Monday, May 3, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x15 "Chuck versus the Role Models"

After voicing reservations about Ellie and Awesome going off on their own adventure and us never seeing them, tonight made all of those worries go away. Yay! I'm so glad they aren't getting phased out or being off screen and only mentioned a few times for like a year.

Back in good ole Burbank, Team Bartowski were assigned two separate missions. Chuck and Sarah would be taking the backseat while following the lead of a husband-wife super duo called Mr. and Mrs. Turner (played by Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz) while trying to find some software chip thingamajig, while Casey would have to train Morgan to be field ready, since he was the one who lobbied to have him become part of the team. No one was very excited by either of these plans, except for maybe Chuck, who was looking forward to meeting a husband and wife duo who has been in the spy life for 30 years.

Recap/review of Chuck 3x15 'Chuck versus the Role Models' by freshfromthe.comPredictably, once the Turners show up, their marriage doesn't seem to be all rainbows and unicorns. Things only get worse once they head to the location of their mission, some kind of function being held by a dude named Otto von Vogel. Otto is the one with the software they are supposed to be tracking down. But, while they're there, Mrs. Turner starts getting drunk and makes a scene with Mr. Turner (I really can't remember their first names, if they were ever said), basically ruining the mission. But Chuck and Sarah are determined to get the software and go to find it on their own. They end up running into a Bengal tiger and go through some comedy bits when they figure out that the software is on the kitty cat's collar. But, they get it, and escape without a scratch. Only to have the Turners then steal the software from them, however. Double cross!

Meanwhile, Casey's training of Morgan is going pretty terribly. Morgan tries to get the number of a girl, she appears to write one down, but instead it just says he's disgusting. He then tries to get Big Mike's keycard from around his neck while he's snoring up a storm in his office, only to be caught at the very end. And after trying to shoot a handgun and getting enough reverb to send the gun flying, Morgan is about ready to give up on the whole shebang. But Casey actually tells him to keep going, since Morgan believed in him when he was at his lowest point, Casey will do the same for Morgan, no matter how much it pains him to do so.

Chuck and Sarah track down the Turners, who were planning on selling the software and getting out of the spy business. They take them back to Chuck's place and are going to turn them in when Otto shows up, with his pet tiger Sacha in tow. They manage to lock up the Turners and try to banter Otto out of there, but Sacha eventually figures out which room the Turners are locked up in. Only, they've already escaped from it! Dun dun dun! They've left Chuck and Sarah high and dry again.

While Chuck and Sarah contemplate a possible demise, Casey and Morgan arrive home from the Buy More, only to find themselves facing Sacha the majestic Bengal tiger. Morgan has her chase him into Ellie and Devon's apartment, and manages to escape out a window himself. Way to man up and be incredibly stupid at the same time, Grimes!

Back in the Bartowski's, Chuck and Sarah are saved by the Turners, who show up just in the nick of time. Chuck finally flashes and he and Sarah do some butt-kicking etc. Afterward, they worry over whether to turn the Turners in, but end up fabricating a story about them doing a triple cross in order to get them out of the deep crap they had themselves into with the CIA. In the end, though, they decide to retire with each other. Because they do still love each other despite the years and the annoyances.

There was also a whole thread about Chuck wanting Sarah to move in with him, and her not wanting to. By the end, she decides she does want to. Domestic bliss or misery to come?

Across the world in Africa, Ellie and Awesome have started their Doctors Without Borders mission. While Devon seems to be acclimating okay, Ellie is having a harder time with it all, which she is able to confess to Justin, the leader of the camp there. Just when Ellie starts to get the hang of things, though, she finds Devon really ill and they have to leave. And it's not just malaria. It turns out that the Justin dude is actually a member of the ring and poisoned Devon! Oh no! And what sort of apartment will they even have to come back to now that theirs has been ruined by a tiger? I guess we'll find out next week. So long as Awesome gets back to his usual self.

This week's episode was decent, but not as great as the last few we've had. To be expected, really. Next week, it looks like the Intersect starts to overwhelm Chuck's brain. Or at least, that's what some people (including guest star Christopher Lloyd?! Great Scott!) are saying. You never can tell with all of these spies running about.


"Diamond...diamond in the rough..." - Casey, mostly grunting, about Morgan

"Start with the neck thing, that was awesome!" - Morgan

"Is there a nurse here? Someone in a short skirt?" - Mr. Turner

"I'm not letting you shoot a tiger. They are endangered and majestic." - Chuck

"Please, I'm a Bartowski. This is what we do to deal with stress. We clean." - Chuck

"They have a nickname for him here. I can't pronounce it in Bantu, but it roughly translates to Doctor Super Fantastic White Person." - Ellie

"Holy cow! I think the gun just exploded in my hand!" - Morgan

"This is even worse than when I got canned at Underpants Etc." - Morgan

"You actually listened to me?" - Chuck
"I can't believe it myself!" - Sarah

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  1. The bad guys name is Otto. Other than that you got it all right except it's possible the tiger's name is spelled Sasha.

  2. Only nitpick; you DON'T slam bullet cartridges into the gun stock. One of 'em might go off BOOM! [My daughter was in the Air Training corps and used to at least wince every time someone did this in the movies/on tv].

  3. Changed the name! Thanks for the heads up.

    @Xenaclone: I never even thought about the cartridge thing. I guess most people would have no idea!