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Supernatural 13x11 "Breakdown"

Interesting choice to go straight from the Wayward Sisters episode right into one featuring Donna. I guess they wanted to explain how she ends up going to stay with Jody and the girls, but it does feel like maybe an episode is missing in between the last one and this one or something. But whatever! I don't really care, because I actually thought this episode was pretty decent and had an interesting plot line that could come back into play later as well.

Briana Buckmaster as Donna Hanscum and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 13x11 "Breakdown"Basically, Donna's niece Wendy is featured in the opening scene, so you know something bad is going to happen to her. She's traveling alone, meets some creepy people at a gas station, then gets a flat tire driving along the highway. After trying to flag down an unsympathetic semi, she gets knocked out and taken by some mysterious figure. After finding out that she's missing, Donna calls up the boys even though they don't normally handle non-monster stuff, but little does she know that this will turn out to be a case for them after all!

Surprisingly, the boys haven't run into FBI agents more often on the show, but this turns out to be one of those times that they do. There's some kind of serial killer on the loose, only no bodies have ever shown up. The FBI guy on the case (is it Clive? Honestly I couldn't quite make out his name anytime anyone said it) calls him the Butterfly, and has been looking for the guy for 12 years. As all detective shows are wont to do, they throw us a couple red herrings at first. The creepy priest guy, for instance, but they soon figure out that he's not responsible. So who is?

They head over to interrogate the even creepier gas station attendant, and soon find out what's really going on. Turns out, the people who have been going missing are being sold in parts in some kind of online marketplace. And the next person up is none other than Wendy. Even stranger about the auction is that it seems to be that the buyers want to eat the people, so it must be some kind of monster auction site. They only have an hour to figure out where she is, only Sam isn't enough of a hacker to track down where the signal is coming from, so he has to get help from the FBI guy.

Dean, Donna, her guy Doug, and the creepy attendant head to where they think she may be, but it's not the real spot. And it turns out the creepy kid is even worse - he's a vampire! He infects Doug, and tries to get into a scuffle with Dean, but Donna puts a stop to that. Doug quickly turns, but they manage to sedate him with dead man's blood before he bites anyone, so they can still administer the cure. But wait, where's Sam?

Yep, Sam is off at another location, where the FBI guy turns up as well, in the guise of needing to close the case he's been working on. But as soon as they get close to finding the deadly dungeon butcher place, he knocks Sam out! Dun dun dun, he's in on it all along! He knew who the Winchesters were from the start. He also reveals that there are a lot more monsters lurking around than even Sam can fathom, only most of them are good at hiding, unlike the ones they typically find.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 13x11 "Breakdown"So now he's going to put Sam up on the auction block. And whereas bits of other people were going for the hundreds, Sam's bits are going in the thousands. His heart? $500k I think was the final number there. But just before the dude can shoot Sam in the head, Dean of course shows up and puts a stop to it. And oh yes, Donna finds Wendy and takes down the creepy butcher dude all on her own, thank you very much.

Now all would be okay, except that Doug isn't too accepting of this monster world that he had previously been unaware of. No, he's not a vampire anymore, but he sure doesn't want to face them again anytime soon, even though Donna says she's can't give it up. Sam basically then tells her she needs to let him go or else he'll get hurt more, because Sam has been kind of a downer this episode. Dean confronts him about being depresso, but Sam doesn't want to hear it, basically saying that things are going to end badly for them. Okay then!

Random Thoughts:

- I have to say, the photos for this week's episode kind of gave away some stuff. Who decided to release that photo? You know the one I mean, because it's one of the ones I chose to feature on this post! Sheesh. I did keep it down until the part where it was revealed, but I am assuming that most of you have already watched the episode anyway.

- Donna is usually pretty bubbly, but it was actually kind of nice to see her a bit more serious, and to see her kick some butt at the same time as well. Don't mess with Donna.

- It seems like it could've been pretty easy to set up one of the Wayward Sisters to be her niece Wendy just based on this episode and he finding out about this other world and how her aunt is kind of a hero in it, but unless I'm mistaken they're not doing that.

- If one brother isn't down in the dumps, then the other one is. Dean was just having an internal crisis not that long ago too.


Donna: Sorry for calling you guys, but Jody's got her hands full with the girls...
Dean: Hey, never apologize for calling us.

Sam: I'm not moping.
Dean: You got up at 10am this morning. 10am. You, mister rise and frickin' shine. And then you turned down pancakes.
Sam: I wasn't hungry.
Dean: They're pancakes!

Donna: They're hunters. They kill monsters. And so do I. Sometimes.

Dean: Bring it, Twilight.

Doug: You kill monsters. You're a damn hero. But that's not me.

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