Monday, April 26, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x14 "Chuck versus the Honeymooners"

After taking a break for a few weeks, Chuck came back in full force tonight. Last we saw our Nerd Herder turned spy, he and Sarah were getting their mack on in Paris. Things pick up soon after, with Sarah and Chuck spending some sweet time in a train compartment. They mutually decide they're going to quit the spy life and run away together, though they both appear to be having some doubts about that decision.

Doubts which become all the more reasonable when Chuck flashes on a nefarious dude on the train by the name of Juan Diego Ronaldo (I think that's his name, anyway... feel free to correct me if I am wrong), who is some sort of terrorist. Both Sarah and Chuck feel compelled to check him out without letting the other know, which results in some hijinks and Sarah faking a very heavy Southern accent to get out of a sticky spot. Once our duo finally reveal to each other that they both saw the guy, they decide they'll do one last mission together before running away. Because it's the right thing to do, right?

Recap/review of Chuck 3x14 'Chuck versus the Honeymooners' by freshfromthe.comMeanwhile, back in Burbank, General Beckman tasks the newly reinstated Casey to get Morgan's help in tracking down Chuck. There is also a little bit of business involving Ellie and Devon's going away party, because, in case you forgot, they're about to head off to do Doctors Without Borders in Africa. Which is rather sad, because I don't want them to leave the show, no matter how little they have been on it lately. Things will just be less awesome! But anyway, Morgan turns out to be rather helpful in finding Chuck, despite Casey thinking he would be useless. They head off on a plane to Europe.

Back on the train, Sarah and Chuck work together to drug the bad guys' drinks. Just as the guys are starting to feel the effects, however, Casey interrupts their plan. They end up having to chase the guy and find out that he was actually in the custody of Interpol agents, on their way to take him to give names of some people. Whooooops! Chuck and Sarah messed that one up big time. Beckman tells them they're to keep Ronaldo in their custody until new Interpol agents can show up.

But, since Casey has become savvy to their plan to ditch the spy life, he tells them to take off before the new Interpol dudes show up. And even though they are both still having reservations about leaving the life, they head out. And while they're gone, these supposed new agents show up to meet Casey and Morgan. But again thanks to some cleverness/idiocy on Morgan's part, they figure out that they're not really the Interpol agents, but rather some other people out to get Ronaldo. These new bad guys tie them all up.

And before Sarah and Chuck can escape, they are greeted by the Interpol agents they dosed on the train, who inform them that their other people were killed on their way to meet them. That means - Casey and Morgan are in trouble! It's up to Chuck and Sarah to save the day with some mad fighting-while-handcuffed-together skills! A rather awesome fight scene, yes? Yes. Once the bad guys are dispatched, they again discuss running away together, but finally figure out that neither of them really want to quit being spies after all! What a shock!

So they finally head back to Burbank to face the music with Beckman. She berates them, but only barely. Before they can celebrate fully, however, Chuck remembers that Ellie is leaving and he hasn't seen her! He rushes over to find her, but only finds a DVD of the going away party. But don't despair - Ellie turns up, having forgotten her cell phone (I hope that's a special international phone, El, or it won't really work in Africa anyway). They share a teary goodbye. I hope this is not goodbye forever to Ellie and Awesome!

And that's pretty much all she wrote. Chuck introduces Sarah to what he thinks will be her favorite song at the end of the episode - Feeling Good by Nina Simone - and they get to some more kissy kissy. In case you're wondering about some of the other music featured in the episode, we had: Holiday by Vampire Weekend, Four by Four by Shout Out Louds, Reach for the Sun by The Polyphonic Spree and Leaving on a Jet Plane, as performed by Jeffster. Sorry, no link to that one (yet?)!


"The intersect and Mr. Grimes have an oddly codependent relationship." - General Beckman

"Babe, this didn't happen by accident." - Devon

"Man, pastries for breakfast every morning. Europe is genius!" - Chuck

"He's going to need a walker when Walker's through with him? ... They're having intercourse, idiot." - Casey

"In the olden days, Bat Mitzvah meant party hard, because your daughter's almost ripe for plucking." - Lester
"Oh my." - Devon
"I miss the olden days." - Jeff

"What? You've been faking it the whole time?!" - Chuck

"You know it can take up to seven minutes to strangle someone to death. I've done it in under 30 seconds." - Casey

"You see in my head, the only way the plane stays aloft is because I'm rooting for it." - Morgan

"Attention Mr. and Mrs.... whatever your last name is!" - Lester

"Oh, Canada." - Morgan

"I must caution you, that allowing your private life to interfere with your professional one can be dangerous. But off the record? It's about damn time." - General Beckman

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  1. OMG, Chuck and Sarah are the New Avengers!

  2. [BINKY! - or is it BOO?] - the knife
    'An oddly dependent relationship...'
    'Pastries for breakfast every morning; Europe is genius!'
    [Mont St Michel on the poster]
    'Chuck's got something on his hands...'
    Oooh, southern accent!
    'We left all our spy gear in Paris...'
    'I made an oopsie!'
    [Sarah = Frank Spencer = DNW!!!]
    Jeff's instrument
    [brain bleach!!]
    'Lester, that's lime juice..'
    'She's a tigress!'
    'Sorry' - PUNCH!
    'Me too, eh...aboot'
    'Hi!' - BANG!
    [oops, he's not dead...]
    [Simon & Garfunkel...]
    'UGH! UGH!'
    [Casey, FTW!!!]
    'Off the record, it's about damned time!'

  3. I saw that opening credits thing - pretty funny!