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Supernatural: Top 10 Castiel Moments (Seasons 1-5)

After focusing on the best episodes of season two last week, I'm switching things up! My past lists have focused a great deal on the brothers Winchester, which is to be expected considering they are the stars of the show! But along the way, they have made a few friends. And this week the spotlight is on their angelic buddy Castiel.

Castiel has been something of a polarizing figure in the Supernatural fandom. People seem to either love or hate him. But how can you hate him when he's played by Misha Collins? Come now. I had a tough time ordering this list. Do I favor humor? Sacrificial acts? It's all subjective! Inevitably, though, this list has a lot of items from season five over season four, simply because he became more interesting in season five. C'est la vie!

Remember, the title to each item is a link to a youtube clip of the moment in question. Enjoy!

10. Badassery and sacrificial acts (at the 4:30 mark)

(5x18 "Point of No Return")

Though earlier in the episode, Castiel had expressed his extreme disappointment in Dean, he decides to have one of his rare badass moments anyway in an effort to get the boys in to save Adam from Zachariah. He does some angelic ass-kicking, then rips off his shirt to reveal he's cut that Enochian sigil thing into his very own chest to blast the angels away! Including himself! It was a rather surprising moment, and I'm sure many fans rejoiced at getting to see a glimpse of Misha's bare chest. 

(5x22 "Swan Song")

We are no strangers to Castiel having some of the funniest lines, but here he really reached new levels, seeing as he used to be so chaste in his language!  Here, he and Bobby come to the aid of Dean in his attempt to coax Sam out of Lucifer by getting rid of Adam-Michael with a little "Hey, assbutt!" and throwing some holy fire on him. Lucifer, however, was not so happy with Castiel's decision to molotov his brother, and with a snap of his fingers - kabluey! Castiel was exploded! We all know he didn't stay exploded, but hey, it was a surprising moment nonetheless. 

8. Rebels against Zachariah (about 7 minutes in)

(4x22 "Lucifer Rising")

Though Castiel had grown close to Dean and Sam through their various adventures, he was eventually made to return to the angelic fold. But Dean is having none of that obeying nonsense, and gives him a verbal lashing. Castiel steps up and rescues Dean from that holding zone, then goes one step further and sacrifices himself to stay with Chuck while the archangel draws near. He likes to sacrifice himself a lot, you see. But it seems to work out for him, because he's always managed to come back somehow. 

(5x14 "My Bloody Valentine") 

Though perhaps not the most proud moment ever, it was certainly entertaining to see Castiel be just as effected by Famine as the humans around him. It was a slow descent into humanity for Castiel over the course of season five, and this was just one of those moments to showcase that. But it was definitely very gross to see him munching down on raw beef. Blugh. 

(5x04 "The End")

When Dean gets sent to the "future" by Zachariah, to witness just what him continually refusing to say yes would do to the world, we get some bits of humor in all the desolation thanks to a very hippie-fied future Castiel. He's doing drugs and having orgies! Some of my favorite moments of his are when he realizes that present-Dean is not future-Dean and how he later comments that he likes the past Dean better. Don't we all, Castiel?

(5x18 "Point of No Return")

I know, this is the second moment I have featured from this episode. But they are both notable in and of themselves, so whatever! Here, Cas has had enough of Dean whining and threatening to say yes to Michael. So he tracks him down, gets a little whiny-yelly at him "I rebelled for THIS?!" and beats the royal hell out of Dean's pretty face! Though Dean wants Castiel to finish him off, Cas of course would never do that to his Dean, instead sending him to dreamy land and taking him back to Sam and Bobby. 

(5x04 "The End")

Another repeat episode! Shh! But this is regular Castiel, not future Castiel. As we have come to know and love about our angel friend, he often has trouble with cell phones. As he struggles to talk to Dean, he's running out of minutes on the phone, which is of course highly upsetting to him. I've kind of truncated this also to when he saves Dean just in time from Zachariah later in the episode, because they had made an appointment during that phone call. And he probably just stood there on the side of the road by himself all night. Ah, Cas. 

(5x17 "99 Problems")

After finding out that God doesn't want to be found, Castiel decides to try what the humans do when they're upset - he goes on a bender, drinking an entire liquor store. When he comes to talk with Sam and Dean about what's going on with this supposed prophet lady they have encountered, he has some of his best lines and reactions to things. Sam asks if he's okay, his response: "Don't ask stupid questions." He has a laugh when the boys tell him what something in Enochian means. Apparently "you breed with the mouth of a goat" is pretty funny in Enochian. And, when discussing their plans, he calls Sam an abomination. You gotta love how drinking just basically makes him speak his mind. 

(5x03 "Free to Be You and Me")

While Sam and Dean are separated, Castiel instead joins Dean working a case. He, of course, has some issues. Not only with getting the badge right, but also just being completely forthright with the policeman, telling him that what's going on is angels and demons are fighting, or, as he puts it, skirmishing. But by far the funniest part of their adventures together is when Dean finds out that Castiel has never taken part in carnal pleasures. Dean, of course, is having none of that, and promptly takes him to the "den of iniquity." Poor Cas looked the most scared he has ever looked when faced with doing the deed. He screws it up, though, which gives Dean another laugh. And us along with him. 

(4x01 "Lazarus Rising")

By far the coolest moment of Castiel's career on the show, however, was when we first met him so long ago. It was one of the best entrances on the show that I think we've ever seen. If you were like me, you had no idea that angels were going to be on the show at that point, so I was completely surprised by the whole thing. Not to mention that those angel wings were just so awesomely done too. It was a real turning point for the show, for better or worse. I like to think better, though, because I never would have known who Misha Collins was otherwise. And he is perfect as Castiel, isn't he? The answer is yes, by the way. It's always yes.

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  1. Oh Cas. Why are you my favorite? Oh right, it's because you're amazing. Don't ever change, baby.

  2. Whoo hoo! Great picspam and thank you for sharing your favourite moments!

  3. Glad people are enjoying them!

    1. My name is Brooke Norris
      I love watching supernatural I just can't get enough of Misha Collins character.

  4. I don´t know why i felt in love with Cas, he´s perfect!, but i also love so much Dean and Sam.