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Supernatural 10x16 "Paint it Black"

Supernatural 10x16 "Paint it Black"I don't mean to be a drag, but... snooooooooze. Like, literally, I was falling asleep watching this episode. Was it just me? The last couple have felt like a lot of treading water. Which is when you start to think how cable series have it right when it comes to serialized stuff. Because if this show was only 12 or so episodes a season, we wouldn't be faced with so much filler waiting to get to interesting stuff. Just saying.

But, recapping is what I do here, so I suppose I shall get on with it. The brothers Winchester find themselves on a new job, where some dudes are killing themselves rather terribly. Though at first there doesn't seem to be much connection between them, they soon figure out that all of the men were Catholic and went to the same church, and all of them happened to go to confessional right before they died. Suspicious, much?

Rather than focus too much on the actual investigating of Sam and Dean, the show decided instead to have us listen in on one sister telling another her tragic tale of love and loss. It was quite clear all of this was taking place a long time ago in the past, to me, before the "big reveal" partway through the episode, but whatever. Turns out it's a vengeful spirit all along, possessing people's bodies after she hears them confess to cheating, because that's what her paramour did in the past, then killing them before leaving their bodies once more. Of course, the brothers aren't quite sure of this at first, so Dean has a confessional moment wherein he talks about his feelings and blah blah. You know, I'm sure back in like season two or four, a confessional like that would've made my heart go pitter pat, but now it just seems like more of the same, over and over.
Supernatural 10x16 "Paint it Black"
Anyway. The other sister tells them this woman's stuff was sent over from Italy, along with this journal where she confesses her murder, so Dean is like let's burn that stuff since there are no bones to find (she was burned at the stake, yada yada), while Sam is like wait there could be clues. Luckily Sam does not listen to Dean here, because he discovers that the crazy woman cut off part of her finger to be ground up and used in the paint her dude painted her with. So, burn the painting, and the ghost burns up with it. Bing, bang, boom.

MEANWHILE! You may have been wondering what is going on with Crowley and his wee mother Rowena. Or maybe not, but you're going to find out anyway. She's in a huff because she feels like her baby doesn't care about her. Crowley, either feeling magnanimous or bored or something, decides to deliver the head coven woman Olivette to Rowena to basically torture and huff indignantly to. She wants to know about some special potions and whatnot that were taken many moons ago, and Olivette confesses it was the Men of Letters that took it all, and that Sam and Dean happen to be some of the last Men of Letters around. Thus, Rowena's hatred of the brothers intensifies, as surely she is now on the hunt for them as well as their bunker that apparently contains these magic witchy things.

And... that's pretty much all she wrote, apart from the patented brother moment in the car at the end of the episode, where Sam basically tells Dean yet again that he needs to keep fighting and they'll figure out how to get rid of the Mark, which is a lot of the same refrain we've been hearing for a while now.

Random Thoughts:

- Next week's episode at least looks interesting, even though they are doing what they love to do and not letting dead characters stay dead. I wouldn't have thought I was looking forward to Castiel and the angels being back in the mix, but dang if I don't just want the story to move forward already.

- Witches seem crazy powerful in this world. Like, she can make mini faces appear on the back of heads and turn people into hamsters? That seems kind of scarier than some of the other things they've faced in the past, just because of the unpredictability.

- I know a lot of people are not huge fans of Rowena. I think part of it is they've made her a bit too whiny and vindictive rather than seeming like she has her crap together and is super powerful. Obviously she's powerful enough to have stayed alive this long, and certainly she is good at manipulation, but it's still not quite clear what her real goal is, and maybe that's the real problem people are having with her.


Dean: We'll figure out what's going on with Terry Sloan.
Sam: Probably nude selfies.
Dean: I'm feeling good about this.

Sam: Sister, I've got a question.
Dean: I'm sure it's a different question.

Dean: Tell me you didn't think that nun was hot. I think she had a little thing for me too.
Sam: Dean, she was married to Jesus.

Dean: I believe there is a god, but I'm not sure he still believes in us.

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