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Supernatural 13x19 "Funeralia"

I'll be honest, I forgot about the whole Rowena getting a lot of power thing from earlier in the season. So, I suppose the beginning of the episode recap this time was actually helpful, ha! Though they do almost always give away who's going to show up in that episode. But yes, this is a Rowena episode, as if that was a question.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Ruth Connell as Rowena in Supernatural 13x19 "Funeralia"Basically, the boys call up Rowena to try to get her help in getting Mary and Jack back from the other side and to stop the other Michael, and oh right Lucifer, etc. She's not into it, as she's busy killing people, as well as reapers. Yep, reapers. Which is upsetting the natural order of things, so a reaper shows up to tell Sam and Dean that she's been watching them and kind of says she can help if needed, except at the same time states that the leader of the reapers, lady Death herself, doesn't want them to get their hands dirty, so not sure how she can really help?

Meanwhile, Castiel wants to go ask the angels for their help, only something fishy is going on in Heaven. He is welcomed rather easily rather than the usual violent ways, and once in Heaven things The lights are flickering and the angels are acting cagey. Not sure where Lucifer is supposed to be during this time, but he's not there, apparently. Oh and that angel who tortured Cas some seasons ago is now alive again. Naomi? Who knows. The situation boils down to this - there are only 9 angels left, and as they are the only things powering Heaven, it's slowly shutting down. They can't help Cas unless he gets Gabriel to come power up Heaven.

Kayla Stanton as Jessica and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 13x19 "Funeralia"
Alright, back to the Rowena stuff. Why is she killing reapers? Apparently she's had a change of heart since taking in all of that power, and doesn't want to do evil anymore, but rather wants to give her son Crowley aka Fergus another chance at life, so she's been killing reapers to try to get Death to have an audience with her. Only it's not working. But what will work? Maybe if she kills Sam! Why would that work? Not just because he's a Winchester. Nope, the reaper that's been following them around tells them that Rowena's death always happens by the hand of one person. You guessed it - Mr. Sam Winchester himself.

Death finally shows herself once Rowena gets to torturing Sam, but she won't be bringing anyone back from the dead. Rowena breaks down and blah blah, tears, blah blah, she wants to be redeemed, blah blah. So yeah we'll be seeing more of her, I suspect. One thing that she has going for her is that even though Lucifer is back, she knows he's not going to be the one to kill her, so it takes some of the fear away. But why will Sam kill her eventually? Time will tell, as time is all this show has, apparently, seeing as it has been renewed for season 14.

Random Thoughts:

- Some zippy dialogue in this one, then I realized that the writer of this episode wrote two of my top 5 from last season. Noice!

- I also only just noticed that the angels besides Castiel now all seem to wear a lot of gray. I feel like that has not always been the case, but then again I'm only just now noticing, so who knows.


Rowena: The handsome angel is there, isn't he? Hello, tweety pie.
Castiel: Um. Hello.

Castiel: You know she's right, you never go to parties.

Sam: You've been hovering invisible around us like a babysitter?
Jessica: More like a baby monitor.

Jessica: Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?
Dean: Ashton's second best movie.

Rowena: Are only Winchesters allowed to come back from the dead?

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