Thursday, June 17, 2010

...Set: SYTYCD S7 Top 11 Results

I was wondering, coming into this results show, whether the dancer leaving the competition would be solely based on votes like the normal top 10, or would be like they did it in the top twenty, with the judges deciding between the bottom three. The answer? The judges decided. I wonder how long that's going to continue though, because it feels a little weird for them to keep doing it up until there are only five dancers left, which seems the natural progression.

In any event, after the top 11 did a group performance, we got down to the results. And as with any of the first results shows of the season, there were a couple of surprises. For me, anyway. The girl I was not surprised to find in the bottom three was Melinda, as her routine was definitely one of the worst of the night. Joining her in the bottom three were Alexie and Cristina. I was surprised that Alexie was in the bottom over Ashley, even though her routine wasn't as good. Apparently she wasn't as lovable as the editors would have had us believe? On the other hand, though I wanted Adechike to be in the bottom over Cristina, I can't say I'm too flabbergasted. There's something a little too reserved about Cristina, I think she's going to have a hard time winning over the audience because her personality is so careful.

Recap/Review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7 - Top 11 Results Episode by freshfromthe.comBefore I get into the solos and results, here are my comments on the filler of the evening. The Twyla Tharp routine - AMAZING. Wow. That woman, I've already forgotten her name and didn't attempt to guess at how to spell it when Cat said it, was so powerful. I loved that. Sometimes I don't really like the guest dances, but this one I really did. Usher? Fast-forwarded. Yep, I pretty much always fast-forward through the music guests. I could care less. And then they showed a Justin Bieber-Usher video. I feel like the Biebs came out of nowhere to take the world by storm, and he's sort of awkward, am I right? I mean, I'm always right, but I thought I'd ask. Of course if I were fifteen, I probably would be just as obsessed with him, so I will shush myself.

ANYWAY! The solos! Ladies, have we learned nothing from seasons past? You have got to ROCK those solos. And they were all a little bit meh, to me. But the most meh of all went to Alexie, who seemed to be dancing in slow motion again. And I think that fact is what led to the final results of the night, because, indeed, Alexie was the one sent packing. I don't think either of the other two girls has that long of a shelf life either, though. Is this season going to come down to a top five of guys, except maybe for Lauren? Would the judges let it roll out that way? Hmm.

That's it for tonight. Are you happy with who went home, or do you wish it had been someone else?

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