Thursday, July 23, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Fourth Eviction

Well, that escalated quickly. Or perhaps not so quickly, considering the house has been wanting a certain houseguest evicted for a few weeks now. Yes, Audrey's time in the Big Brother house has come to an end. And to be quite frank, it is probably the best for her mental health that it has. She spent hours and hours in the diary room leading up to the Veto ceremony, ate regular food while a have not, and just generally seemed to close herself off to everyone.

Honestly, she played the game way too hard way too fast. The first week I was thinking wow she may have a chance, and then it just went all downhill from there, when lie upon lie piled up on each other until it was too much to handle. When everything you say becomes a lie, no one can trust you, and when no one can trust you, you can't get very far.

Recap/review of Big Brother season 17 - fourth eviction episode by, let's back up a second and talk about how we got here, because at the start of the week, Audrey was not on the HOH radar very much. Liz and Shelli were in power, and ended up picking James and Jackie and John and Jason as their nominees, respectively. It was not very clear who Liz wanted to target at all, but Shelli had Jason in her sights, namely because she heard from Audrey that he was targeting her. Luckily for him, she went to him after and asked him if it was true, and found out that yet again Audrey had lied.

In the BOB, despite having a strong lead, Jason and John lost, taking James and Jackie off the block and keeping them safe for the week. This is when Audrey really started to tailspin, when she became ultra paranoid that Shelli would put her up as a replacement nominee. To be honest, Shelli wasn't really wanting to do that, but once Audrey started causing drama with Clay, things were not poised in her favor anymore.

The POV competition ended up with Vanessa taking home the prize. She decided to take Jason off the block, and Shelli had to do the right thing and replace him with Audrey. But - Audrey wasn't even there to participate in the veto ceremony! She straight up just stayed in the Have Not room, covered in a blanket. Ohhhhkay. First time in BB history someone has not shown up to the Veto ceremony.

Last night I was a little worried that something crazy might happen and that the house would evict Johnny Mac in some combination of feeling sorry for Audrey and starting to realize that he may be a contender since everyone likes him. Honestly, he is hilarious, and I was going to be super sad to see him go. But, in the end, the house did the right thing and voted to evict Audrey nearly unanimously, with Austin secretly voting to keep her. Who knows what in the world Austin is even thinking in this game anymore. He is just all over the place.

Which left the HOH competition to round out the night. I have to say, I wish a couple different people had won. First you've got Jackie, who's really been a complete floater. Then you've got Vanessa, who certainly seems to know what she's doing, but she's already been the HOH and I feel like she will just dominated Jackie in terms of who should go, which means another week of the same type of stuff. Will John be forced to go on the block yet AGAIN? Sheesh.

That's all for this week! Who are you routing for? Let me know in the comments!

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