Monday, March 1, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x08 "Chuck versus the Fake Name"

I feel like I've started to say this at the beginning of every Chuck recap, but shoot: what an episode! I must say that I thought the first two of this season were only okay, but things have certainly picked up in the last few. Some shows tend to struggle when introducing new characters to the mix, but I think the opposite is true with the addition of Shaw. I think I read that they extended Brandon Routh's contract longer than it was supposed to be initially, so it looks like he'll be around for a while longer at least! And hey, if we get to see him wet and shirtless again? Well. That's just a bonus.

Recap/review of Chuck 3x08 'Chuck versus the Fake Name' by freshfromthe.comThe spy plot this week had to do with an assassin - Rafe Gruber (is it just me, or does anyone else only think of MacGruber when you hear that?) and his intended target. Chuck has to take on his identity to get in contact with the people behind the next hit so they can figure out who it is they're trying to kill. I'm guessing he has some connection with the Ring, but honestly I don't always listen to the down and dirty details of the assignments! So Chuck has to meet up with some Mafia-ish semi-lugheads, and Casey accompanies him as backup. But, one of the guys recognizes him from somewhere and, long story short, Chuck has to pull out Casey's tooth in order to stay in character! Gah! He also kicks Sarah and Shaw's butts. OH, yes, and we also hear this name which will probably come back into play later - Alex Coburn, which has something to do with Casey's past. Who is Alex Coburn? Good question.

Chuck is almost discovered at the Buy More, but is able to cover when the two Mafia-ish lugheads show up. They take him to the location where he will be taking out his intended target. At this point, I'd already figured out who the target was, but in case you didn't... dun dun dun - it's Shaw! And not only is Chuck aiming a special long-range sniper at him, Sarah happens to be in the room as well. It helps that he can hear their entire conversation, which is basically about how Chuck is turning into a spy and less and less like himself, which is conversely making Sarah want to remember who she used to be. And THEN, she reveals her real name - Sam. That's right, Sarah's real name is Sam. Though we don't know her real last name. Yet.

All of this pulls Chuck out of his assassin mode, but he's actually able to cover rather well, telling the Mafia-ish lugheads that he and "Sam" used to have a thing. They encourage him to take Shaw out all the more because of that, but he manages to make them believe he needs to do it face to face. He heads over there and starts fighting with Shaw to stay in character. But, meanwhile, the real Gruber has escaped from his handcuffs and storms the place. He gets the upper hand and has a gun to Sarah's head while Shaw and Chuck watch helplessly! But never fear, for Casey is here! Or, across the way. He uses the long-range sniper and takes out Gruber. Phew.

For the side plot of the night, Ellie confronts Chuck about Hannah. They have a double date which goes pretty well, and Hannah wants Chuck to meet her parents. But Chuck is so confused by this whole situation. He's gotten really good at lying and pretending to be someone else that he doesn't feel like himself anymore, so instead of trying to keep things going with Hannah, he breaks things off with her in an attempt to be the nice guy, even though she thinks this all makes him a terrible guy and ends with the gut-wrenching line: "I hope your lies keep you warm at night." Oh man, serious burn.

At the beginning of the episode, Sarah told Shaw that she couldn't go down the mixing of professional and personal roads again, but after her revelation of her real name and the revelation that Shaw now seems to be on the Ring's radar, so he'll have to stay in hiding, she apparently decides it's okay? Because she ends up kissing him again. Which, really, who can blame her?

There wasn't much of a Buy More story this week. There was something about crock pots, but really any time we saw the Buy More-ians, it was so they could comment on Chuck's apparent prowess with attractive ladies. Morgan was "out of town" for some such, and I didn't really miss him all that much.

And now for the...


"I think I know a thing or two about acting. I played Perchik in my high school production of Fiddler on the Roof and I was prrrretty good." - Chuck

Shaw's response? SLAP!

"Because I like cupcakes, that's why. Who doesn't like a good cupcake?" - Chuck, pretending to be Gruber

"Nice job, Bartowski." - Casey
"Who the hell is Bartowski?" - Chuck, still in Gruber mode

"Chuck's the greatest lady killer Burbank has ever seen." - Lester

"He's a real Chuck magnet." - Jeff

"Please, with the puns." - Lester

"I've narrowed it down: either mind control, LSD, or sorcery." - Jeff, on his guess as to Chuck's female prowess

Later... "Definitely a deal with the devil." - Jeff

"I'm so lonely." - Lester

"Is this stuff sterile?!" - Chuck, breaking character... quickly getting back into it, "I take pride in my work, all right? I wanna kill him, not some secondary infection."

"Lou. She was a fine, miniature piece of woman." - Big Mike

"Jeffrey. If you double dip, we all may die." - Lester

"Five people in the world can make that shot, huh? Guess I'm one of 'em." - Casey, awesome sniper

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  1. LOVE, love, LOVE the blowtorch/gun and Casey's line made me LOL.

    "Nah; I can be very persuasive." ::Flame:: [GGGG]

    But when Chuck actually pulled the tooth... OWWWW!!!!

    "Night-night; ::kiss noise::" = HOT!

    "I'm perfect for this mission." [HELL yeah!]

  2. Am I detecting a Casey fan? I think so! :)

  3. Casey's lines are usually fun and/or snarky; plus Adam sells them every time. Even and especially the grunts! Casey's the character I want to know more about.