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Supernatural 14x14 "Ouroboros"

As you may have noticed, I did not write up this review on Thursday night after the episode aired. I know this means it will get less hits and such, but I figure why put myself under a certain kind of pressure for a few hits. I don't love the show as much as I used to, I don't feel the urgency to watch it like I once did, so I'm going to watch and write these up by the weekend, but without a set date in mind. At least for now that is the plan. Part of this decision may stem from the fact that I was extra disappointed with the previous episode, but it's also been a long time coming.
Misha Collins as Castiel, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 14x14 "Ouroboros"
Okay, on to this episode. Things are essentially back to normal, apart from Dean confessing to Castiel that he's not really sleeping with the effort to keep Michael at bay. But the four guys are all out on a hunt together, chasing down a dude that's killing other dudes and eating them. It turns out that said dude is a Gorgon, a la Medusa, who paralyzes his victims and uses snakes and such. Do we care about this Monster of the Week? Not really.

The important thing here is that he is able to see everyone but Castiel and Jack coming, seemingly because of their angel-ness and near-angel-ness. Which means that, with the help of Rowena's tracking spell, those two will be able to get close to this Gorgon before he spots them with his near-future visions, unlike the brothers Winchester. So, they track him down, fight a bit, Castiel gets hit with the paralyzing stuff, which works for some reason, the Gorgon tells some story about an egg that relates to Jack, basically insinuating he might be the real bad guy or some such. Blah blah, they kill him. But not before Dean gets hit on the head, which leads to the rest of the episode. Oh, and Jack uses his angel powers (the ones that will eventually drain him of his soul if he keeps doing it) to heal Castiel, who of course doesn't want him to keep doing that, etc.

Ruth Connell as Rowena in Supernatural 14x14 "Ouroboros"They head back to the bunker, and they are unsure what to do about Dean, who is still unconscious. Because that might mean Michael can get out, right? Right. He manages to sort of escape, at least in the way that he can talk to Rowena in her mind, and get her to agree to let him in, which... whatever. Over people flip flopping between good and evil, honestly. She lets him in, kills a bunch of people in the bunker, including that Maggie girl who's been hanging around and not doing much.

But then Jack steps in. He's not having it, no sir. Despite Michael acting all cocky like Jack can't do anything to him, he uses his powers to weaken Michael, and then forces him out of Rowena. He does some stuff to his essence, and then consumes the grace that remains. Jack says he's back to himself, but I guess that's now the question for the rest of the season - is he really?

Random Thoughts:

- I mean, hopefully this is the end of the Michael storyline. It was getting stale and repetitive, for sure.

- Lately I keep thinking what shows that are forced to be over 20 episodes a season might have been if they could have been more like 10-12 instead. Man, so much unnecessary filler would be cut. I know some people like to have a show on for a while so they have something to watch every week that they like, but I'd rather it be good the whole time, you know?


Rowena: You, always blaming witches.
Dean: 'Cause a lot of times it's witches.

Dean: This is like an A/V club presentation.
Jack: What's an A/V club?
Castiel: It's a special group for people who do not play sports.
Dean: Yeah, he's A/V club.

Dean: I'm on a first name basis with a psycho penpal. That's...aces.

Rowena: Of course, Samuel. Until very recently, I was the villain.

Jack: I'm the son of Lucifer, I'm a hunter, and I'm a Winchester.

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