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Supernatural: Top 5 Season Two Episodes

Another week of hiatus, another list! This week, I'm focusing on the top 5 episodes of season two, arguably the overall strongest season of the show, in my humble little opinion. Nearly every episode is strong, but some stood out above the rest. Which ones? Well let's just take a gander!

The titles are links to clips of a favorite scene from each episode.

5. Nightshifter (2x12)

Supernatural: Top 5 Season Two Episodes (2x12 'Nightshifter') by

Nightshifter was a very taught, well-crafted episode of television where things started out okay but then started spiraling into serious crap for the brothers Winchester with a bank heist gone wrong. We got to meet two great guest stars in the forms of Ronald, who was convinced the shapeshifter was something with laser eyes, and FBI Agent Victor Henricksen, whose vendetta against the boys, particularly Dean, started off with a bang here. Because of that, this episode led to some other great ones down the line with Henricksen too. It also featured one of the coolest music cues in the series (which is my featured clip up there at the title), with the boys escaping under the guise of the SWAT team with "Renegade" by Styx starting up in the background. So fitting, so awesome.

4. Tall Tales (2x15)

By far one of the funniest episodes of the series to date. I loved how the episode was structured so that we saw various scenes from either Sam or Dean's point of view, leading to great and hilarious exaggerations on both sides. We also met another recurring character that would play a bigger and bigger role as the series continued, the Trickster. You have to love a "monster" with such a great sense of humor. Slow dancing aliens, people, slow dancing aliens. It will never not be funny. I also liked how it showed that the brothers do get on each others' nerves after spending so much time with just each other. So true, so true.

3. All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II (2x22)

Okay, now we're heading into much more serious territory with these top three episodes. I wouldn't fault you for picking this as your number one episode of season two, because it has tons of great stuff, but there's just something about the top two that send them over the top for me. Anyway, back to this one. So much happened! Dean makes the deal of a lifetime (deathtime?) to bring Sam back from the dead, setting in motion a huge chain of events for the rest of the series, but he also gets to kill Azazel, who the boys had been searching for all of their lives. On top of that, we got to see John Winchester in the "flesh" one more time, as he was able to escape from Hell via the Devil's Gate, sharing a tearful goodbye with his boys before flitting off to, presumably, Heaven. So many of my top moments in other lists come from this episode! It was hard to choose just four screencaps to use in the graphic! The scene that I have featured as the title link, however, is maybe my favorite from the episode. It's when Bobby lets Dean have it for selling his soul to bring Sam back. It's just so heartbreaking to see Dean with so little self-worth!

2. What Is and What Should Never Be (2x20)

Some people don't like this episode, I've heard, but I think they're crazy! Crazy, I tell you! I mean, come on, alternate realities are always an interesting concept. In this one, Dean gets one "wish" from a djinn, which is that his mother never died. As he finds out, it completely changes the way his life would've been, though John still died young. While it seems like a perfect place at first, he soon finds out that his relationship with Sam is pretty terrible, and that all of the people they saved over the years had died instead. On top of that, the whole thing was really just a dream in his head, a dream he so wished he could stay in. But being the heroic guy he is, he comes back to reality and his Sammy. The scene I've included is the one where they're trying to convince him to stay. You can tell he wants to so badly, it's so sad. Another of my favorite bits from the episode are all of the pictures using real photos of Jensen, Jared, Jeffrey and Samantha. Awww!

1. In My Time of Dying (2x01)

This is one of my favorite episodes of all time from the show. I don't even know how many times I've watched it, but if I ever happen to just see even a glimpse of a scene, I'm like OOH and stop to watch it. It's a fairly serious episode, though there are certainly a few light moments. But the way it started and the way it ended - both tremendous scenes. I have to also give props here to Kim Manners, who directed it, because it was directed really well. I miss his skills something fierce! This episode also featured the debut of Fredric Lehne (or Lane, he seems to go by both) as Azazel, and I think we can all agree he was the best Azazel ever. While it was certainly a shame to see John die so early in the series, it definitely set major events in motion and gave the boys a lot of angst to deal with, which we all love. The scene I've included is that coffee drop very ending scene, you know the one. Wonderful editing job there, too. Hey, props all around!

Honorable Mentions: Born Under a Bad Sign (2x14), Heart (2x17), All Hell Breaks Loose, Part I (2x21)

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  1. Nightshifter and Born Under A Bad Sign are pretty much tied for first place for me!

  2. It was a real toss up on the last spot between Nightshifter and Born Under a Bad Sign... went with Nightshifter mostly because of the introduction of Henricksen!

  3. For some reason, I just can't get over Croatoan. It's my favorite, by far, of the entire series.

    ...Which is weird, but whatever.

  4. What an interesting favorite! I like Croatoan but it's not one I watch very often.

  5. WIAWSNB gets me by the throat. Every. Time.


  6. There were a lot of ones I would choose differently. Born Under A Bad Sign, Heart and Croatoan as the biggest ones. But I think season two was just that great of a season that there are going to be some that are left out.

  7. Season two was very strong, it was tough to choose just five.