Thursday, July 15, 2010

...Set: SYTYCD S7 Top 7 Results

Sigh. That's really all there is to say after tonight's show. It seemed like a foregone conclusion to me from the very start of the episode when we didn't see hide nor hair of poor, injured Ashley. At least when Alex was hurt he was able to sit in the audience. Was Ashley not even allowed out of the hospital until the very end there? It's all very mysterious. And now we are left with only one girl and five guys. Lauren, I think it is safe to say, will be in the top four.

Recap/Review of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7 - Top 7 Results Episode by freshfromthe.comJoining Ashley in the bottom three tonight were Billy, who I was not in the least surprised to see there, and Jose, who I have to admit I kind of shouted for joy when it was announced he was in the bottom. Mostly because it was between him and Robert, and if Robert had been put in the bottom after having such an awesome routine last night, it would've been a travesty. Not that it would've really mattered anyway, since neither of the guys ended up really being in danger. Billy, I think you've dodged a bullet two weeks in a row, now. Unless something crazy happens next week, it seems like his head is on the chopping block. And it seems like he knows it too. Nigel kind of berated him for his solo, but I really liked it. It helps that I adored the song, true, but come on. He is a great soloist. On the other hand, Nigel praised Jose for his solo, which he said showed Jose's commitment to the competition and was the fastest he's ever done his b-boy moves. Yawn. I'm not saying I don't like Jose, but there's only so much coddling I can take.

As for the other performances of the night, it was rather jam packed. I *gasp* actually liked Tyce's opening Broadway routine! What! It probably has to do with the fact that it was a big group number, and I think he handles those better than the duets. But in addition to that, there were four, count 'em four, other performances! Jeez.

First up featured a couple of little munchkins by the names of Fernando and Lauren who had a ballroom number. I'm not sure - was it salsa? I get those mixed up. That little Fernando was a firecracker of a personality, challenging Cat to an arm wrestle right there on stage! Cute. The other professionals to dance were from Alvin Ailey, by the names of Jamal Roberts and Rachel McLaren. I would describe their piece as strong. That's the best word for it. And those pants were distracting, that's all I'm saying.

The all-stars in the spotlight were Twitch and Comfort. Apparently they had a hip hop number together back in season four that was supposed to be memorable, but seriously I did not remember that routine in the slightest little bit! But I do wish we were seeing more of Twitch this season. He's only done like one routine, I think! Twitch! More Twitch! The other performance of the night was a rendition of "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri, which featured a dance by Neil and Allison. I really loved their dance, I have to say. I wish the camera hadn't needed to cut away so often to focus on Christina. No offense to Christina, though, she must be having the time of her life!

And that's about it. I'm really bummed that two dancers have been unfairly ousted due to injuries. If there are any more injuries this season, we might have a Tanya Harding bumbling around trying to sabotage people! Oh man, please tell me the people reading this aren't too young for that reference!!

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