he seemed like a very nice, shy, person, and a genuine nerd. Some of the people on the show, I'm not quite so sure they are what you would classify as a typical "nerd" which I guess is also prejudice or something by saying they can't be a nerd because they're not nerdy enough, blah blah. Anyway, bye Thomas, sad to see you go, enjoyed your Gollum voice.

Do you have any favorites yet? For some reason I like that Jonathan guy - he seems well-rounded and like he could go pretty far. I'm not sure on the ladies yet, but maybe uh... uh... uh oh. I forgot her name. The one with the wing-y glasses who's married. Amanda! Let me know in the comments who you are rooting for!

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