Wednesday, December 2, 2009

…Set: SYTYCD Season 6 Top 10 Results

And so begins the relentless filler of these hour-long results shows that don’t need to be an hour long. The last ten minutes are all you really need to care about, where we find out who’s going home. And this week it’s: Noelle and Nathan. Their bottom two compatriots Kathryn and Ryan are safe for at least one more week. Interesting to note that America seemed to vote for couples over individuals!

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What is perhaps most frustrating about this particular ouster is the fact that the two that went home are also the two who actually had something new to offer in their solos tonight. While Kathryn and Ryan simply re-did their solos from the previous night, Noelle and Nathan actually stepped things up and did new (and better) ones. Nathan has continually performed well in his solos, and honestly has way more potential than Mr. Guns. Yes, he’s immature and kind of dumb, but he’s a better dancer.

But, the happy married couple gets to stay together for one more week. If Ryan doesn’t go next week, all hell shall break loose. The guys are much stronger in general than the girls, which isn’t saying a whole lot since I think if these dancers, apart from Jakob and perhaps Russell and Ellenore, were up against people from previous seasons, they would already be long gone. Or maybe it’s the choreography that’s off this season? Whatever it is, there is definitely something lacking.

You’ll notice I skipped over the two guest performances. That’s because they are continually unnecessary. Except this week I actually liked the first one, which was The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers performing to a Vitamin String Quartet cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow”. But for the second performance, Snoop Dogg continually repeating “So you think you can dance” and “who am I?”? Yeah, I’ll pass. And I did, thanks to my lovely DVR. Oh the joys of DVR.

Farewell to Noelle and Rufio, er, Nathan. On to the top 8!

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  1. who are your favs for this season? top 4? and I agree, I wanted Legacy to go home. I was impressed by Nathan's non-canned solo!

  2. My personal favorites are Jakob and Ellemore.... as for who I think will make the top 4, I'm thinking Jakob, Russell, Ellenore and hopefully Kathryn, though if Russell isn't careful Legacy could take the top 4 spot away from him at this point.