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...Set: Chuck 3x13 "Chuck versus the Other Guy"

I’m not gonna lie, I may have teared up a little at that ending. Now that was satisfying. I know it was hyped up to be everything we’ve been waiting for, and sometimes that can be a let down, but I can say with confidence that it was definitely not a let down! So much happened. So let’s just get straight into it.

Things opened from the cliffhanger of last week with Shaw taking Sarah to some undisclosed location. Chuck was freaking out because he believed Shaw was going to kill Sarah, so he brought in the big guns to save her. But when Shaw revealed to Sarah that it was his wife she had killed during his red test, instead of taking sweet, sweet revenge on her, he played it cool, saying there was no way she could’ve known. Chuck’s mission to rescue her? Not needed.

Recap/review of Chuck 3x13 'Chuck versus the Other Guy' by freshfromthe.comBut all is not so well and happy, because General Beckman has decided to go through with her original plan of sending Shaw and Sarah to DC to head their Ring operation, leaving Chuck behind in Burbank until she could figure out what to do with him. This sends Chuck into a booze and Guitar Hero-filled tailspin, which only Sarah is able to get him out of. And do you know how?! Because she finally admits that she loves him! Yes!

Alas, their happiness and kisses are short-lived, because she was really just there to tell Chuck that they have another mission. They’re to infiltrate some sort of headquarters to, I think, get the head director guy (Mark A. Sheppard, who we met in hologram form last week). While they are working on that, Shaw gets ambushed by some agents and goes to fight town. Only this fight looks ultra fake. But guess what, it turns out that it’s supposed to be fake! Only we don’t know that right now.

ANYWAY. Back in the elevator, things are going okay for a while, then they have some issues in an elevator, ending up surrounded by Ring agents. But it’s Shaw to save the day. He swoops in just in time and shoots all of the baddies, sending Chuck and Sarah off while he enters the elevator alone with the Ring director. Who he doesn’t actually kill! Because they’re working together! Oh and did I mention the Ring is working on their own Intersect, that has something called a Cypher? Seems every bad guy is working on his own Intersect.

The team thinks everything is going swimmingly, and Beckman sends Sarah and Shaw off to Paris for the next phase of the mission, which I’m not really clear on, because I was paying more attention to the emotional beats of this whole episode. So after they’ve left, Chuck is gushing to Morgan about how everything is great, and shows him this video of Shaw fighting the bad guys, and Morgan notices that he’s totally pulling the punches and the kicks! Well, DUH! Come on, Intersect, you don’t see that? I felt vindicated when that was revealed, because it really did look ultra fake. Chuck tries to tell Beckman about the fakeness of it all, but when she sees Morgan in Castle, she flips and shuts him out.

Which leaves Chuck and Morgan to save the day? No, there is another. Casey! Morgan delivers a rather awesome speech to Casey and gets him re-motivated to go after Sarah. While Chuck and Casey fly across the Atlantic, searching for clues in Shaw’s files for where they might be…

Shaw takes Sarah to the very spot where she killed his wife. Well, this cannot be good, now can it? No, it’s not. Sarah gets tranqed by one of the Ring dudes, and the Ring director shows up. They have a little sit down – the tranq doesn’t knock her out, just makes it so her nervous system doesn’t work – Shaw couldn’t get over what happened, he’s the newest Ring member. He’s going to take down the agency that ordered the wrongful termination of his wife – the CIA. And he’s going to do that by killing Sarah, to send a message.

However, before he can do that! Chuck! Chuck arrives, holding a gun to his head. But he’s still wary about guns, and ends up getting into fisticuffs with Shaw, which doesn’t end well for Chuck because he’s emotionally compromised because Sarah is in such danger. Shaw takes Sarah and tells Chuck not to come after him. But come now, Shaw, you know that Chuck is going to come after Sarah!

And he does. He comes head to head with Shaw again on a bridge. But this time, when push comes to shove, he actually pulls the trigger, shooting Shaw square in the chest a couple of times. He flops over the bridge and tries to take Sarah with him into the water, but Chuck grabs her in time. It’s sayonara to Shaw. (But is it really? People are always coming back from the dead on this show.)

Casey has, meanwhile, caught the Ring director. He makes a deal with Beckman that he will be reinstated to his former glory, and will also get a new Crown Vic. And he has one last request – that Morgan becomes an official member of Team Bartowski. Oh man, where will this lead?

And now, the most awesome scene for any long time fan of the show. Back in Paris, Sarah awakens. Chuck is clearly concerned that she’s not going to still love him because he had to kill Shaw. And honestly, I was a little worried that they were going to have that happen, if only to prolong their separation. But they didn’t! Talk about a satisfying ending. Chuck gets the girl, and he gets her in Paris, where he’s always wanted to go! Awwww! Okay, yes, that’s when my girlyness kicks in and I get a little teary-eyed. Shut up.

Chuck is taking a break for 3 weeks, but the preview looked pretty kick ass for when it returns.

“I could be your second in command/personal assistant. Batman needs Alfred. Bond needs Q. Chuck, hey, you need me.” – Morgan

“You’ll be forwarded to a Colonel Sanders. Don’t make fun of his name.” – Casey

“Thank you for saving me. I appreciated the tank.” – Sarah

“I think Morgan is dying. I call dibs on his locker. Its location is far more prodigious than my own.” – Lester

“Are you mixing gaming with whiskey?” – Morgan

“She said she couldn’t be with someone who didn’t believe in her. Well I believe in her. I just didn’t believe in me.” – Drunk and despondent Chuck
“Dude, you are misquoting the line, and you are ruining Pretty in Pink for me.” – Morgan

“You’re still my Chuck.” - Sarah

“Well, okay. My time as a spy was pretty exciting. Albeit, a bit brief.” – Morgan

“No, there is another.” – Morgan

“The man’s been Buy More’d.” - Morga

“Morgan, go to my closet and get me my suit. The black one.” – Casey (YES!)

“Shut up and kiss me.” - Sarah

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