Thursday, April 29, 2010

...Set: Supernatural 5x20 "The Devil You Know"

Things are getting down to the wire with the apocalypse, and the boys are set on a new mission to find the last two rings of the Four Horsemen - Pestilence and Death - because, in case you don't remember, once they have the four rings, they can put Lucifer back in the cage they sprang him from. Got it? Got it.

This episode really was just like a staging set up for the next two. Not a ton happened when you think about it, really. There was a lot of chatting and such blah blah. At least next week looks pretty awesome. But here's the thing that particularly bugged me about bits of this episode. Sam has been on the road to self-redemption this season, and it's been all about him fighting his supposed destiny and whatnot, and up until this point he'd really been doing that. Sure, he still has anger, but suddenly it seemed to be in full force here. He was Dark Crazed Sammy all the sudden. Buh-huh? Whatever. Jared could stand a little bit of a hair trim, too, if we're getting nit-picky. Because you know, I re-watched "Free to Be You and Me" the other day and ho-damn did he look fine in that episode.

Recap/review of Supernatural 5x20 "The Devil You Know" by freshfromthe.comI digress. On to the actual recap. We start out in some sort of lab where a couple of dudes in white lab coats are discussing the apparent new vaccine for the swine flu that they are supposed to start testing on humans, but neither of them think its ready yet. Then a shady janitor is like, "I'M THE ONE DOING THE TEST, FOOLS!" and stabs one of them with a needle full of something shady, which I'm sure we should all know by now would be one Croatoan virus. Shady Demon Janitor locks up the guys, and the stabbed one presumably goes nutso and kills his buddy. "IT HAS WORKED SO WELL!" Shady Demon Janitor mumbles to himself. Perhaps I'm paraphrasing? I would never!

After the splat-card that continues to be awesome, and I will be surely sad to see it go next season, we catch up with Dean and Sam, who are checking out an apparent swine flu infestation in some random town. They are quite certain it's Pestilence, but after they chat up Bobby via cellphone, they realize they have not a clue how to find him, other than to "head east" - toward 3/4 of the continental United States. Well, this shall be easy as pie! But, lucky for them, they get a sudden little visit from the demon Crowley, who we met back in "Abandon All Hope." You know, the one who gave them the Colt and told them to kill old Lucifer.

During a roadside chat, Crowley tells the brothers Winchester that he wants to help them out in this whole plan to get Lucifer back in his cage. Sam is very mistrustful, indeed, of this demon, but Dean's on the fence. He thinks Crowley has a bit of a point. The next part of Crowley's plan involves finding Pestilence's right-hand man, a demon we will come to know as Brady. And guys, do you know who plays Brady? Eric Johnson, who was Whitney on Smallville, back when it didn't suck so bad! And well dayum, Eric, but I never knew you had such awesome acting in you based on that! But, back to this particular show. Brady is pestering his underlings at Niveus Pharmaceuticals to get their vaccine up and running, then goes and has a chat via chalice with Pestilence, who basically tells him he needs to work harder, yada yada. You see? A lot of talking going on so far.

Crowley takes Dean to go after Brady, because he doesn't like Sam, so Sam stays behind and whines to Bobby. But then he submits his idea for how to get Lucifer in the cage. He thinks that since Bobby was able to fight off that demon back in "Lucifer Rising," he, that is to say, Sam, will be able to do the same with Lucifer. So basically, he'd say yes to Lucifer when they're by the cage, then force him inside. Bobby tells him he's an idiot, for certain, because Sam would not be able to fight Lucifer off. He's angry and such.

Meanwhile, Crowley sends Dean up to have a chat with Brady. He wants to sell him the rings for some mysterious payment. Brady says that's ridiculous and starts to beat Dean up. Crowley shows up in the nick of time to toss a bag over Brady's head and then beat his head a lot a lot a lot. They stuff him in the Impala and start to head off for that ramshackle shack Sam's at, but Crowley doesn't want to because Sam apparently has a mystery history with this Brady guy. Dean's like screw to the you and takes Brady back anyway. And that's where we learn that Brady was a guy Sam went to college with, and was also the guy who introduced him to Jess. He had a demon on his shoulder all the way back then. Dun dun dun?

At any rate, Sam wants to gank him, but Dean holds him back. Crowley tries to get Brady to tell them where Pesky Pestilence is, but he's not going to, because he knows he's going to be killed either way. Welp, says Crowley, see ya! Dean and Sam have a minor hissy with each other over trusting a demon, but Crowley turns back up, to say that he just informed a demon that Brady was in cahoots with him in trying to kill Lucifer, so now Brady is equally as screwed. But, what's this? It appears that Crowley was followed by a hellhound! Using a mystical scrying coin that he had also previously placed in the Impala to spy on the boys. Right, I forgot to mention that. That's how he found them before. Anyway, Crowley appears to disappear yet AGAIN, but comes back AGAIN, this time with his own hellhound. The hellhounds fight all invisibly while our intrepids get away.

Crowley bids the brothers adieu after getting the location information on Pesky Pestilence they were looking for from Brady. After he poofs, Sam has his showdown with Brady. Brady taunts and taunts and taunts Dark Crazed Sammy about how he hates the demons because he hates himself and boo hoo, here's a knife in the gut for you! I thought that Sam might try to exorcise the demon, but apparently not. Dean watches, rather disturbed and displeased.

Back at Bobby's place, Crowley pops in to have YET ANOTHER little chat, this time about how to find Death. Bobby shoots him in the arm or leg or something because Crowley is being all round-abouty, as he is wont to do. It turns out that he can get them the location of Death, if Bobby is wiling to give over his soul. Crowley claims it would only be temporary. Is this to be believed, however? Will Bobby do it?

The preview for the next episode showed Dean sitting down with Death, so we know they find him in some fashion. I hope it's a little more action, a little less talky talk talk talk... talk talk talk.... talk! But that's just me.


"Check it out, I look like the King of Pop. ... Too soon?" - Dean

"Did you just say when the statues started crying?" - Doctor
"What? No, no..." - Sam
"Who would say that? Huh? Crazy people." - Dean
"Exactly." - Sam
"Which we're not." - Dean
"Noooo." - Sam

"Fancy a fag and a chat?" - Crowley

"I never!" - Crowley

"Oh, crap. Crap. Crap!" - Dean

"That's what you get, working with a demon." - Crowley

"Where's your moose?" - Crowley

"I told you!" - Sam
"Oh well good for youuuu." - Dean

"I'm invested. Currently." - Crowley

"Well then get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock salt you crap margaritas." - Bobby

"You think I'm a natural born idjit?" - Bobby

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