Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Supernatural: Top 5 Season One Episodes

Over the summer, I'm creating a slew of Top 5, 10, whatever-I-feel-like lists for my current show obsession: Supernatural. As if you didn't know! In between discussing some of the best moments, whether they be funny, or sad, I'm going to be going through the top 5 episodes of each season, all culminating in the top 10 episodes of the entire series to date.

Today, I'm kicking things off with a blast from the past, our dear old season one! Though not my favorite season (don't worry, eventually I'll even give a ranking of the seasons!), it certainly has its charm, and some top notch episodes too. We'll just forget about the killer truck, won't we? Indeed. Each title will be a link to a youtube of one of my favorite scenes from each episode. So, without further ado...

5. Something Wicked (1x18)

Supernatural: Top 5 Season One Episodes (1x18 'Something Wicked') by freshfromthe.com

This last spot was hotly contested for me. As you'll see at the end of the list, I have some honorable mentions that were all in the running. So what pushed this one to the front of the pack? Well, one, that kid who plays Michael is awesome (apparently his name is Colby Paul. Aww, I once had a cat named Colby. Because she was orange and white like the cheese. I digress!). Anyway, not only was that kid awesome, but we also got our first glimpse into the childhood lives of little Sam and Dean Winchester. We saw just how much Dean really did for Sammy growing up, at such a young age. And, oh! A glimpse of Papa Winchester! Remember the days before Jeffrey Dean Morgan got too popular and he would just randomly be in like two minutes of an episode? Ah, the good ole days. Imagine if he had been available in later seasons for some flashbacks or that trip to Heaven! We miss you, BDW (please tell me you all know that stands for Big Daddy Winchester).

4. Home (1x09)

I think I must've been completely loopy when I first started making my list of the best episodes of season one, because originally I only had this one on my honorable mentions list. What in the world? Nuts, I know. Because this episode was where things started to get more personal for the Winchesters. Up until this point, most of the episodes generally were focusing on monsters of the week, and though each monster connected to the boys' journey in some way, this seemed like a turning point. We got to see behind Dean's hard exterior to the crying man within, met the fun Missouri Moseley (shame we never got to see her again), and I think this is the first episode where Sam had a vision too. Plus we got to see John and Mary, though it did just reaffirm beliefs that John was a bit of a douche. There Dean is calling him for help, and he doesn't even bother to tell them he's in town! No wonder they have so many daddy issues.

3. Faith (1x12)

Aw, don't you just love seeing young Sam with his flopsy hair? He was so lanky back then! This episode was the first time that the boys truly faced death. Sure, they were fighting ghosts and shapeshifters and wendigos every week, but they always came out of it okay. In this one, Dean was electrocuted while hunting and was basically told he had mere days to live. Sam was having none of that and found a faith healer, who used his powers to heal Dean. Only, it turns out he wasn't a faith healer after all, his wife was working some dark magic stuff on a Reaper to get it to do her bidding. Well, I'm sure you all know the plot. What made the episode so great, apart from getting to see Dean sickly (um, am I the only one who wished he hadn't been healed so quickly?), was the whole dynamic between Dean and Layla (the lovely Julie Benz). The first time that Dean feels guilty about living over someone else, though certainly not the last.

2. Pilot (1x01)

The one that started it all! Though I'm not really a fan of the actual ghost mystery about Constance Welch they were working in this episode, everything else really set the stage for the show. The beginning, showing us exactly what happened to Mary, the relationship between the brothers and their differing views on their dad, as well as how Jess is killed in exactly the same way as Mary, bookending the episode in that crazy/cool/horrifying fire on the ceiling imagery. We had our first jerk-bitch moment, the first of many pop culture aliases, and the first glimpse into the music we'd get to enjoy on the show thanks to Dean's cassette tapes of mullet rock. What's not to love?

1. Devil's Trap (1x22)

Oh man oh man. Where do I even begin with this episode? Oh, I know, how about 3/4 of the way through when things started to get cool. Not to say that the beginning of the episode isn't good, but meh, do I really care that much about Meg? Not really. When we've got the three Winchesters together, and one of them is possessed by their long-time evil foe, the Yellow-Eyed Demon, it's just amazing to watch. I liked the show before this episode, but I think this is what made it cross over into love. YED's in John, taunting the boys. Dean taunts right back until he's had enough, and YED starts ripping Dean to bits with just his mind. John is able to momentarily gain control long enough for Sam to grab the Colt. YED regains control and Sam aims to kill! But there's Dean, pleading for him not to, because it would kill their dad too! So Sam shoots him in the leg, and YED escapes. And just when we think it's going to be okay, they're on their way to the hospital and BOOM! Out of nowhere - crashed into by a semi truck, and that's where the season ends! OMG, I can't tell you how upsetting that was, mostly because it was not clear whether the show was actually going to come back at that point. Luckily, it did. Imagine!

Honorable Mentions: Provenance (1x19), Skin (1x06), Phantom Traveler (1x04)

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Tune in next week when I go over the Top 10 Brotherly Love Moments. Yep, I've got this whole summer mapped out with weekly lists, baby. Obsessed? WHAT. Never.


  1. Your choices of highly emotionally charged episodes are fabulous!

  2. Thanks! I think the emotional ones always tend to be my favorites. Love me some angst!

  3. Just a quick agreement here: There is something really hot about sickly Dean in this episode.