Thursday, October 18, 2018

Supernatural 14x02 "Gods and Monsters"

Well, that was quick. Only two episodes with Michael inhabiting Dean's body, huh? Of course, it seems like a trap, so maybe Michael's just laying low in Dean's body for now or something. Not sure that's even possible, but who knows!

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester/Michael in Supernatural 14x02 "Gods and Monsters"That's jumping ahead, though. This week we catch up with Michael's plans a bit. He's been tracking down vampires and trying to feed them some mixture of angel grace and blood or something in order to create super versions of them. The testing stages leave some bodies lying around with burned out eyes that bring the others in his direction, but I'll get to that in a minute. Eventually he meets with an alpha werewolf and gets him to agree to give his solution whatsit to his werewolves, and that's about all we know about his ultimate plans.

Meanwhile, the others get wind of these dead bodies with the burned out eyes and figure it must be Michael. Sam, Mary, and Bobby head out to track him down, leaving Cas and Jack behind. For Cas, it's because he's an angel and would draw attention. For Jack, it's because he's pretty green without his super special powers, which has left him feeling pretty low and worthless. After some chats with Cas, he decides to seek out his mother's parents, the Klines. Apparently they don't even know that their daughter is dead, but at least Jack has some sense and doesn't tell them that he's their grandson, despite obviously heavily wanting to. He also doesn't tell them that Kelly is dead, even though it seemed like at least her dad kind of got the hint.

Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 14x02 "Gods and Monsters"Cas also tries to sort of chat with Nick, the ole Lucifer-suit who's still hanging around for reasons unknown to this viewer. He's starting to get some memories back of his time as Lucifer, and wonders why he would ever say yes. Now I don't remember if we actually saw why he said yes originally, but I think it's basically implied that he killed his whole family with a hammer? Basically, he finds out that his family was murdered and the case hasn't been solved. Cas for some reason lets him go off to try to investigate, and he ends up talking to the neighbor who reported seeing someone there. When the neighbor tries to backpedal on that bit of his story, Nick loses it and kills him with a hammer, which he had just said was how his family had been killed. So either he's trying to be poetic by killing this guy in the way his family was killed, or the implication is that he was the killer. Or maybe that was already openly shown back in season five and I just don't remember!

Anyway, Sam, Mary, and Bobby track down a vampire and she tells them where she thinks Michael will be, blah blah. They fight some of the super-powered werewolves, who are immune to silver. And then Dean just kind of walks in and is like hi guys, not sure where Michael is but he just left so I'm here, okay? Okay then!

Random Thoughts:

- I quite enjoyed the scene with Jack and his grandparents. It was pretty sad that they didn't know what had happened to her, and also sad that he couldn't tell them who he really was either. So much sadness!

- I honestly thought Michael was going to go and ask Nick to be his vessel there at the end, but nope. At least not for now, anyway.

- What is Michael's grand plan, anyhow? This whole wanting to promote beings he sees as pure or what-have-you is kind of silly.

- There was also a brief mention that Jack could get his powers back in as early as a month, or it could take a century. Basically, whenever the show decides they need a nice deus ex machina!


Bobby: Who goes to Duluth in October?

Michael: Did you honestly think I don't know what you are? You think you picked me? I picked you.

Castiel: There are worse ways to be human than being kind.

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