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...Set: Life Unexpected 1x13 "Love Unexpected"

Well, my friends, we have come to the end of the road. Whether it is just the end of the first season, or the end of the series remains to be seen, but it is an end nonetheless. If the series does end here, it will be sort of sad because it really seemed to be getting into a groove after some rather rocky episodes. Remember that one with the hands on the car? Or the Nearlywed Game? Yeah, I’d like to forget those too.

The episode starts with a fakeout. We hear some older guy doing some voiceover yada yada, and we’re made to think that he’s the priest at the wedding of Cate and Ryan, but no – he was the judge reinstating Cate and Baze’s parental rights over Lux. Everyone got rather teary-eyed, and Cate and Baze held hands, and it was rather touching indeed. Lux has what she always wished for – a family.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 1x13 'Love Unexpected' by freshfromthe.comThe little family that could goes back to Cate’s to celebrate, but then gets a dose of reality when Ryan crashes the party, and some wedding stuff starts to go haywire. Cate’s sister Abby got some food poisoning, so she won’t be able to come to the wedding, and their rehearsal space for dinner has suddenly fallen through thanks to a coinkidinky sewer pipe burst or some such. Guess who gets to host the dinner now?! I think you’ve guessed it – Baze! Derrr. It was Lux who suggested it, and who is still suggesting to Baze that he tell Cate how he feels.

But Baze is having issues doing that, in part thanks to his issues with his dad having not actually been resolved after that little bit of turtle racing before. His dad comes by to get the rent check and gets all uppity that Baze didn’t tell him about the adoption. Then he storms off. “You can send the check in the mail!” Mr. Basile, you are a bit ridiculous.

At the rehearsal dinner, things don’t go exactly as Cate would like. People give the couple more of a roast than a toast, and she escapes upstairs to where Baze has been brooding. They have a really nice moment, wherein Baze might have actually told her how he feels, but guess who crashes the party again! RYAN, you doof! You keep ruining all of their moments.

Baze still wants to tell Cate how he feels, but Math gives him a talk about how, if he really wants to prove that he’s grown up, he has to let her go. You know, he makes some sense. But meanwhile, Lux is giving Cate her own talk about how she knows Baze has feelings for her, and that she knows Cate reciprocates said feelings, no matter how much she tries to deny it. Cate tries to brush it off, but ends up going to see Baze in the middle of the night.

Now, if this had been before Math’s talk, Baze would’ve told her the truth, but now he’s trying to be all noble or some such, so even after she tells him she’s had feelings for him ever since Lux came into their lives, he tells her that he doesn’t have any of those same feelings for her. Lies, lies and more lies.

And now it’s time for the big day! Oh, I forgot to mention that Cate and Ryan were having their own little tiff about being ready and commitment thanks to Alice, their producer, wanting them to sign a new contract that would keep them in place for five years. Ryan was wishy washy about it, and Cate thought that meant he was wishy washy about their marriage. You know why I left that out? Kind of boring.

Back to the Big Day. Cate has locked herself away, Lux is trying to reach Baze, and Ryan is wondering why Lux has been giving him the cold shoulder. They have one of their patented heart to hearts, wherein Ryan tells Lux that he understands how she’d want Cate and Baze to be together so they could be a family, but he just wants to be part of that family too. He says that he’ll wait on the wedding if that’s what she wants, and leaves it up to her.

Meanwhile, Baze is in some emotional distress and goes to find his dad to unload. He can’t tell the girl he loves how he feels, and it’s all his dad’s fault. Daddio is like wah wah, go cry to someone who cares, but then Baze hits some strong notes. He was able to give Lux what she always wanted – a dad. He’s still waiting on his. Damn! As Kelso from That ‘70s Show would say – BURN!

Back at the chapel, Lux goes to find Cate. Their requisite chat boils down to – Cate knows that Baze has feelings for her, but he’s too afraid to admit it. Lux thinks she and Cate are the same in wanting a fantasy ending with Baze, but they should go for the good reality with Ryan. So, basically, Lux tells Cate to go for it with Ryan.

BUT! Baze’s dad shows up to make amends with Baze. He doesn’t know why he always berates him rather than just telling him that he misses him and wants to be a part of his life. And that – get ready for it – he lurves him! Awww. Baze, your dad loves you, it’s okay, it’s okay. I don’t mean to make light of the moment, because they both play it rather well, and you know I love a good angsty man tear. Dad tells Baze to go tell Cate how he feels.

So, while Baze runs into a major traffic jam on his way to the chapel, Cate and Ryan go through the process of getting hitched. All to one of my favorite songs, The Weepies’ “Can’t Go Back Now,” incidentally, which automatically makes it better. Baze finally arrives, and I don’t know about you, but I thought they were going to do the fakeout thing again, where he’d get there, run to the doors and open them – only the wedding would already be done and gone. But nope, he got there, just as the dude was telling Ryan he could kiss the bride. Baze swings the doors open! Cate looks over! They lock eyes! THEN – Cate turns back and kisses Ryan!

What has Lux done? Has she ruined what could’ve been her little family’s together-happi-ness? Either we’ll find out if the show gets a second season, or we may never know. Personally, I think that Cate and Baze would end up together by the end of the series, but that obviously can’t happen right away in a television show.

Well guys, this recap has gotten a little out of control in length, so for now, I bid you adieu.

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