Thursday, July 30, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Fifth Eviction

Well, that was quite a week, wasn't it? Although I'm sure it will up the drama from here on out, I am a little bummed that the original plan for the week didn't come to fruition, and instead Jason was sent packing. Although I'm not a huge Jason fan or anything, he was entertaining and did seem to know a lot about what was going on in the house. As opposed to, say, Steve, who barely seems to exist. Not sure if it's different on the live feeds, but that's how they present it on the show anyway.

At the start of the week, Vanessa and Jackie were both crowned HOH. After Austin decided to run his mouth and confirm to Jason that the twin twist was real and he only cared about keeping in Liz versus Julia, things started to implode. He was doing it as a supposed game move to get closer to Jason in the future weeks, but instead Jason went and started telling everyone about it, which eventually got back to Vanessa and Shelli, who assumed he was telling Jason the truth.

Big Brother 17 - JasonSo, the plan to backdoor Austin was born. Only no one told Liz about all of this, instead only telling Julia, who opted not to tell Liz lest she get mad at Austin and blow things up ahead of time, or, you know, sway them against doing it, which is what actually happened once she did find out. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Jackie put up Liz and James as her nominees, hoping for them to lose the BOB and eventually get Austin on the block. Vanessa put up Becky and Clay, hoping they would win and de-throne her as HOH.

Not so much. Even though they got James to agree to throw the BOB competition, Liz pulled it out herself in the end, leaving Clay and Becky on the block, and Vanessa still in power as HOH, which was really against her plans as she didn't want to be the one to backdoor Austin after being so close to him. Then came the Veto competition, which Clay ended up winning. It was at this point that Vanessa decided to tell Liz about the plan to backdoor Austin, and that plan went right out the window when Liz said she didn't think he was being genuine about getting rid of Julia. So, Austin was able to campaign for himself, and, sure enough, they decided to keep him and completely blindside Jason instead. This, all after Vanessa had made a secret second alliance with that side of the house.

Jason tried to rally votes, but in the end wasn't able to do it. So, it's goodbye to Jason, and hello to Julia, who now gets to enter the house alongside Liz since they survived five evictions. And straight into the next HOH competition, which is finally an endurance competition, so we don't know who wins. AND it's the end of the whole BOB thing as well, thank goodness. I'm not sure they should keep doing that in future seasons. Also - what happened to the whole takeover business? That lasted, what, two weeks? So much for that idea!

In the end, I'm not sure it really was in the best interest of sixth sense alliance to ultimately keep Austin. Although they say they can trust him and he's a vote on their side, he did secretly vote against everyone last week. I mean, hello, his alter ego is Judas. You know, the betrayer? Plus he is getting so in Liz's face all the time with the flirting when she doesn't like him like that. I know she feels she can manipulate him, and that is likely true, but that's only good for her and not everyone else. It will be interesting to see how that dynamic changes now that Julia is also in the house at the same time.

Okay, people, that's it for this week! Who do you hope wins HOH? I hope it's someone new who can stir things up a bit; one side of the house has been in power for way too long now.

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