Thursday, May 27, 2010

...Set: SYTYCD S7 Auditions NYC & Miami

Watching "regular" TV - that is to say, scripted rather than reality - most of the time has made me forget just how commercial-heavy this show is. To which I say - UGH. Each commercial break had an extra minute as compared to normal! You learn what's normal when you have a DVR.  Six 30 sec skip clicks? Normal. Eight to ten? Excessive. I caught up on time with 15 minutes left when normally I would've caught up right at the end!

Okay, sorry, enough complaining from me! This was the first week of auditions for season seven of So You Think You Can Dance. They haven't addressed any of the changes taking place this season on the show yet, so I won't either. This was just your basic audition stage, focusing on some of the good dancers that get through, on some of the okay ones that go through to choreography but don't make it, and some of the truly insane ones that are just there to get their chance to be on television. They always claim they're there for dancing, but it's so clearly NOT true. And because of that, I'm not going to give them any notoriety on this blog! No thank you.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7 auditions in New York City and Miami by freshfromthe.comThe first half of the show focused on the auditions in New York City with judges Nigel, Adam Shankman, and Mia Michaels. There were a crap ton of contemporary/jazz/whatever dancers in this round, it seemed. Or at least those are the ones who got the focus and were sent through. The one contemporary person that really stood out to me in the NYC auditions was someone we had seen last year - Teddy Tedholm. His audition was really well thought out, had a complete story to go along with the music, and he was able to bring out some genuine emotions from the judges (well, except Nigel, who rarely gets emotional). Straight through to Vegas for him. The other dancer that really seemed like a competitor was Edward Spots, who had about zero body fat, though I must say his audition did feel a little jumpy, not very good with the transitions. He did well in the choreography round and was sent through as well. Aside from those two, it's hard to tell at this point. Not until we get to Vegas do we really see who stands out among the pack.

In Miami, Nigel was joined by Sonya Tayeh and Jason Gilkison on the judging panel. There were even less dancers to write home about in this stage of the competition, and even more contemporary/jazz/whatever's. One to watch from Miami is Tyrell Rolle, who had a very strong audition. I didn't expect him to be doing contemporary based on his backstory for whatever reason, so that was a surprise. Another is Jose Ruiz, a B-boy that was getting a lot of comparisons to last season's Legacy. So far I don't think Jose quite lives up to Legacy's reputation, despite his own declarations that he thinks he's better than him (careful Jose, you don't want to start sticking your foot in your mouth so early). There was also a ballroom dancer, Michael Petr, that the judges really liked. I have a hard time getting behind ballroom dancers, though, because they so rarely last long once they actually make it onto the actual show.

Really, though, it's hard to tell anything from this audition stage unless someone is just super amazing, like Russell was last season. And I'm keeping this short and sweet at this stage. Next time: Chicago and Los Angeles. Are you guys excited for this season? So far I'm kind of iffy, but I'm sure once Vegas week rolls around, it will pick up. I hope. Because last season was a bit of a let down to be perfectly honest.

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