Thursday, November 9, 2017

Supernatural 13x05 "Advanced Thanatology"

What started out as a somewhat run of the mill ghost of the week episode turned into something a bit more serious when Dean decides to go a little cowboy, making rash decisions all willy nilly. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 13x05 "Advanced Thanatology"Well, but am I really? Because being honest, most of the meat of the episode happened in one scene. But fine, let's recap how the show got to that particular scene. Sam hears of a case and asks Dean if he'd like to go, just the two of them, leave Jack behind, a regular ole Winchester hunt. They head off and investigate. These kids, like fools, went into some haunted place, stole a creepy plague mask, and one of them got killed in the process, leaving the other all scarred and such, to the point where he basically won't talk to anyone.

The ghost in question is able to follow the kid to his home thanks to the hidden plague mask that he stole, and the kid disappears. We can all guess where he ended up. Yep, the brothers head back to the house and are able to quickly dispatch of the terrible ghost dude. I'm thinking like, well that was quick, there must be more to this story. And, yep. Even though the evil dude is dead, there are still odd things happening in the house - there are other ghosts! The ghosts of the people he killed.

Sam suggests they need to find the body, but Dean is all we don't have time for that and decides to just, you know, shoot his chest full of that heart-stopping stuff from seasons ago. Which I guess he just carries around now? Oooookay. And then he's off to the in between or whatever we call it on this show, chats up the dead kid from earlier, finds out where the bodies are for them to burn, and heads back to where Sam is ready to stab him with some wake up juice.

Only the wake up juice doesn't work! Dun dun dun. He's not alone, as the reaper who was ready to take his soul on to the other side realizes it's Dean and alerts the new Death. And just who is that? Billie! Because apparently whoever the next Reaper is that dies after Death then becomes Death. Just a way to have Billie back, I'm sure, but okay! This is the meat of the episode, really, because she has quite the heart-to-heart with Deanie boy.

Lisa Berry as Billie in Supernatural 13x05 "Advanced Thanatology"She tells Dean that whether he goes back or not all depends on him. She wants to know about how the rift to the other dimension was opened. What does he get in return? Well, he asks that she let all of the trapped ghosts in that house move on, which she quickly agrees to. He fills her in on Jack's birth opening up the rift, yada yada. Then basically Dean says he's perfectly okay with it being his time to die after she points out that he could've bargained for his own life.

Yep, Dean is not feeling so connected to this mortal coil anymore after losing so many people. But Billie has learned with her new position that the Winchesters have more work to do, and it's not his time to die quite yet. She sends him on back to his brother, who is quick to ask him what the hell happened given that the injection didn't bring him back. He wants to avoid it, but Sam pushes him and gets him to tell him what happened, to an extent anyway. He's feeling not so great, needs a win, etc.

Well. You know what that means. He's going to get a win, in the form of the return of Castiel. As they are driving back, they get the fateful call from their faithful friend, back from the big empty. Bum bum bum bum!

Random Thoughts:

- How much bacon do you think Jensen had to eat in that scene near the beginning when Dean was hungover? My goodness he was just stuffing his mouth with that bacon!

- I liked Sam's last line that they wouldn't talk about what happened if they didn't talk about it right then. So true, ha.

- Dean was just about to ask Billie if she knew anything about his mom, but he was sent to the land of the living a tiny moment too soon. Would Billie even know? She doesn't know much about the parallel dimensions, so who knows. Probably she wouldn't have known either way, but it leaves Dean hanging regardless.

- Is it just me, or does Dean tend to get these more emotional stories? Is it just because Sam is better adjusted overall and doesn't brood in general as much?


Sam: PB and J for breakfast, strong work.
Dean: Yep.

Dean: Bullets, bacon, and booze. A lot of booze.

Dean: What's up with the creepy-ass mask?

Billie: It's funny to hear a Winchester talk about the finality of dying.

Dean: Doesn't matter. I don't matter.
Billie: Don't you?

Billie: You and your brother. You're important.
Dean: Why?
Billie: You have work to do.

Dean: We can talk about it later.
Sam: We won't talk about it later. You know that.

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  1. Thanks for the review! And yea, Dean does have more emotional stories while Sam is more like a peace-maker and comforter. Sam is unbelievably understanding for a younger brother lol!

    1. Thanks for the comment! And yes Sam is very emotionally grounded considering all he's been through.