Monday, March 1, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 1x07 "Crisis Unaverted"

You guys, I think this is a momentous occasion for one Life Unexpected. How is that, you ask? Because I don't think I have a single SHLOCK ALERT for this episode! What?! I know. It's nuts. There was a moment where things could've gone schmaltzy, but thankfully they refrained from going too far this time. No "I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at me" speeches. Yay!

So there were two basic stories this episode. I'll start off with the more boring of the two - the Lux/Tasha drama-rama. It's becoming a trend where I like the adult stories better. I wonder if this is because of my age or because of the quality? Perhaps it is a combo of the two. At any rate, the drama for these besties arose when Tasha got picked for a new foster family that lived, gasp!, 3 hours away! They've apparently never been that far apart before! Lux promptly freaked out, and then had a rather very extremely unlikely coincidental moment in which she saw Tasha's real mom on the streets of Portland while Tasha was apparently stealing a dress.

Life Unexpected 1x07 'Crisis Unaverted' by freshfromthe.comTasha's mom was a druggie who quit rehab, but now she's got a husband and two new kids and looks to be on the straight and narrow. After some reluctance from Tasha, Lux gets her to agree to go talk to her. And I must say the casting department did a rather bang up job in matching the mom's looks to Tasha's, because they really looked like they could be related. Anyway, it seemed like things were going to go well when Tasha was greeted with a big hug, but it turns out that she reminds her mommy too much of the bad times, so she can't take her in.

Lux, in a panic, decides that because Cate told her earlier on in the episode that she could come to her with anything, that clearly she meant it would be just fine and dandy to ask Cate to take Tasha into her home as well. This coincided right at the worst point in Cate's story (which I'll get to in a bit, do not despair), so Cate said no. Which was the sane thing to do, duh. Rather stupid of Lux to then go all "BUT YOU SAID! I HATE YOU!" and then go to Baze. Baze, trying to connect with Lux and be the dad, decided to try to take Tasha in, but was rejected by Vern, the case worker lady. But, on the plus side, she did grant him dual custody of Lux, so she is now allowed to live there as well. Which she promptly decides to do since she is all uppity toward Cate for no real good reason other than being kind of snippety.

Now for the Cate-Baze-Ryan drama. Baze feels like he is being frozen out of Dad time with Lux thanks to Ryan, and decides to take a stand. This comes in the form of competing in the Hand on a Hybrid competition that Cate and Ryan's radio station was holding, and in which Ryan was also competing. Now, if you remember, Ryan is especially mad at Baze at the moment because he believes that Baze tried to kiss Cate and she pushed him away. Which is a LIE, since they actually had sex and it was mutual. But Ryan doesn't know that, and Baze doesn't know that Cate told the lie. And when she gets sort of bitchy to him about not competing in the competition, I gotta say, I was on Baze's side.

AT ANY RATE. At the competition, things get heated between Baze and Ryan to the point where Ryan actually punches Baze in the face! But it wasn't because Baze even told him the truth. He sort of told the truth, then figured out that Cate had actually lied about the sex, and went along with it to a point. Ryan storms off, and Cate goes after him. Thinking Baze must have told him the truth, she starts babbling on about how sorry she is and how it was just sex the one time. Well. The Truth is out. And Ryan is pissed, as he should be. He says it's over and storms off, despite Cate's protestations.

In the end, Cate is left alone to wallow in ice cream and wine. But she sort of deserved it. Not so much from Lux, but definitely from Ryan. And Lux cried on Baze's shoulder about the departure of Tasha, who she apparently did not get to say goodbye to.

Next week, the show moves up to 8pm. Which totally ruins my DVR schedule, by the way. Now I can't record How I Met Your Mother! Dang it. It seems like everything is always on at the same time.

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